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Monday, February 13, 2012

The "Season" starts today at noon!

Let The Games Begin!
NC Candidates planning to run for local, county, state or federal office in the November elections can file beginning at noon today.  The filing period ends on February 29th.
In Watauga County, we will have 3 county commission seats up for election. Vince Gable has stated his intent to run again for his seat; Jim Deal has said he will not run again for his. Rumors are that Deal may have his eye on the State Senate seat opposing incumbent Dan Soucek.  Local Democrat Billy Kennedy, who lost his congressional bid against Virginia Foxx in 2010 by a huge margin,  has announced his intent to contend for the Jim Deal vacancy.

Representative Jonathan Jordan, who represents Ashe and Watauga county will likely face Cullie Tarleton who has been pretty much running for the position ever since he lost to Jordan in the 2010 Republican sweep.

I am aware of at least two Republicans who plan to enter the county commissioners race and there is a likelihood of additional contenders.

Primaries for those races where they are required, will be May 8th. March 9 is first day for mail-in.  April 19 is the beginning of One Stop Voting (early voting).


guy faulkes said...

The lefties did well when they cherry pocked John Welch to oppose Gable. Welch is a member of both the local and state school boards and appears to be an advocate or our defacto teacher's union that they claim is not a dejure union. He seems to be an advocate of all carrot and no stick in the management of teachers.

We will probably see Gable attacked by those that think throwing money at bad teachers who have tenure will somehow improve education.

Anonymous said...

I think there's trouble too, guy. The candidates recruited by the lefties for commissioner seats look pretty strong. Welch is very strong. I know a lot of people who really like him. I know Kennedy was a big loser to Foxx, but he gained significant name recognition and didn't lose by that much in Watauga in a solid GOP year. Who are we running against him? I don't know the Rosman woman, but on the face of it, it looks like a fairly strong slate. The teachers are going to really come back strong I think.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the answer is to show how selfish the teachers are.

NewGuy said... it your belief that coming on this blog and making outrageous statements will somehow convince others that those statements are representative of the conservative position? This isn't your first attempt at this.

Any "selfish" teachers around here are more likely to be found on the "other" local political blog. The one's that frequent here are, for the most part, dedicated, hard working professionals who think for themselves and will not necessarily follow the agenda the NCAE dictates to them.

NewGuy said...

Kennedy is the first Democrat to lose Watauga to Virginia Foxx. He carried a few of the close in precincts populated heavily by ASU students.

Taxpayers, you know- the ones that pay the bills - supported Virginia Foxx and will likely support a Republican candidate for the county commission should one emerge.

Anonymous said...

"Kennedy is the first Democrat to lose Watauga to Virginia Foxx."

Not true. In fact, my recollection is that Foxx always won Watauga until 2006. I don't have time to look at all the past results, but this one is from 2004.

US Congress District 5
Jim Harrell Jr (D) 10,511
Virginia Foxx (R) 12,648

guy faulkes said...

I have to wonder if Anonymous is not correct. When people organize to feather their own nests as happened over the sales tax issue, selfish might be the proper term. After all, the commissioners gave the school system a lot of money, but the teachers wanted more.

It boils down to whether you think the idea that throwing money at a problem is superior to eliminating waste and making the process more efficient.

Getting rid of tenure would be a huge improvement because then we could eliminate bad teachers. Do not tell me we have none. We all know better. Good teachers would have nothing to fear.

I did not think Anonymous was speaking of the people that post here, but of teachers in general. Most are fine people that are dedicated professionals. Some are government-ally protected miscreants.

NewGuy said...

You are, most likely, correct. What I should have said is:

"Kennedy is the first Democrat to lose Watauga to Virginia Foxx since she was first elected to the seat in 2004."

Thank you for pointing that out.

I probably should have also mentioned that Foxx beat Kennedy by the biggest margin of any of her congressional elections and that Kennedy had fewer Watauga Votes (8237) than any Democrat to ever face Foxx for the US Congress.

Anonymous said...

You have 2 totally separate issues here. Tenure has nothing to do with giving the schools more money to recruit better teachers through a supplement or more money to give them the resources they need such as technology and text books. You are right that good teachers should not worry about tenure but that has nothing to do with my child having what they need to learn. Again, two different issues. FYI: county commissioners can't dictate tenure. If you want to fix that problem call Souck and Jordan.

2 4 T said...

Why do the liberal lefties always claim that they need more money for teachers in order to recruit "better teachers"?

Don't they think the teachers we have are doing a good job?

guy faulkes said...

It is up to you to make sure your child learns, Anonymous. A school cannot do it for you. It is your responsibility.

Your argument is a forerunner to the track the lefties are going to take in the election. Your solution is to throw money at the school system and think that is all it takes.

Getting rid of tenure is a means of improving schools that costs nothing. Charter schools and the voucher system are other means to improve education at no extra cost. Instead you are going to lie about schools not being properly funded when the problem is with performance and efficiency, not funding.

You gave very good advice about contacting Jordan and Socek. Add this to a policy to stop wasting county tax money on supplements for bad teachers and we will get somewhere by funding alternative education on the county level.

Anonymous said...

Why was my post taken down? I broke none of the rules of this site, only pointing out the factual numbers of the 2010 election in Watauga between Foxx and Kennedy. Factual info only that showed the final Watauga results were 51-49, where Foxx won by 399 votes. Why was this taken down?

NewGuy said...

Anon...I haven't seen any comments/posts by you on this topic other than what is showing above?

Did you see your post actually posted here? Sometimes the system will ID a post as "spam" and put it in a spam file instead of posting it here. This seems to occur VERY often when the poster is "anonymous".

If your post was what you say, there is no reason it would have been removed. Repost it and, if I see a problem with it I will let you know.

NewGuy said...

ANON....This must be the post you are referring to. It didn't show up here so it must have been in the spam File.


"Foxx beat Kennedy by the biggest margin of any of her congressional

This is true, district wide.

"and that Kennedy had fewer Watauga Votes (8237) than any Democrat to ever
face Foxx for the US Congress."

Perhaps, but I believe Foxx also received fewer votes than she ever had
before. That's because there was very low turnout all the way around. In
Watauga, Foxx v Kennedy ended up just 51-49. Foxx received 399 more votes
than Kennedy in the County. That's really not a lot out out of 16,821 total
county votes.

Posted by Anonymous to A Watauga Conservative at February 15, 2012 10:43 PM