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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another Millionare On Food Stamps

Michigan has cancelled food stamp benefits for it's recent million dollar lottery winner! Although winning the big money lottery in September, the 24 year old woman continued to obtain food stamps until stopped recently.

The Michigan Legislature is debating new laws that would review the cases of lottery winners who are receiving welfare. See article in Detroit Daily News HERE.

I don't know of a single conservative who wants to deny benefits to people who find themselves in desperate financial circumstances - and I presume that Ms Clayton may well have been deserving of assistance prior to her lottery win....

BUT,, and it's a BIG BUT, couldn't she have used the money she purchased lottery tickets with to buy groceries instead of relying on tax payers to feed her kids while she used her money for gambling? In the same vein, there are several states proposing drug tests for welfare recipients - an position which Democrats strongly oppose for reasons of their own. Does it make sense that we often require a job applicant to take and pass a drug test before we will hire them - and, at the same time, give taxpayer dollars to people who may be making no effort to find work or to support themselves, and to do so without any requirement that they not be drug users?. Money spent on drugs, cigarettes, alcohol and gambling should not be replaced  by taxpayers picking up the rent and grocery bills.

Maybe Michigan - and other states - should consider legislation that requires winners who purchased lottery tickets while receiving public assistance to turn over the proceeds to the taxpayers who paid for the winning ticket!

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