Monday, March 12, 2012

Hotel Protester in Boone.


GIG said...

Looks like The Boone Town Council showed its love affair with chains again. They turn the blind eye to local citizens and families in their nieghborhoods, while bending over backwards to cater to another chain business in Boone.

guy faulkes said...

Actually the people in the neighborhood could petition the court to revoke the permit and the certificate of occupancy if the conditions int the permit have been violated.

G.I.G said...

As well they should. Boone's government has shown time and time again they will kiss the ring of any chain to come here.

Yet they do nothing to help locally owned business.

I wonder what will replace the bars in downtown now that they will not be able to have music to draw patrons.

Sounds like a Hard Rock going in to the town bought taxpayer owned theater would suit the bill.