Thursday, March 1, 2012

Steven Chu says lowering gas prices not goal

Today, the White House said Chu did not say this.  Reminds us of the fellow in bed with another woman says to his wife:  "Which are you going to believe?   Me? or, your lying eyes.?


Wolf's Head said...

I would go further and say that the goal is to INCREASE energy prices to consumers as part of Obama's Break America Plan.

Sarkazein said...

The Secretary of Energy is provided with a limo. It picks him up for work and chauffeurs him around during the day then takes him home. I think Chu is the chink in Obama's armor. REALITY smacks the Obama supporters right in the face every time they buy gas. Chu and Obama are on record from 2008 saying the price should be high. Chu still thinks it should be. Inflation is 8% and will rise with energy costs. Obama can't hide from this.