Saturday, April 14, 2012

NC DEMS Roiled by Sexual Harassment questions....

The state Democratic Party faces serious questions about a secret settlement agreement with a former staffer who was fired after raising concerns about being harassed by a superior, according to documents and interviews.
A member of the party’s executive committee, Watt Jones, sent a complaint to Party Chairman David Parker in March asking about the allegations and financial settlement with the former employee, urging him to “clean up this mess before it gets worse.”
“If this hits the media, the Democratic Party, our candidates and our credibility are doomed in this election,” wrote Jones, according to a copy obtained by The News & Observer.

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Anonymous said...

Jay Parmley, the Executive Director of North Carolina’s Democratic Party, was accused of sexual harassment by one of his male staff, Adrian Ortega. In order to keep it quiet, Ortega was paid off by the Democratic party in exchange for signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Cover Up…Sexual Harassment…Sex Scandal…Pay-Offs…Confidentiality Agreements… clearly, the Democratic Party doesn’t want us to know what they really are.

Dudley Grey said...

Liberals and their unethical, immoral, and generally repulsive behavior have been doing things like this for years. The only time the fringe left news media will report in it is when it becomes too repugnant to be ignored. The Democrats in NC have been caught red handed as have the liberal socialist Secret Service who engaged in prositition with Colombian hookers this past week.

I wonder why women's groups haven't came out against the married Secret Service Agents, especially since prostitution, according to most "progressive" women's groups, victimizes women.

Any idiots over on the Watch care to weigh in on this? LOL!!

June Stineberg

Anonymous said...

Right here in Watauga we still have a candidate running for commission that was found guilty of a DWI had his license revoked and was charged with resisting a public official. That's just whats on the books...

guy faulkes said...

What is the correlation with between your post and the topic of the thread, Anonymous?

We could bring up old news about a Democrat commissioner to smear him also, but why do it? It is old news and was not relevant to his performance as a commissioner.

I did not beleive Clinton's sexual activities were of consequence. His perjury and obstruction of justice was, enough so as to lead to his impeachment.

Clinton was also accused of sexual harassment. If this had been proven, it would have been grounds for another impeachment.

The interesting thing is how this is was a big deal in the media when Cain was accused, but hushed up when a Democrat is accused of the same thing (the difference being thee is apparently proof of the Democrat;s behavior).

Dudley Grey again said...

Well, liberal socialist sheep, what about the women's groups who haven't murmured a peep about Secret Service Agents victimizing women in Colombia? They sure screamed about a slut being called what she is, a slut, by Rush Limbaugh. Now we hear nothing about HUSSEIN OBAMA's personal protection detail (all married by the way) sleeping with prostitutes. Hypocrisy.

June Stineberg

Inquiring mind said...

Is this a same-sex sexual harassment situation? Why did the Democrat Party want to sweep this under the rug?

Johnny Rico said...

What happened to all the liberal socialist sheep? They must have got tired of being bashed around so much over questions like this. LOL!! Democrats and liberals love to point fingers but boy do they remain silent when they are the problem. They had a majority at one time and they just couldn't keep it together could they? Power corrupts, and a liberal socialist sheep is the best litmus test of that truism. LOL!!

Your ole pal

Sarah Hodges-Greer

Anonymous said...

According to Watauga Watch, it was male / male. No wonder liberals favor same sex marriages. They even support same sex sexual harassment.