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Thursday, May 10, 2012

More From Debbie Greene on Local Problem

The biggest problem is the blatant disenfranchisement of rural voters during the one stop election period.  The voting stats show that the rural voters participation overwhelmingly increased on May 8 when all voting precinct polls were open.  And, the statistics also show that on May 8 the participation by the town voting precincts decreased considerably.    It is in excusable to have 3 voting places that favor 4 precincts of voters and then to have 1 for an age group of 18 to 24 where they eat, sleep, play and work for 5 days and not provide the same for the rural voters. 

We talked with Jane Hodges, Director of the Board of Elections and her response to

my complaints was 1) the County  didn't provide the funds for more one-stop locations and 2) they tried it once out in the rural area and there wasn't any participation.  The County Manager said the County funds the Board of Elections and the Board of Elections decides how to spend the money and controls where the sites are.  Obviously, the Democrat controlled local Board of Elections is using the ASU campus to favor the Democrat Pary agenda.  And, as to Ms. Hodges second reason, it took a long time for the one-stop to catch on in town; one attempt for one election is not a sufficient trial.  The local Board of Elections was well aware of the amendment issue on the May 8 ballot and disenfranchised the rural voters. 

The taxpayers of Watauga County pay for the rent on the voting places and pays the salaries of all poll workers.  We will be asking our County commissioners to present our case to the Board of Elections.  If the Board of Elections does nothing to correct this situation for the fall election, then we suggest that the County pull the funding for 2 of the one stop voting locations leaving only the courthouse open for one-stop.  The courthouse is more than sufficiently accessible, 1 mile from campus, by AppalCart.

A letter writing campaign has already begun to the Watauga County Board of Elections (Stella Anderson - Chair, Russell Henson - Secretary and Stacy Eggers IV), Jane Hodges - Director ( or  PO Box 528, Boone, NC  28607) with a copy to  Don Wright, General Counsel, NC State Board of Elections ( or 441 North Harrington Street, Raleigh, NC  27603) and the Watauga County Commissioners ( or 814 King Street, Suite 205, Boone, NC  28607)

Another issue that has come to our attention is the number of unaffiliated voters who chose a nonpartisan ballot.  The nonpartisan ballot is clearly titled "Nonpartisan" ballot;however, the NC State Board of Elections, the local news media and the local Board of Elections were calling the ballot the "Unaffiliated" ballot.  There is no such thing!  Unaffiliated voters are to be given a choice between the Democrat and Republican ballot which both contain the nonpartisan races.  However, what was missing is the 17 year old ballot.  Any 17 year old that was turning 18 before the fall election was eligible to vote in the May 8 primary; however, they could not vote on the constitutional amendment.

 Please see below a note from Nate who worked very hard as a volunteer keeping us up to date with the statewide marriage amendment news, letter writing to the local churches and donations to the get the marriage vote out.  Despite the NC GOP platform which affirms support for traditional marriage and a resolution of support of the marriage amendment at the Watauga County GOP meeting, the local GOP leaders chose to not lead the party in support of the marriage amendment.  They purchased 25 signs; however, we spent 7 hours the day before the election (2 of us) putting signs out at the polling places the day before the election and we finished up at 12:00 am in the rain.  We made requests for assistance on deaf ears of the local GOP.   I agree, Shame on You! 

Note from Nate:








Anonymous said...

We talked with Jane Hodges...

Who is "we"?

Judy C. said...

Deborah, I don't think there's a conspiracy afoot. I too would like an early voting site out in Deep Gap, but truth is I'd probably never use it, and I don't think others would either. We like to vote on Election Day here. Most people however apparently like early voting one-stop. I've seen several polls over the years that a significant majority really likes the option. I think the reason for the Courthouse is clear. I have no idea why they are using Town Hall. I would shut that one down if it were me. As for the student union, it makes sense to have one there. You have a large voting population in a concentrated area, many without access to vehicles during the week. That site is very heavily used, which is an indication the polling place is located properly. BTW, I'm unaffiliated and vote a split ticket, so I'm not into the Republican v. Democrat argument on this. It's my understanding that the Board of Elections gets to choose where the sites are located. The commissioners can take away the money, but if you reduce it to one, then can't the board simply put the one early voting site at ASU? Have you thought about that? Why don't you quit worrying about the fact that students can vote (which is what this is really all about. Anyone can see that), and concentrate on something other than anger and backbiting. Sometimes I think you go around looking for fights just to fight.

guy faulkes said...

This is excellent news. The commissioners can stop the waste of taxpayer's money by having three polls within walking distance of each other reduced to the one at the courthouse. This is, after all, the central poll both of the current three and in the county.

I am still of the opinion that no polls should be open unless they are all open. However reducing the exorbitant bias in favor of residents of the Town of Boone is a good thing.

In all fairness, Ms. Greene did not start this "fight". I was probably the first to complain loudly and long about it. She had to moxey to do more than complain.

Anonymous said...

Look at population density. It only makes sense to put early voting sites where the majority of voters are. Ms. Greene has been trying to shut down the ASU polling place for months now simply because she doesn't like the way students vote. Her most recent attempt was through a complaint letter written to say she tried to take a handicapped voter to ASU to vote and there wasn't access (untrue) and there wasn't curbside voting, also untrue. She is using now using rural people as scapegoats to further this cause. It's really something and very obviously has nothing to do with early voting. It has to do with shutting out people who don't vote her way.

Mike D. said...

Debbie "Taliban" Greene,

How much more tax money would you like to spend? How about if there is a polling station in every home? Oh, wait, there already is. It's called an absentee ballot, and it doesn't require extra taxpayer money.

Here's a little news flash for you, Ms. Obvious: The average distance between you and the most convenient post office, polling station, fire house, police station, courthouse, etc. is directly proportional to the population density of the area in which you live.

You seem so shocked by the obvious.

Sarkazein said...

Boy MikeD, your liberal side sure is rude.

Anonymous said...

Debbie, can't we all just move on? The Amendment passed statewide, and I would think that would be good enough for you. Can't you let this one rest instead of trying to pit young/urban people against rural people? Is that the way you will behave if elected as a School Board member? Revenge. Revenge. Revenge. Let the young have their polling place. Most of the rest of us out in county either work in Boone or come in every week or so. The early polling places aren't the issue, but your attitude is.

Mike D. said...


Disapproving of wasting taxpayer money is liberal to you? I think you may want to get a dictionary.

Mike D. said...


Well said.

Anonymous said...

Not when the urbanites are allowed at least several days to vote and one-stop, register and vote, while the rural people are allowed one day and must be pre-registered.

There are other factors involved, but we'll just leave it at that for the time being.

Anonymous said...

The rural people, as you call us,(and I guess that would include me who works in Boone but lives out west) are also allowed to same day register and vote and vote early. Anyone voting on election day must be pre-registered, no matter who they are or where they live.

Anonymous said...

"Not when the urbanites are allowed at least several days to vote and one-stop, register and vote, while the rural people are allowed one day and must be pre-registered."

You know what? That's an out and out lie. If you want to argue that it's inconvenient for rural people, that's fine, but to state as fact that they are only allowed one day to vote and don't have an opportunity to register and vote on the same day is baldfaced.

Mike D. said...

When you live out in the country, everything is less convenient! Try ordering Papa John's Pizza! Try waiting for an ambulance to arrive! Try baking a cake and realizing you are out of sugar! Try running out of gas! Try buying clothes for your kids for school!

The point is, Deborah Greene is acting shocked by the most obvious things, as though some great injustice is being done. Deborah Greene does not care about fairness or equality or justice. She cares about one thing, though. She cares about gaining enough power to inflict her religious laws on others (just like the Taliban does).

Anonymous said...

It's official I am changing my registration today. Goodbye Watauga Conservative. If Greene is going to be running the show here I am done with this party.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Greene is apparently very unhappy with her 5th place finish for school board. She's had to find a new issue to try to rile up enough "rural people" to climb aboard her sinking ship before November. It's always about pitting one group of people against another with Ms. Greene. She hasn't any notion of how to win an election otherwise.

Sarkazein said...

Anonymouse- I have noticed, liberals hate Conservative women who are real Grass Roots politicians.

Bill said...

I have always been and will continue to be a Republican. I believe in our party's principles and economic approach and insistence on smaller government. The Amendment question was on the ballot as a non-partisan issue, and I voted against it. I'm concerned and not sure where our party is headed at this point. If we insist we are for smaller government, that means to me smaller government in every way, including on social issues. We simply can't argue that we are for smaller government on things we don't like, but bigger government on things we do like. We are losing our way and well on our way to losing an entire generation of voters because we look like and act like hypocrites. The Amendment has passed for now, but our party is on the wrong side of this issue and we will pay for it soon enough. I was especially discouraged to find that the Tea Party supported the Amendment when it violated every single thing they claimed to stand for in 2010. We are losing women, hispanics, blacks, young people, and gays. How do we expect to remain a viable political party in the future?

Sarkazein said...

Bill- Gay mariage was being forced on society by government courts and trendy legislators. The Amendment protected existing law from the government just as the Bill of Rights protects rights. The Amendment was very conservative as it restricts the government from changing the definition of a word, law, institution (of marriage) by government officials or by fiat.

Sarkazein said...

Bill you wrote- "We are losing women, hispanics, blacks, young people, and gays. How do we expect to remain a viable political party in the future?"

The Amendment won with 61%! You'd have a point if it had lost. Support for conservatism is going UP.

If an Amendment was on the table to take all money and property from individuals making over a million dollars a year, we would lose "women, hispanics, blacks, young people, and gays". Should we vote to confiscate money and property in fear of losing their votes?

Bill said...

Yes. The Amendment won for now, but don't we all really know it is a losing proposition down the road? And don't we all really know it violated the conservative principle of smaller government? That's why Bohner and Romney are refusing to even talk about it. I'm talking about down the road. Our base is older and white. The three demographic groups whose electoral impact is growing fastest are hispanics, women and young people. The political gender gap is huge. Women prefer Obama to Romney by over 20 percent. Its about the numbers and we're on the wrong side of them.

Sarkazein said...

Bill- So why not concede the country now? What you are writing is we need to be more like liberals to win elections. What's the point?
Romney and Boehner realize the trendy marriage thing is just a distraction from Obama's grotesque failures.
Why should they participate? It is a distraction from everything you write is important.

I am starting to think this blog may have been hit with "seminar" commenters.

Sarkazein said...

Bill- Darn those "women, hispanics, blacks, young people, and gays". Romney pulled ahead by 7% in the polls after Obama lied about his support for homosexual marriage.

I wonder if Holder will sue NC and the other 30 some states for their marriage definition like he is suing Arizona for protecting their citizens against illegal aliens?

Sarkazein said...

We need to get behind Holder or we could lose more "women, hispanics, blacks, young people, and gays"!

guy faulkes said...

How interesting Anonymous is leaving the Republican party and the blog because they are to conservative.

I left the Republican party because it is to liberal.

The blog lets any coherent argument be posted. Only one person has ever been banned. He was a supporter of pedophilia and terrorism and needed to be. However, that is not why he was banned. He was banned for his endlessly repetitive posts and because he said if the administrators asked him to leave he would. He was asked and continued to post, so he was banned to force him to live up to his promise.

There is no argument to the fact that having three polling places within walking distance of each other is a waste of money. There is also no argument to the fact early voting as it is now done heavily favors citizens of the Town of Boone , particularly college students. If any poll is open, they all should be.

Blogger said...

Disgruntled Anonymous For the record, this is not Mrs. Greene’s blog. We have a problem in our community. The voting system has been rigged to favor temporary residents with no long term commitment to the community nor to its values. I was never sure of this until Mrs. Greene gave us the data from this current election which I then felt was worth everyone pondering.

Now I feel something must be done to correct this wrong.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the Democrats are using this post as an organizing tool on facebook right now.

Greene, you seem to excite the liberal base better than any Democrat on the ballot. So we lost a Republican already, we are in-fighting with each other over something that has already been decided, and now we're activating the students to want to organize against us in November.

Anything else you'd like Greene to screw up Blogger? Home Run.

Anonymous said...

Greene is not a Republican. She is an equal opportunity hater. If you don't agree with her on any topic, you are a target.

Blogger said...

"FYI, the Democrats are using this post as an organizing tool on facebook right now."

Anonymous, Are you surprised? The left has rigged our local elections to maintain themselves in power. Threatened, they can be expected to pull out all the stops to not allow the people of the community to undo their schemes.

guy faulkes said...

Blogger, you are 100% correct. Hopefully we can convince the commissioners to remove funding for redundant polls when other polls are closed.

One has to admire Ms. Greene. I have complained about this issue for years, but could think of no way to correct it. She researched it and published the information so that any logical person would admit the situation needs corrections in a very short period of time.

Does anyone get the feeling one of our anonymous posters is a fifth columnist pretending to be a conservative in order to further liberal goals? This person really hates Gable, Greene and everything the commissioners have done. He might be serious, but I have to wonder if he doth not protest to much.

Mike D. said...


Notice how they blow right past your philosophical discussion of Constitutional conservatism? Big government is only to be opposed if they can use it in a partisan political attack. I went to Tea Party events, at Hardees and at the High Country Homebuilders' Association. What seemed like a great idea has been hijacked by religious extremists who aren't even brave enough to stand up for their own bigotry.

Apparently, we can ask moderate Muslims to take their religion back from the fervent extremists who try to impose it on others, but we have to wear blinders and make excuses for the Deborah "Taliban" Greenes in our midst.

Blogger, Deborah Greene is revoltingly anti-Constitutional, tyrannical, confrontational, and turns all but the most extreme away with every offensive piece of evil which drips from her fangs.

Mike D. said...

I wonder how many of those who are complaining here about early voting also took advantage of it? Let the lies begin!

Sarkazein said...

MikeD- Notice how you blow right past all the philosophical discussion of Constitutional conservatism in comments responding to Bill's comments.

Sarkazein said...

MikeD- The definition of marriage may be declared unconstitutional someday, who knows. But, so far in history the definition of marriage has never been declared unconstitutional. The day may come where government courts, legislators, and special interest groups may be allowed to change the definition of words as they see fit and all of society has to submit.... who knows.

Sarkazein said...

Speaking of HOPEfully soon to be declared unconstitutional

Sarkazein said...

We have Obama's doctor and a former Democrat President saying, in effect, Obama should be no where near the White House. What more do you Obama sycophants need to know? His own wife says she wants to get the hell out of there and "just keep walking".

Sarkazein said...

The world is wondering why the failed and inept Obama is President of the US

Deboarh Greene said...

Guy. You are right, you and many others have been discussing this voting issue for years. And, the issue has been discussed on this blog since April 30.

The Democrat Pary has gotten away with this blantant arrogant disenfranchisement for so long that they got careless. It was just a matter of time when they would make a fatal mistake.

They have the Republican Party afraid to complain after they have distorted the truth on campus with the mantra "Republicans don't want you to vote". I remember being a poll worker at ASU and it there was a handful of students who voted up until 2 pm. And, then the flood gates opened. The Democrat Party had printed up flyers claiming the Republican Party didn't want the students to vote. And, the little sheep came in baah baah baah saying I wasn't going to vote until they told me that the Republicans didn't want me to vote. Is that what it takes to get people to exercise their right to vote? That is pitiful! So, why doesnt' the Republican Party do the same? They have had the Republican Party buffaloed.

Some claim the Republican Party leaders were afraid to get involved in the marriage amendment. Rumor has it that the party leaders were claiming they should take a low profile in the marriage amendment debate so as to not upset the college vote.

I don't know who came up with this lame brain idea, if such existed; or how they thought they would benefit from this in the fall.

However, some were down right giddy the day the ASU 5 day one-stop polls opened. One would have to ask the question, why would the executive committee of the local Republican party be so giddy about this? The State GOP platform affirms the party's stance on traditional marriage and the local GOP adopted a resolution in favor of the marriage amendment. But, where did the leaders actually stand? That is at the heart of the Republican Party's lack of involvement. The leaders failed the members.

Blogger said...

Debbie. Again thanks. You have a real issue here and you are expressing it wonderfully. I hope you and Guy and others can light a fire and get this travesty of a 5 day early voting on campus stopped. Early polling can be done at the courthouse. Then all polling stations including one on campus can open on election day. Nothing else is fair. Thanks for all you do.

Deborah Greene said...

Some observations during my poll worker days at ASU. Other poll workers and board of election authorities may find these antics odd:

1) Poll workers leaving the polling place for hours.
2) Poll workers working on their job; answering calls from clients on cell phones and doing consulting work on laptop computers while working the poll books while being paid to be poll workers by Watauga County.
3) Professors and students coming in and out of polling place to talk with poll workers regularly.
4) Electioneering going on inside of the polling room.
5) Fixing a ballot that was kicked out after voter left.
6) Campaign signs pulled up by ASU staff.

As observer of ASU one-stop:

1) no parking set aside
2) no public signage
3) no handicap parking
4) electioneering within 50 foot marker
5) lack of no campaigning signs
6) registering of voters in hallway by poll workers
7) eve before Ag Center poll place opened, Democrat candidate for County Commissioner came out of polling place around 10:30 pm and approached me while I was putting up signs to tell me that she wasn't sure where the signs were to be placed

Anonymous said...

You folks are nothing more than cowards.

Sarkazein said...

Is that you Anonymous?

guy faulkes said...

Anonymous, how, pray tell, does standing up for your beliefs in order to correct an injustice make anyone a coward?

Could it be that you somehow benefit from the injustice?

Anonymous said...

Wow... no matter how high that shark gets Debbie you always find a way.

By the way I'd like to thank you. I wasn't going to vote for Obama again this go around, at least till I saw the level of bat-crap-bonkers you and the tea party seem to display on a daily basis. The same can be said of the many many young folks I saw at asu and the courthouse who came out against amendment one.

And when this gets out they will be energized against you and the last dying gasp of bigotry that amendment one represents.

Be honest and call this exactly what it is, a blatant power grab and an attempt to stop people who disagree with your agenda from being able to cast a vote against it.

Or was it just ASU alone that caused you to come in 5th? Boo hoo, get over it, and yourself you sanctimonious twit.

Enjoy your win, but as other true conservatives have pointed out

Anonymous said...

(heres where i get laughed at for a mispost)

To finish, you're losing young folks. You're losing blacks despite your NOM backers trying to wedge issue them against Obama on the gay issue. You're losing Hispanics no thanks to candidate etch-a-sketch's over the top views.

You've got one generation left, then you're gone at this rate. Look at that map of where amendment one was rejected. Every country with a college university, gonna stop them all from voting Debbie?

You can try to deny it all you've what, but keep heading down this road, and well, let me find you the definition of pyrrhic victory

Anonymous said...

(here's where i get laughed at for a mis post, feel free)

To finish.

You've already lost most of the young people like myself.

Despite your NOM attempted wedge issue with blacks you're losing them.

Women? Well... HA! is all i can say.

Hispanics? Yes even more extreme positions, good plan!

The true conservatives are trying to warn you as well they should. Your Brand of republican extremism is good for only one thing. Pyrrhic victories. But when your generation dies out you and the rest of the Luger stomping brigade are going to leave your party in an uncompromising shamble.

Look at that map, every county that rejected A1 had a college university, gonna stop them all from voting debbie?

Sarkazein said...

dragonkat42 you wrote- "By the way I'd like to thank you. I wasn't going to vote for Obama again this go around, at least till I saw the level of bat-crap-bonkers you and the tea party seem to display on a daily basis."

Not true. You would vote for Obama no matter what. Liberals can not be honest in their debate. Dishonesty is in their political DNA.

guy faulkes said...

I believe that you have conservatives confused with party hacks, Ddragonkat42. True conservatives wanted the party to return to its conservative roots. It did not do so as concerning the Presidential nominee. For this reason, I will not be voting in that race or will be casting a write in vote.

Those RINOs that you admire have succeeded in killing the Republican party. This was your fondest hope. What you will really hate is the replacement for it.

Blogger said...

dragoncat 42, you wrote “You've already lost most of the young people like myself.” Dragoncat you forget something. Young people have that ornery habit of growing up, having families, paying taxes, and becoming conservative. I did. Don’t be surprised if one day it happens to you.

Deborah Greene said...

Dragonet42. What tea party? The tea party asked each of the board of education candidates questions and gave us a deadline to answer. I met their deadline and I never saw where the questions and answers were ever published. I haven't heard anything out of the tea party. Maybe the same group that has infiltrated the Republican Party leadership has taken control of the tea party.

As far as you were not going to vote for Obama until...... That statement is the same as that white crusty stuff that comes out of south bound end of a chicken.

And, to the many that were hoping that once I ran for an office that I would shut up, that is not going to happen! Watch dog first! We are moving on. It just not be in the direction you want us to move.

Wolf's Head said...

Well, here's an example of the problem we face in NC.

We need reform now!

guy faulkes said...

Blogger or New Guy, could you make the Wolf's link a separate thread?

I would like to hear some discussion on it.

Deborah Greene said...

If you use the Ag Center for 1 stop voting as I suggested in my letter, that would not be shutting down an ASU polling place because that is an ASU polling place. However, I do not think that the ASU Plemmons Center, as I explain in my letter is an appropriate voting place for the reasons I noted in my letter to the Board of Elections. I also do not think that the Courthouse is an appropriate polling place as I noted in my letter. And, my letter also points out that it is not necessary to have 3 in town and none in the rural areas. Most everyone would agree that this is a waste of taxpayer funds. So, if we are going to have 3, then we need 1 in the eastern end, one in the western end and one in town. The Ag Center is an ASU precinct polling site on Election Day so it could serve as the one-stop voting facility for the town. The Ag Center is more appropriate because of accessibility, lack of congestion and plentiful parking. Obviously, it the County taxpayers do not want to pay for 2 additional polling places on top of the 3 that are all located in town. So, it is logical to move 2 of the 3 closer to the rural areas. While at least one of the people on this blog have accused me of "shutting out people who don't vote her way", you have it backwards. I want the people who vote my way, conservative, to have an equal opportunity. My letter to the Board of Education is a matter of public record. Read it before you jump to conclusions.

Deborah Greene said...

Did anyone listen to WATA, the Right-side this morning? It seems that others who have looked at the stats have drawn the same conclusions as I.

guy faulkes said...

Deborah Greene, I disagree with your choice of the agriculture center, I feel the courthouse is more appropriate as it is the county seat. Granted, there is not much difference in location, but almost everyone in the county knows where the courthouse is located. This is not true of the ag center. If all the polls are not open, then none should be. However, as I do not think we will ever be able to correct his miscarriage of justice, there should only be one poll open and that should be the one poll open and that one should bes convenient for the entire county (not just the university. I do not care if the a center is an ASU polling place).

While your parking issue is well taken, I feel knowledge of the proper location trumps it.

In any event we do not need three polling places open in the Boone City limits and none elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

No thanks, DG! We saw how you did in your race and with the amendment vote. YOU LOST! Could you please stop crusading in the name of conservatives, Republicans, Independents, or whatever you want to call yourself today. You are and will continue to be a liability to us because you are associated with our party. We can and will do better without you!
I'm with Guy. The poll should be the most accessible, well known location to the greatest number of voters. The Ag Center is not a well known site and should not be considered. Does anyone know how many voted at the campus location? Numbers are important.

guy faulkes said...

Now I disagree with Anonymous. Deborah Greene is not a liability for conservatives. She actually did very well as she was running without the backing of either party. After all, there are those that would not vote for Jesus Christ if he was running in the other party.

I voted for Ms. Greene and will do so in the general election.

Also, Ms. Greene was on the winning side concerning the vote on the amendment statewide. The unfair use of polling places caused the county to go against the issue, in all probability.

Anonymous said...

stop this "Democrat party" crap. it is the "Democratic party"

Sarkazein said...

A'mouse wrote- "stop this "Democrat party" crap."

We plan on it. It is ruining this country.