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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What do you Think Dems are up to?

 Posted by Guy Faulkes

130 co-sponsers, all Dems tells it all


Anonymous said...

And that's your new GOP in a nutshell.

Only in Bizzaro "MERICA!" is encouraging more young people to be engaged in the political process considered a bad thing.

You should treat this as an opportunity, after all ASU does have a college repub group last time I checked, many other colleges do too. (did debbie check with them before plotting to take away their votes?) It's your chance to try to inform kids, to try and get them to vote your way, but instead you're just driving them off.

I guess the same old knee jerk liberal indoctrination camp line was easier?

Keep on spreading that hate, and watch the democrats welcome the kids.

Since when is it ever a bad thing to have less people voting in this country? Oh right when they vote against you, can't have that.

I mean if they think for themselves and not vote the way the nice man at the pulpit tells them too we'll never have our electified pens for the gays! (sorry, couldn't resist that little jab)

Inquiring Mind said...

Thanks Guy for the post. There it is, shameless and in our face, voter registration that favors a certain age group. While voter education and registration is already part of most universities in NC, I do not agree with disenfranchising one group over another. So, if the federal government wants to be the voting nanny then they need to make any institution (and sub-contractor), State or local government that receives federal funding provide voter education and voter registration. However, at what costs to the taxpayers?

So, lets say that Watauga County gets federal funding of $1, then they need to send voter registration forms to every taxpayer and or have voter registration available in every department within the county. If the Town receives federal funds of at least $1, then they too should have to provide voter registration. The US Post Office should have to provide voter registration. Every public school in Watauga County should have to provide voter registration along with the Board of Education. Every not-for-profit that gets a federal grant of at least $1 should have to provide voter registration. Every sub-contractor that is paid federal money should have to provide voter registration for employees. And so on and so on.

The Democrats have devised the biggest scheme yet to skew the vote by increasing the voter registration and education campaign targeted at voters between the ages of 19 and 24. And, we are supposed to be OK with this of course. They see nothing wrong with this blatant discriminatory scheme and abuse of the voting system.

What they have is a sinking ship and they are reaching into their dirty little bags of tricks; they couldn't possibly win an election by running a fair campaign and without abusing the voting system.

What are the Democrats up to? They are up to the same ole crap.

With respect to voter id. Anyone who goes to a doctors office has to provide a picture ID. So what is wrong with requiring a picture ID for voting? Again, that would foil their plans of voting dead people, multiple voting, illegal alien voting, etc.

Isn't it pathetic? They had 3 one-stop voting facilities within a 1 mile radius of the other in heavily populated student resident areas, with the one site on the playground opening at 10am just in time for recess, with professors handing out extra credit for "I Voted" stickers, telling them how to register and how to vote. And, this just somehow is not enough.

I am surprised that they don't make them register to vote and vote as part of the criteria for college entrance and or graduation. Oh! Forbid, did I just give them an idea? I guess that would be alright if you got a federal loan or grant to go to college, uh? And, of course if you teach at one of these colleges you would have to register and vote to keep your job, uh?

Hell, why don't we just institute the register to vote system like the registering for the draft; required by all citizens once they turn 18. And, then they could call you up at least once a year for voting service, uh? Yes, it is beyond stupid! But, in all seriousness, this may be where we are headed.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you take the same stance against Amendment 1, Deb? Your argument could be used for that, too. Why are you disenfranchising a group of people from activities that you enjoy? You pulled out your bag of dirty tricks by wrapping your bigotry in prayer and lost. No wonder you are on a crusade to restrict voting because they don't vote for you. You are an anchor around our party's neck!

guy faulkes said...

These poor devils cannot realize that amendment 1 did not disenfranchise anyone. It defined one type of contract. They cannot logically argue the early voting issue so they try to change the subject.

This link clearly shows an attempt to give one group preferential treatment over others. If a college student can get himself to class, he can get himself to the voter registrars office and to the polls on election day, just as does everyone else.

The libs are banking on the student vote going their way. They are praying that these students never figure out that their choice is to vote as conservatives, which would end up with a stimulated economy so they could find jobs and be successful; or they could vote liberal, kill the economy and go home and live in their parents' basement as the chronically unemployed. One day this tactic may backfire on the libs.

The charge that liberals are attempting to influence elections by granting special privilege is now irrefutable.

Nobody said...

If one of your neighbors politely asked you to leave them alone, would you, every day and night, go to their house, bang on their door and shout through the windows? That's what you are doing here. You stated that if you were ever asked to stop posting here, you would respect the rights of the blog administrators and refrain from posting. Now, you have been asked, simply because you repeat yourself hundreds of times over and add nothing to the discussion. However, you continue to post here every day. Don't give us the same old "conservatives can't stand a dissenting voice" line, either -- Happily Married and ITCM were allowed to post almost without limit until the thread hit the 133 maximum limit. Start your own blog. I guarantee that several regulars here would gladly engage you on your own site -- JR would love it! I bet Blogger and New Guy would even direct people to it once you started it up. My bet is you don't have the initiative or know-how to set up your own blog.

Anonymous said...

Awwww....Nobody doesn't want to share. Prime example of a closed-minded Republican! Afraid to discuss subjects without using a Glenn Beck script?

Nobody said...

Scared to pick a name? I've debated here for years -- I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said better by others here. You obviously haven't been here long enough, as many of us have, to know the long and storied history of Lib POV. Don't come in now with with your childish taunts -- they won't work on me.

guy faulkes said...

Does any one else find it interesting that first Obama wants taxpayers to assume the responsibility of repaying college loans and now the Democrats want all colleges to be able to let people register and vote on the same day?

HMMMMM... I wonder......

This is even worse than the local situation.

Nobody, I beleive that the Anonymous you were addressing is one of the three people that used to post as LPOV. His writing style is the same. As such you can see why he would want to hide his identity even more than he can with an unique blog name.

Sarkazein said...

Someone get the butterfly net.

Johnny Rico said...

Liberal socialist sheep pov,

What hard hitting questions have you ever asked that weren't answered. How about asking me one of those and see what happens. The fact is liberals like you refuse to engage in meaningful conversation with conservatives because you have your lunch eaten over and over. Take the Jared Laughtner situation. You labeled Laughtner a Tea Party thug before the gun cooled. Come to find out he was a hard line liberal with much in common with..uh...YOU!! You quit posting for a month after that one. Where were your hard questions then.

Fast forward to today and you say the SAME thing your broken record speak was saying two years ago - NOTHING. Have you watched the "No Guns for Negros" video I've kept asking about? Hard question ain't it? LOL!

What about the fact the liberal news media won't post the number of soldier's dead since Hussein Obama took office? Remember we saw those numbers every day during Bush's reign. How come no comment on that inconvienant factoid?

The we fast forward to Zimmerman. This patriot shot and killed a thug on drugs who was attacking him. Like the Laughtner case, you immediately jumped to conclusions concerning Zimmerman. Then, when things weren't going your way, you refused to answer how Zimmerman could possibly be classified as a "white Hispanic". Then you quit altoghether.

And who is the race baiting bigot who incites folks to depose those with whom they disagree with? Look no further than yourself. This is why your beaten time and again on this site. It's easy - you give us plenty of ammo. What an idiot.


Care to answer some questions my liberal socialist sheep of a friend? Perhaps you should skulk back to Watauga Watch where they censor posts (and where they average 3 posts per topic) LOL

You ole pal

Johnny Rico

PS Just keeping it real with the mental midgets.


Johnny Rico said...

I knew that would shut them up!!!!!! Silence is golden!!!!