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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Annexation Bill to Become Law in NC

WECR Radio is reporting that the annexation bill, previously passed by both the NC House and the Senate, will  become law without governor Perdue's signature.
Readers may recall that a previous bill was passed which provided than towns could not annex unincorporated areas into their jurisdiction if 60% of the property owners subject to the annexation signed a petition opposing it. Annexation advocates were successful in getting that law overturned in court on the basis that only property owners were given the right - the argument being that renters were thus, disenfranchised.

 In response, and in compliance with the courts decision, the legislature passed a new bill requiring a referendum be held among those subject to the annexation and to prevent towns from annexing without the approval of the majority. It is this "majority option" bill governor Perdue neither vetoed or signed,  which will now become  law without her signature.


NewGuy said...

There doesn't seem to be a lot of media coverage on this but, I did find this article in the N&O.

NewGuy said...

And finally, the Democrat weighs in...

This will, at last, eliminate people being annexed into a town without having any say about it one way or the other!

USS Rodger Young said...

This is a good bill. It limits the power of government. Anything limiting the power of government is a good thing.