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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Fast and Fruious hearings on the net...thanks Virginia Foxx

FAST & FURIOUS INVESTIGATION UPDATE. Darrell Issa and House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform Republicans' proceedings to determine whether AG Holder should be held in contempt for stonewalling the Congressional investigation of Fast & Furious are being live-streamed at


guy faulkes said...

Now that Obama has invoked executive privilege, one has to wonder what he is trying to hide and if his involvement would constitute an impeachable offense for violation of federal firearms law or of a violation of international law.

Can anyone say special prosecutor?

Blogger said...

Multitasking, I followed the hearing. Amending, the Dems were throwing everything but the kitchen sink in front of the procedure. It was like watching one of those chase scenes in the movie where the person being chased keeps grabbing chairs, etc., yanking them in front of the pursuer. What a hoot!