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Friday, June 29, 2012

Get Out and VOTE! 2012 Primary Runoff under way!

The Primary didn't settle everything - now we have a runoff for a few positions that did not have a clear winner in the first primary....

Republicans can choose between two good candidates for Lt Governor. Both Dan Forest and Tony Gurley would serve us well (in my opinion). Gurley is a businessman originally from Morganton, now living in Wake County where he serves as a County Commissioner.   . Forest came in first in the May Republican primaries but did not receive 40% of the vote as required to avoid a runoff. He is also a businessman in the Raleigh area and is the son of Congresswoman Sue Myrick. My sense is that most Watauga conservatives will get behind Forest but, in my judgement, Gurley is also a viable candidate and would serve us well.

For NC Commissiner of Insurance, Reublicans Richard Morgan and Mike Causey face each other. Morgan was once a Representative in the NC House but lost his bid for reelcetion when he was defeated in the Republican Primary when he sided with Democrats to keep Dem speaker Jim Black in power. He is still not popular among Republican regulars. Causey has run for this office previously but has not been successful. This time he seems to have the support of the conservatives in and out of the Republcan party and is, in my judgment, the best choice with the best chance of beating Democrat Wayne Goodwin.

For NC Superintendent of Public Instruction, the runoff is between Wake County Board of Education member John Tedesco and Charlotte area schoolteacher Richard Alexander. Tedesco has been a major (and controversial) figure on the Wake County school board and has been the bullseye in the Democrat target during the bussing/school choice conflicts that drew national attention to Wake County Schools. Alexander, also a conservative, is less controversial but is seriously opposed to tenure, favors Charter schools and is pretty much straight down the line in favor of conservative positions. I can live with either one but I think Tedesco may provide the most excitement in the general election!

Kenn Gardner and Ed Goodwin face each other in the runoff for NC Secretary of State. Neither of my horses made the finals in this race and I have no real strong opinions on either of these gentlemen. I would point out that Goodwin seems to have the endorsements and support from most of the conservative groups with whom I normally agree. I think either candidate will have a hard time beating Elaine Marshall unless there is just an unexpected Republican sweep of all the secondary races. I doubt that McCrory's coattails are that strong!

At any your research, excercise your Google skills, make your choices and get to the Courthouse (The ONLY early voting site for this election) OR wait until election day (July 17) and vote at your normal precinct!

Democrats also have a runoff to select their candidate for NC Commissioner of Labor. Their choice is between Marlowe Foster and John Brookes.

NOTE....You can only vote in this runoff if you voted in the May primaries....and must vote the same ballot (Repub or Dem) that you selected then.


Republican Ballot
NC Lieutenant Governor (Dan Forest, Tony Gurley)
NC Commissioner of Insurance (Richard Morgan, Mike Causey)
NC Secretary of State (Kenn Gardner, Ed Goodwin)
NC Superintendent of Public Instruction (John Tedesco, Richard Alexander)


USS Rodger Young said...

Does anyone know what their positions are on the 2nd Amendment. Always a good litmus test.

USS Rodger Young said...


Hot off the press. A North Carolina Gun Rights Group called "Grassroots NC" mailed a gun survey to each candidate.

Forest didn't return his survey, resulting in a 0-star evaluation. Usually when they fail to return, it means they are anti-gun.

Gurley returned his survey and received a 4 star evaluation!!!!

Therefore we can see that Gurley has a 4 star evaluation and should therefore be elected. Forest must be another RINO liberal who will forgo your rights for political expediency.

Vote Gurley!

USS Rodger Young said...

Vote for GURLEY. He is a PATRIOT of the highest order. Another HERO in the making. He takes the time to interact with citizens and make his platform know.

Forest on the other hand, obviously runs on subterfuge and hidden agendas. In other words, he will turn on you in a second if it gains him anything.

Vote GURLEY!!!!!

NewGuy said...

This may turn out to be the least participative runoff ever!
Really, it would be a shame to have only a very few people determine the candidates for the November election!


Anonymous said...

What the matter. Blogger, New Guy?

'Didn't like my reply to your lamentation about the small early voting numbers?

Again, isn't the main reason for the low early voting figures is because the college students have gone home, and they are not avaolable for the progressives to goad into voting.

So, the local people will vote for the local slate of candidates.

What a novel idea!

Blogger said...

Anonymous, neither of us have a clue what happened. We saw it and then it disappeared. Google's spam deleter, deletes dozens of Anonymous posts each day. Typically, they get it right and they really are spam. Once and a while, they hit a legitimate comment. This is just one more reason we encourage people to pick a fictitious pen name even if it is just one letter.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Karen, it is none of your business.

And to fashionable "useful idiots" sheeple like you, I supposed my common sense would appear silly to you.

And blogger, it is interesting how many comments that you and New Guy do not like disappears.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Blogger. I was thinking you just were cleaning out some of the trash.

NewGuy said...

Although the numbers at this point are so small as to be meaningless, it is interesting that Watauga Dems, with only the Commissioner of Labor on their primary ballot - have so far turned out more voters than have the Republicans!

USS Rodger Young said...

We have a pro-gunner (conservative) and an anti-Gunner (RINO). One is for freedom (Gurley), and the other for oppression (Forest). What does it take to wake this country up?

NewGuy said...

Primary Run-off Early Voting Ends Saturday
Early voting for the Primary run-off will end Saturday at 1pm. You can vote today and Friday from 8am until 5pm . The only early voting station is located at the Watauga County Courthouse.

Primary Run-off on July 17th
Tuesday, July 17th you vote at your normal polling place from 6:30am until 7:30pm

NewGuy said...

Well, we made it to town and did our "early voting" today! Elections office said that their total so far is right around 100 people voting.

It looks like only a very few people will be deciding on the candidates for these particular positions!