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Thursday, June 21, 2012

NC 949 BOONE ETJ Bill PassestheSenate

Dan Soucek's bill concerning the ETJ authority of the town of Boone has passed it's third and final reading in the Senate . It has gone to the house where it has passed it's first reading and has been referred to the committee on rules and calendar.


Blogger said...

Guy, here is another flaw in your argument that there is protection for the people who live in the Boone suburbs. Back before R1 when I was dealing with the vicious dog at one animal house, I called the sheriff and asked if under the circumstances it was lawful to shoot the dangerous animal. His answer was “Yes, but your neighbor won’t like it.”

The point being that even if there were laws, which there are not, wild neighbors with no commitment to your community, typically take revenge. Anyway, the way it stands now, it looks like the Dems brought civilization to our neighborhood and the Republicans want to take it away.

Again, follow the money. Who gains financially from Dan’s act?

guy faulkes said...

I have told you twice before the disenfranchised citizens of the ETJ gain,financially and otherwise, Blogger.

Your example leaves much to be desired. The county has laws about harboring viscous animals. I know because I went through the same kind of situation. After much prodding, animal control took care of the situation. My neighbor threaten revenge, but nothing came of it as he decided it might not be the wisest choice to make.

It also shows an interesting point of view as to being afraid to use the rule of law because you fear a neighbor. Where does one draw the line with such a neighbor? Is it when he harbors a viscous dog, steals your property, molests your grandchildren, rapes your wife, or murders you?

No one can insure your safety but you. It is YOUR responsibility both to require the rule of law to be enforced and to deal with any problems that might cause you. There is no free ride.

If you do not stand up to a bully, then it will generally escalate into something worse. Not insisting that laws against bad behavior are enforced because it is easier to try to zone your neighbor out of the area only increases the problem. In most cases it only harms the guiltless.

What exactly is it you fear about losing the ETJ? If it is that much of a concern, why do you and your neighbors ask for satellite annexation? If the majority of them want it, then all it takes is for the town to approve it. You would get to vote, run for office, and eventually get municipal services. Then everyone would be satisfied.

Mike D. said...


Left to straight Republican rule, Boone would be like Newland, and there would be no money for developers to make. The entity which writes the rules which protect the area from developers who care only about the bottom dollar they can make is the same entity which provides those developers their source of income. Make no mistake. Every new shopping center relies on dollars from students' parents. Every new apartment complex relies on dollars from students' parents. Every new medical office complex relies on dollars from students' parents. Every new restaurant relies on dollars from students' parents. And the businesses which don't rely on those dollars rely on tourist dollars and on dollars from the pockets of university staff and faculty, all of which either comes from the government or comes from the pockets of students' parents.

By proxy, land developers around Boone are willing wards of the state, working government contracts. Like it or not, it is the truth, and they are more than happy to accept those dollars.

The flavor of this community which brings in those tourist dollars would not attract tourists if we were a town of seven FWB churches and one store. This town, and the land developers who make money at its outskirts rely on the culture and community spirit created by those horrible leftist educators and their students.

So you don't think the source of the developers income should have any say in how that income is used. I disagree. I don't think that's regulation without representation. I think it's a contractual obligation to protect the flavor of the town as an historical college town.

I want to be annexed. I want to vote. But protecting the town from greedy assholes is much more important to me.

My Own Party Screwed Me said...

All Republican candidates just lost my vote. Every single one of you. I have voted straight Republican tickets for the last 6 years because I thought they had common sense, I live in the ETJ and you have just destroyed the value of my home with your crappy bill. No one ever asked any of out here how we felt about this. Everyone in my neighborhood is as pissed off as I am. I do not like the town but at least we had some protection. Now we have none. It was all done for Templeton and Miller who I voted for who is in league with all this bs. I will do everything I can to see that all Republicans are defeated.

guy faulkes said...

If either of you wants to be annexed, make the application and get the support of your neighbors. Satellite annexation is legal. You will have about a tear to do it even if the ETJ is overturned.

However, do not be surprised if the Town refuses as it might lessen the voting block that keeps the current status quot in power.

It is evident neither of you has suffered from the abuse the town has committed as to many others or you would have a different opinion. You feel your self interest trumps that of these people. This is understandable, but does not your position any stronger than theirs.

MikeD, I thought you favored the free market and people having a say in the laws that govern them. Apparently not.

What is your problem with Newland, MikeD?

Mike D. said...

"MikeD, I thought you favored the free market and people having a say in the laws that govern them. Apparently not."


I do, and I just did.

Mike D. said...

Now, Guy, how about discussing the meat of my post, eh? That the money that is made by the developers who are being regulated comes from those doing the regulating. Do you agree or not?

Mike D. said...

"What is your problem with Newland, MikeD?" - Guy

If you are going to avoid the subject of my post so thoroughly, why even bother responding, Guy? Why not just pretend that you didn't read it?

Andy said...

Thanks for nothing, Soucek. Here we are out here just minding our own business and you come along and ruin our lives. I bought into the ETJ on purpose three years ago after looking for about that long for a house. I had saved the downpayment for the better part of a decade. We bought a small home in a nice neighborhood KNOWING we would have zoning protections. That's the primary reason we bought here. All that is now at risk thanks to Soucek. Perhaps he can refund me the financial hit I have taken on my property overnight with his bill, a bill he brought up to satisfy his handlers. As for annexation guy the law has changed. There has to be a referendum of 60 percent of the people in the area and the referendum has to be paid for by someone. Just look. The neighborhood has to get 60% but all one man, Phil Templeton, has to do is tell Soucek exactly what he wants.

guy faulkes said...

MikeD, the meat of your posst is ridiculous. All profit from any financial transaction comes from the end user, be it a full development, selling a house, or selling a turnip. If the end user does not approve of the product, he will not buy or use it. This is the free market and is the regulation.

Why not request satellite annexation if you want town control?

No, Andy, you were not minding your own business. The town was minding it as you were a disenfranchised subject, serf, or slave that could not vote or run for office. You may like this, but others do not.

Screwed, at least you are honest enough to state flat out that you will vote to serve your self interest. Thank you. Everyone else does the same. My interest is that I cannot stand the hypocrisy of the town in the manner in which it enforces ts own codes and the fact those in the ETJ cannot help determine their own destiny. It infuriates me. This may be a philosophical interest, but it is an interest. Also, the next time the town enlarged the ETJ, I would have been taken in. By the way, voting a straight ticket is never a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you answer the question about Newland? I live there and like it.

NewGuy said...

This editorial in the Blowing Rock News is well written, instructional and worth reading....

Wolf's Head said...

From what I have read, it appears the ETJ proponents want it to control their neighbors. Now they may rationalize it as "protecting" their rights, but to do so at the expense of their neighbors EQUAL RIGHTS is immoral.

As many in the ETJ were involuntarily annexed, it would be proper to restore their rights as citizens.

IF you want to be in the Boone ETJ then ask for annexation.

I think the best solution is to either eliminate the ETJs state wide, or enact legislation to allow the municipalities to annex into their ETJs upon the vote of the people (which has been done) but require that the residents in the ETJ be allowed to vote for the Town Council.

After a period o 10 years the municipalities would be required to annex the ETJs into the town limits. Then they would be required to provide the town services.

Mike D. said...

Anonymous and Guy,

I said nothing negative about Newland, and I like Newland very much. It has nothing to do with my post. Tourists do not flock to Newland. There are no hotels there. No tourism related corporations have sunk millions into building hotels and apartment complexes because there is no money to be made there. You wish to divert attention, but you cannot because so many people feel as I do.

guy faulkes said...

MikeD, you compared Newland to Boone in a derogatory manner,

"Left to straight Republican rule, Boone would be like Newland, and there would be no money for developers to make"

You brought up the subject by claiming Newland is somehow inferior. I merely brought attention to the statement and wanted to know why you made it. I am not diverting attention from the thread by asking about something you posted. You started the dialog about Newland. I responded to it.

By the way, Newland does not have the university (with its athletic events, etc.) that would support a hotel. It is a small town where average people can afford to live and do so with out abuse from government over which they have no control.

Mike D. said...


That is precisely my point, which I originally made in no uncertain terms. The income derived by developers comes from what makes Boone what it is, the university and all the activity it brings.

If anything, Boone has created far more opportunity for local entrepreneurs, developers, than a corporation would ever bring. Imagine if Google were to open a regional hub and open a 7000 employee center in Lenoir (please note that I use Lenoir as an example, not because I intend to disparage it, but simply because it is a nearby town). If Google came into Lenoir, they would almost certainly dictate almost everything about the development of the area. They would sign contracts with large, friendly developers and contractors, probably brought in from outside. But they would exert direct control over almost everything.

Our town does not act that way. Is it really so unreasonable to ask local developers whose fortunes have been made on dollars brought in by the university to adhere to standards that will continue to enhance the flavor of the town? Do you honestly not believe that many of those developers, in the absence of regulation would defecate on the town's flavor if it means extra money in their pockets? It's basic human nature.

People will get away with whatever they can get away with. Even children understand this, Guy!

USS Rodger Young said...

Mike D,

So you now support the greedly land developers who've turned Boone from a cultural hotspot into another run of the mill college town replete with coffe shops, art galleries, smoke shops, and other hippie, fringe left endorsements? Amazing turnaround I must say.

Boone was far more culturally relevant with the old Farmer's Hardware (it sold guns, remember), Boone Drug, Belks, corner gas stations where locals congregated around potbelly stoves, etc. Oh, but wait, that sounds too much like Newland - a place without the social trappings of a decaying public morality. Sorry, yes, I must have forgot again: your sophisticated tastes forgo the dreadful rural Appalachian culture.

I would much rather live in 1975 Boone than the Boone of today. The sense of community was lost long ago by outsiders (you) who decided Boone was just the sort of place they wanted to put down roots. Except they started trying to change Boone the minute they landed. Kind of like carpetbaggers in reconstruction.

949 is an important bill. It does a little something to check you "social superiors". To keep you from controlling every aspect of a common citizen's life. If the land developers don't like it, they are free to leave. No sweat. No coffee shops. No "art" galleries. No head shops. No "eclectic" scene on the streets of Boone.

This ought to get you going. Coward.

Rodger Young

PS Go Soucek. You're doing the right thing.

guy faulkes said...

No, MikeD, local developers did not make a fortune off the back of Boone or the university. They provided a service and products Boone and the university needed. They would not have been successful if they had not. When you work hard and are successful, you are rewarded for it.

One of the problems with the standards you so love is that they are not standard. The Town of Boon abuses its power. Its doing so is a matter of public record as any objective person would easily observe. To make it worse, people in the ETJ are helpless as they cannot vote or run for municipal office.

You made a derogatory comment about another community because it does not have a university? Nice!

USS Rodger Young said...

Powerful post by Faulks. Hat tip.

Anonymous said...

Could someone please list specific abuses made by the town? The only abuse it looks like to me is blocking development from Phil Templeton. This is a genuine question from someone who wants to know more.

Anonymous said...

There have been at least 2 posts about these abuses, nonymouse. Go back through the achieves. Attend some council meetings and see for yourself.

Anonymous said...

To answer what specific abuses have been made by the town.

1. I know in may case they will not respond to direct questions which delayed my project for many many months.

2. Get sick and let your grass grow for a week or two and see what they do to you?

3. If you are unfortunate enough to live in the wrong zoning district try to cut a tree or trim a tree even if this tree is endangering your family and your home.

4. Go before the board of adjustments just once and try to get anything done. From the very first question out of your mouth you will be treated like you are there to destroy Boone and they are your arch rival for some reason?

5. Go ahead and give the head of the department of planning and inspections a call and ask him a couple questions see how well he responds. While your at it try giving the tree guy (Brian) a ring see just how long it takes for him to get back to you.

6. Try to paint your home the wrong color and see what happens to you. (again i think it depends on what zone you live in, which should not matter but boy does it)

Now i know of those things from my personal experience. I realize i am going to get a bunch of people saying back oh they let me do this or that or they were nice to me. Well that should make my point exactly they are very inconsistant and you never know what the heck to expect from day to day. This is not political at all to me i am currently not proud or happy with any party. I used to think i was probably a Dem. years ago and blindly voted for them especially locally, boy was i wrong i can assure you i will never vote for anything or anyone that is in any favor of any type of zoning that is for sure lets vote this council out and start over, please!

Also does anyone know exactly how many of the Towns current employees actually live in the town?