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Thursday, June 14, 2012

NC Teacher Tenure To End?

The NC Senate will meet again today (Thursday) and is expected to pass their version of the NC Budget Bill - The House previously passed it's version (House Bill 950). The Senate bill contains several changes from the original house bill and, if it passes as expected, it will have to be reconciled with the house version.

Among the differences is that the Senate Bill will end tenure for public K-12 school teachers in North Carolina. Teachers will, instead be hired on a year by year contract basis.

The Senate version also includes a 1.2% pay raise for state employees other than teachers and allocates $84 million to local school districts to be used for hiring, pay raises or performance pay. The house version provided for a $250.00 cash bonus to state employees in lieu of a pay raise.
Article in the News and Observer and another by Anna Oakes of the Watauga Democrat.


NewGuy said...

In related news, the NCAE has endorsed Dalton in the governors race.

No surprise there!

Anonymous said...

I can't get too excited about a budget that includes an increase of 466 million dollars over last years.

Didn't we elect this group because we thought they were conservatives who would hold the line on expenses?

guy faulkes said...

Ending tenure will improve education. Performance will now have to be taken into account.

NewGuy said...

I just heard that the bill has passed the Senate and will now go to reconciliation with the house.

I didn't hear whether or not the tenure issue stayed in the bill when it was finally passed, but I assume it did.

NewGuy said...

According to an update by Anna Oakes on the Watauga Democrat web site, the bill passed included the elimination of tenure.

(By the way, in my opinion Anna Oakes has made the Democrat a better paper since she has been there!).

NewGuy said...

I doubt that much has changed since this article was published.

The nationwide numbers I have seen show that than 1% of teachers are fired - or resign when faced with firing - while close to 10% of private school teachers are separated.

Deborah Greene said...

New Guy. Anna Oakes has not made the Watauga Democrat a better paper from my perspective. However, I have noted that your perspective on things and mine are not in line. Anna Oakes is a propagandist for government plain and simple.

She regularly leaves out very important information. It is called a slant by omission.

I am officially signing off; its been a blast.

guy faulkes said...

Deborah, I hope you do not mean you are gone for good, because I really enjoy your informative posts. I may not always agree with you, but I am not God so it is perfectly acceptable for us to have different opinions.

Adult discussion with occasional opposing views are what makes this blog so enjoyable and educational. I know i have revised many opinions due to knowledge gained here.

If we all agreed with each other all the time, it would be a process of mental masturbation such as practiced on the heavily censored Watch.

USS Rodger Young said...

Deborah Greene,

I also hope you don't go away. I really enjoy it when you pound local elected representatives. I have not been on this blog in a long time, but I check in from time to time and enjoy reading your posts. Besides, you are the only one with enough guts to use your real name - now that's class girl!!!!!!

Rodger Young