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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

North Carolina Agenda Items

The following was sent by the North Carolina Republican Party.

The stakes for conservatives in North Carolina could not be greater in 2012. In fact, we face the ideological fight of our lives.  National Democrats and the Obama campaign will spend millions
upon millions of dollars to keep North Carolina in the President’s column.  North Carolina Democrats will depend on this outside money in their attempt to take back control of state government, including the State House of Representatives. We must not allow this to happen, as House Democrats have publicly pledged to repeal all of the common-sense legislation we passed in 2011.

One look at the state Democratic convention this past weekend demonstrates the extreme liberal fringe that makes up today’s North Carolina Democratic Party.  Resolutions adopted by the NCDP at their convention include:
• A single-payer national healthcare system (which would be significantly to the left of the job-killing monstrosity that is ObamaCare)

• Repeal of the marriage amendment (that was recently approved by 61% of North Carolinians)

• The full legalization of marijuana (not just for medicinal purposes, which is a position to the left of even California Democrats)

• The abandonment of nuclear energy as part of the U.S. energy policy (which would in turn force us to become even more dependent on foreign oil)

• Full abolishment of the death penalty

• A demand for collective bargaining rights for workers (which would be extremely detrimental to attracting new business investment in North Carolina)

• Opposition to state-level immigration reform (while the federal government continues to ignore the issue)

• The creation of a Cabinet-level Department of Peace and Nonviolence (which is just absurd)

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