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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

S 949 Soucek ETJ BILL Passes Second Reading...

Retrurned from committee and put on today's calendar, the Senate voted to pass the ETJ bill today on it's second reading.
The bill, should it pass on it's third reading (which has not yet been scheduled) will then go to the house. Should the house sign on, the bill will go to the governor and, if she signs it, will become law June of 2013.


NewGuy said...

The bill, should it pass on it's third reading (which has not yet been scheduled) will then go to the house. Should the house sign on, the bill will go to the governor and, if she signs it, will become law June of 2013.

Blogger said...

As the saying goes "Follow the money." Just ask who gains with Soucek's bill

guy faulkes said...

Just ask who gains with Soucek's bill

The people that will not be subject to control by an entity for whose leadership they cannot vote or run for office. Those that will not have to suffer the abuse the town committed in miss-applying its own code.

Blogger, you are upset at the wrong entity. The Town of Boone abused its power to the point that action was taken to try and remove the ability to do so. You should be angry with them as should any other proponent of legitimate zoning.

Power that is abused must be removed.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong guy. Blogger is right. If this was a Democrap doing this you would be livid. Dan is not listening to the people on this. I'm afraid our strong conservative has given into being a weak puppet. That's disappointing.

guy faulkes said...

Dan is indeed listening to the people of his district. You are unhappy because the majority of them do not agree with you, anonymous.

I do not believe in parties such as Republican and Democrat. I beleive in ideologies such as liberal and conservative. I like conservatives and dislike liberals regardless of the party to which they belong.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know who you think is behind this?

Blogger said...

Guy, just follow the money. Who stands to financially benefit from Dan's bill?

USS Rodger Young said...

Dan Soucek is limiting the power of government. Putting power back into the hands of the people. He is DOING SOMETHING. The County Commission RINOs need to take a lesson. How about DOING SOMETHING for the people. We didn't elect you imbeciles to sit in office and figure out how your going to be elected next term. We elected you lemmings to SERVE US, THE TAXPAYER. You SERVE US. You are SUBSERVIANT to us. Not to yourselves. Same for the county sheriff and others who misabuse their elected positions.

Dan Soucek and Johnathan Jordan are representing the way politicians are supposed to represent. They put the people first. Liberals want government first. Government is not the solution you liberal lemmings. A limited form of government is what this country was founded on.

Municipalaties have far exceeded the limited form of govt that made our country what it is. The fact you aren't allowed to raise livestock in the city limits, fire guns, or adhere to building codes are just a few examples of government overreach. Soucek and Jordan have taken steps in the right direction to allow me, the citizen to exercise personal responsibility. Perhaps the trend will continue and we will do away with zoning altoghether as well as pesky building inspectors. I should be able to build and live in a falling down shack if I so choose. None of anyone's business. Also Soucek and Jordan, we need to rid ourselves of at least 50% of the police and firefighters in Watauga County as well. Personal responsibility is a grand thing.


guy faulkes said...

Blogger, I told you who benefited, the citizens that suffer the abusive behavior of the town in administering its own code in the ETJ. On another thread I listed abuse after abuse. If you deny this, where is your proof?

You have every right to approve of the ETJ as you have a vested interest to do so. However, other people have the right to not want it, especially as most of the problems that actually are addressed by zoning are covered by laws that control bad behavior (i.e. excessive noise) instead of use. These people deserve protection from abuse as much as you deserve protection from whatever use it is about which you are concerned.

Pardon me, but class warfare is not an effective argument.

Anonymous said...

Johhny Whacko, Please explain to me how the government is preventing anyone in Boone form adhering to building standards? Are you saying you can only build if you do not adhere to code ?

" The fact you aren't allowed to raise livestock in the city limits, fire guns, or adhere to building codes "

Anonymous said...

Johhny Whacko, " I should be able to build and live in a falling down shack if I so choose. None of anyone's business." you say this but my taxes pay for you to be rescued if your shack catches on fire and needs the response of the fire dept. or ems. W

What if your burning shack catches your over grown yard on fire and spreads to a neighbors home who built to code and burns theirs down.

Will you pay to rebuild their home and property to code with your personal money? Your home owners insurance certainly would not since you were living in a falling down shack.

Anonymous said...

Whacko, You want a 50 % cut in police and fire dept personel. If there was a fire or a shooting in the high school, or the mall, or a church, or any large gathering place who would be there to save children you and your irresponsibility ?

Blogger said...

Guy wrote: "Pardon me, but class warfare is not an effective argument." It is if those with the big bucks plan to destroy your lifestyle and your property values. Those of us who may be badly hurt do not have the same wealth to fight back.

You ask for my proof. My own post of life without R1 is all the proof I and my neighbors need.

As to ordinances, there are none that protect us if we lose zoning. On top of that, knowing that our county commissioners may be the same ideologs as you Guy, there may not be much hope they can use just common sense to extend laws to protect us that live in the Boone suburbs. Like you Guy, they might be trapped in their own rigid ideology.

guy faulkes said...

My ideology is not that rigid on this issue, Blogger. While I do not care for zoning in principle, I admit that at times there is a place for it. However,it has to be administered fairly. I recognize that thee culprit here is not Soucek, but the Town of Boone, whose abusive actions forced Soucek to sponsor this bill. I am surprised you do not see this.

Nor is my ideology self serving. Can you say the same? If not, that is fine because you have the right and responsibility to look out for yourself. However, you need to recognize others have the same rights and responsibilities. They may not agree with you. They may want to be able to vote or hold office in the entity that governs them. They may want the rules to apply to everyone equally.

NewGuy said...

Sometimes people are faced with difficult choices. To have an asphalt plant installed next door to their home or to tolerate an overly restrictive building code. It's too bad they have to make that choice.

I would agree with Guy on several points. First, I think anyone in an etj should have the right to vote on those who would govern them and on issues which directly effect them. It's too easy for a governing entity to run roughshod over those who have no vote!

I also agree that many Boone restrictions are overly burdensome- viewshed for example.

On the other hand, the county's failure to offer sufficient protection to the homeowners in the Seven Oaks area is what led to them petitioning the town for ETJ status. Had the county provided some reasonable restrictions on what can be build adjacent to a single family neighborhood, the ETJ would not have happened.

My sympathies go to blogger and to the 7 oaks people who deserve to continue to enjoy their homes without the intrusion of industrial development next door to them. And, while I don't think of myself as a 'tree hugger', I do, like most sportsman, desire to keep our rivers free from industrial pollution, our air free of asphalt fumes and our wild areas free of litter.

I don't like the etj in principal, but I can understand why blogger and those others who are directly
effected appreciate help from any source.

I suppose it is, in fact, "self serving", but who among us wouldn't want to protect their families and their homes?

guy faulkes said...

New Guy, while many of the towns restrictions are not reasonable, this is not the principal problem. The problem is that the town abuses its powers by not following its own code. It does not treat people in same manner. It frequently violates state statues that have no teeth because they are not enforced.

I do not beleive self serving is a derogatory term. People have the responsibility to look out for themselves. However, some cannot do so as with residents of an ETJ. They have no vote.

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