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Friday, June 15, 2012

Sales Tax Increase? "NOT US!" say the Democratic Senators.

"More, Give me MORE! It's for the children!"
While governor Perdue is advocating for an increase in sales tax "for education", and Democratic candidate for governor Walter Dalton has jumped on the bandwagon, Republicans in the Senate have called the bluff.

The call for increased sales taxes by Perdue, and Dalton, is nothing but a pure political ploy to pander to the NCAE has next to no chance of ever being implemented and both Perdue and Dalton know this. But, it's something that they can rally the school teachers union around; good for their fund raising efforts, and - they think - something they can criticize Republicans for opposing  as the campaign heats up.

Yesterday, during floor debates on the budget bill, Republicans in the NC Senate offered an amendment to the budget to give Perdue (and Dalton) exactly what they have been asking for - the sales tax increase! Now, to be fair, the Republicans would not be in support of this amendment; they offered it only as a means to get Democratic state senators on record. And, no surprise - not a single senator , Dem or Republican, voted in favor of the proposed tax increase.

It is doubtful that many citizens in North Carolina - other than those represented by the NCAE - are in support of higher taxes for themselves either. Of course there are always going to be plenty of people who are willing to tax the "other guy"!

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NewGuy said...

June 15, 2012. RALEIGH — The North Carolina Senate on Thursday, June 14, passed adjustments to the two-year bipartisan budget implemented last June.
From High Country Press

"The current budget filled a $2.5 billion deficit Republicans inherited after assuming leadership of the General Assembly, reduced government spending by nearly $1 billion, enacted a $50,000 income tax exemption for job-creating businesses and reformed public education – without raising taxes or incurring debt. "