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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Save The New River - Contact Your State Reps

I recall a scene from the movie "Casino" where the Boss Mafiosas are discussing the advisability of  "Whacking" one of their own who has information potentially  harmful to them. They are concerned about his possibly testifying....and, as they go around the table, each of the various bosses comments favorably on how trustworthy the subject thug is; how he wouldn't do anything against his own - and how long they had known him and his family. The last person to speak had only a few words....."I say, 'why take a chance?' " was all he needed to say and everyone then agreed to "make the hit".

When I think of Boone taking more water from the river and increasing it's dumping of processed sewage back into the river, I hear them say how there will be no adverse affects on the river....that it will be protected and that no harm will come of it..

I say, "Why take a chance".

Boone politicos are, as expected, encouraging their supporters to contact state representatives asking them to support Boone's position on local issues. It seems to me that, no matter where you stand on these issues, you need to let your representatives know YOUR positions.  If you are in favor of protecting the New River from further potentially serious problems, contact your state representatives and let them hear that there are supporters of the Jordan bill and that the lobbying by the town of Boone is not consensus!

Senator Dan Soucek (919-733-5742 or ); Representative Jonathan Jordan (919-733-7727 or ); Speaker of the House Thom Tillis (919-733-3451 or ); or, Senator and President Pro Tem Phil Berger (919-733-5708 or

Boone can be effective lobbyists, but they are not the only ones who have an interest in the river.  One group who is apparently active in lobbying on behalf of saving the river has a facebook page that WatConservative readers might be interested in supporting...


Anonymous said...

How come the environmentalist Democrats are silent? I guess it's good to be for the environment when it comes to shutting down private businesses but when Boone wants water, "screw the environment"!

More water means more apartments for college kids which means increases in ASU students. We are already outnumbered!

USS Rodger Young said...

Good one Anonymous. The liberals are silent on the environment when what is being done suits them. Take the Blowing Rock Land Trade for instance. Not a murmer from liberals as Virginia Foxx and Richard Burr, avowed enemies of the left, ran roughshod over Watauga County residents. Where was the outcry.

When asked about this, we saw the typical liberal response - "I didn't know much about that". Yeah right. Hypocrites.

Don't let Boone get a drop of water from the New River. I thought they had some kind of "growth plan" that was supposed to account for things like this. Guess all that "planning" by the liberal town council was hogwash. Typical for liberals.

Rodger Young

Anonymous said...

You know I'm just curious, is there anything this blog CAN'T turn into an attack on ASU? OR another inane blather from DG about the evil town vs the poor widdle rural people?

Thats before we talk the hypocrisy of small govt cons all for big govt control when it suits them. (Jordan's Bill)

USS Rodger Young said...

Liberals claim to love the environment, yet they sure love to live in gated subdivisions high atop majestic ridges where the local Watauga County residents are forced to look up at their mansions. The sight pollution caused by illegal aliens is widespread in Watauga County and NEVER reported on by the fringe left news media. Why is this?

The four laning of highways caused by tourist seeking art galleries, coffee shops, head shops, tea shops, ASU, and other fringe left inspired destinations has caused much environmental destruction. No one talks about that in the newspapers.

The editor of the Blowing Rocket sure loves to disparage Virginia Foxx, but NEVER says anything negative about liberal issues or efforts. Why is this.

The High Country Press sure hammered George Bush daily, yet when an article was sent in concerning Virginia Foxx and her attempts to defraud Watauga County residents over the Blowing Rock Land Trade, they said it was a "personal attack". Funny how the fringe left is able to justify their actions as personal attacks when all they do is personal attacks.

Did anyone read the silly articles on the Grandfather Mountain Scenic Area by are fringe left liberals? Those dolt wanted to bring MORE PEOPLE into the high country to destroy trails and congest highways. And fringe left liberals supported this!! Amazing incompetance!!!!!!!!!! Anyone been on Grandfather Mountain and witnessed the widespread destruction caused by hikers scrambling all over the mountain? It's extensive. Ad hoc trails all over the place trample native and endangerd vegetation and all the liberals can do is ask for more trails and tourists. What a bunch of wack jobs.

Back to the New River. Boone has been destroyed by liberals invading the area to build homes and attend a once nice college. The solution to all this growth, environmental destruction and people-congestion guessed it......MORE ENVIRONMENTAL DESTRUCTION WHICH WILL CAUSE MORE PEOPLE AND CONGESTION. WTF?

Johnathan Jordan has nailed this one. That guy needs another term to serve me, the taxpayer.

Rodger Young

USS Rodger Young said...

I always found it fascinating that liberals came to Boone looking to escape some cesspool. Then they try and turn Boone into the same cesspool from whence they came through silly laws and nanny state government. Liberals are about as stupid bunch of people that I know of.

They actually want to harm the New River by drawing more water from it and then turn around and discharging more sewer into it. Flaming idiots!!!!!!!


USS Rodger Young said...

Shine the name, shine the name....Rodger Young......

Smart Anonymous said...

Exactly Rodger Young. When conservatives talk about "big government" they are talking about government assuming control of their lives. New York city limiting the size of soft drinks is an example.

Idiot anonymous seems to be under the impression that higher levels of government putting restrictions on lower government entities constitute "big government".

Anonymous said...

So what was denying gays a right to marry through amendment one? Not controlling other peoples lives at all right?

Just keep that close minded hypocrisy coming kids.

Oh and here's a pic for you Deb..Rodger. Certainly fits.

Anonymous said...

Let's just get real. Both the liberals and the conservatives are in favor of big government, and they both prove it every single day. The liberals want government involvement for their priorities, and the conservatives want government involvement for their priorities. So your best bet is to choose which priorities you're most in favor of and head out that way. And no fair saying I support the Party that wants "less government" when it's painfully clear neither of them do.

USS Rodger Young said...

More inane garbage frome the fringe left (nonymouse coward and povs). Conservatives want to extend 2nd Amendment Rights to Negros from example. You know the same negros that liberals like nonymouse, JW and povs like to keep as regular "slaves". They trust whitey in the suburbs to own guns but not blackey in the city. And conservatives are putting more government control in people's lives? Please explain as you make no sense. Give us some examples please. This ought to be interesting.....

Rodger Young

USS Rodger Young said...

Johnathan Jordan should be given a lifetime achievement award for his actions which limit government. He understands that Boone, under a liberal administration, has seen massive growth and decapitation of mountian peaks. Liberals, college professors, and other sheep, frantic to have their slice of heaven, rape the mountians far worse than coal companies in West Virginia. Now they want to continue harming the environment by drawing more water from the New River (and discharging more sewage into the same river).

Conservatives, the real environmentalists in Watauga County, understand that Boone itself must be regulated. Boone, and the corresponding liberals, are getting what they've done to Watauga County residents for years. It's called being CONTROLLED. When a liberal is controlled they scream and yell. When conservatives are controlled, well, that's ok. Dan Souchek and Johnathan Jordan are using the liberals own laws and mindset, and now the liberals don't like it. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

This is great. Liberals are showing their true colors. Over on the Watch, they are actually saying Boone needs growth to remain viable. Funny, I thought you idiots were saying that growth needed to be regulated? Well, it's being regulated as you wish. Good stuff.

Rodger Young

USS Rodger Young said...

Want to see the mindset of liberals? Go over to the Watch and read the first thread concerning Johnathan Jordan and the New River. Some fringe left wacko, Mountain Mama, is calling for mandatory use of no flush toilets, smaller lawns, and a whole host of nanny state mandates. On one hand the liberals are saying Boone shouldn't be prevented from drawing water from the New River, and on the other hand they work hard to prevent you and me from installing the kind of commode in our house that we want. Amazing hypocrisy and communism. Do as I say not as I do. Hypocrites.

USS Rodger Young said...

We shouldn't be looking at preventing Boone from drawing more water from the New River. We should look at cutting the CURRENT draw from the New River by 25%. Boone is raping the mountains and engaging in immoral growth practices with NO PLAN (ASU). They should be given a year to reduce water usage by 25% to coincide with the mandated 25% water reduction. The residents of Todd should have a river to use and enjoy as well, not Sunday environmentalists from Boone.

Wolf's Head said...

IF you think that a government, such as Boone's, is responsible about how they pollute remember when the Town of Blowing Rock filled the New River with toxic chemicals and killed everything in it for miles.

They received a slap on the wrist.

guy faulkes said...

Good point, Wolf. I had forgotten about that incident. It reportedly even killed the beaver, to say nothing of the fish, for miles down stream.

NewGuy said...

Wolf, I seem to recall that it happened more than once. At least twice, possibly 3 times.

And, it WILL happen again! As I said, "why take a chance?"

USS Rodger Young said...

Great point Wolf's Head. Where are/were the liberal socialist sheep when the Town of Blowing Rock released toxins from the water plant on 321 that killed all fish past Boone Golf Course? Not a peep from the liberals. This is the same town that traded 110 acres they bought from the nature conservancy, within the viewshed of a town councilmember, for 15 acres at the town resevoir. They then completed an interconnection with Boone and now Boone is out of water. Somehow the Town of Blowing Rock is NEVER held accountable for the actions of a corrupt council. The SBI is apparently still investigating the Blowing Rock Land Trade for corruption. Be interesting to see how that turns out.

What will the liberal sheep say when Blowing Rock releases another batch of poison into the river? Anyone noticed the construction on 321 in Blowing Rock is being done without silt fences? How is Blowing Rock allowing Middle Fork to be polluted by silt and mud? Oh wait, I forgot, they don't care if Middle Fork is polluted as they are the main contributors to that pollution.

Another creek that sees a lot of pollution from Blowing Rock is New Year's Creek. A sewer lift station rests alongside the creek, and during each heavy rain, raw sewage is released into the creek. How come liberals never talk about that. Scott Hildebran was asked about this situation and refused to comment!!!!!!!

So liberals, what say you now?

Rodger Young

Wolf's Head said...

Never ceases to amaze me how the lefties are all about nature.

THEY think mankind aren't part of nature.

THEY think that they know better than God how to manage nature.

THEY live in polluted cesspool cities full of crime, corruption, perverts and have NO idea what nature is like, other than a few field trips to areas they later deride as full of hicks and rednecks.

Lefties should never be allowed to run anything other than their own lives, which they will hopefully mismanage and thereby shorten.

Reader said...

I think we should just call Bill Clinton and see if we can get him back down here.

Mike D. said...

"As early as the 1940s, scientists in the U.S. had begun expressing concern over possible hazards associated with DDT, and in the 1950s the government began tightening some of the regulations governing its use.[13] However, these early events received little attention, and it was not until 1957, when the New York Times reported an unsuccessful struggle to restrict DDT use in Nassau County, New York, that the issue came to the attention of the popular naturalist-author, Rachel Carson. William Shawn, editor of The New Yorker, urged her to write a piece on the subject, which developed into her famous book Silent Spring, published in 1962. The book argued that pesticides, including DDT, were poisoning both wildlife and the environment and were also endangering human health.[5]

Silent Spring was a best seller, and public reaction to it launched the modern environmental movement in the United States. The year after it appeared, President Kennedy ordered his Science Advisory Committee to investigate Carson's claims. The report the committee issued "add[ed] up to a fairly thorough-going vindication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring thesis," in the words of the journal Science,[25] and recommended a phaseout of "persistent toxic pesticides".[26] DDT became a prime target of the growing anti-chemical and anti-pesticide movements, and in 1967 a group of scientists and lawyers founded the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) with the specific goal of winning a ban on DDT. Victor Yannacone, Charles Wurster, Art Cooley and others associated with inception of EDF had all witnessed bird kills or declines in bird populations and suspected that DDT was the cause. In their campaign against the chemical, EDF petitioned the government for a ban and filed a series of lawsuits.[27] Around this time, toxicologist David Peakall was measuring DDE levels in the eggs of peregrine falcons and California condors and finding that increased levels corresponded with thinner shells."

Mike D. said...


To a large degree you are correct that Conservatives, or perhaps more accurately "sportsmen", hunters and fishermen, are the "real environmentalists". However, as the Wikipedia article I just posted on DDT suggests, environmentalists, ecologists, botanists, and zoologists are not always useless.

There can be a place for all voices. It doesn't have to be a winner-take-all, 'us vs. them' struggle for supremacy through suppression of opposing views. This whole "my side is always right and their side is always wrong" just doesn't hold water, and that goes for both sides of this petty partisan game you play.

Now, maybe DDT didn't cause egg shells to thin and bird of prey populations to fail. I don't know for sure. What I do know is that I should have the right to breathe without the air I breathe being laced with concentrated vaporized insecticides, and I owe that to these frequently annoying environmentalists.

Wolf's Head said...

"However, as the Wikipedia article I just posted on DDT suggests, environmentalists, ecologists, botanists, and zoologists are not always useless" Mike D

I wouldn't lump botanists and zoologists with environmentalists and ecologists, as the former are scientists and the later tend to be politically motivated morons.

And just how beneficial was the ban on DDT really?

An estimated 655,000 deaths, according to the WHO.

Maybe they could have been saved by using DDT to kill mosquitoes.

Sarkazein said...

Yeah but, the chance of thin bird egg shells to 655,000 deaths, many of them children... how can one decide?

We must save the surviving children from growing up on a planet with the possibility of thin bird egg shells.
Remember the poor sheep with the eye disease caused by the hole in the ozone.. oh wait a minute.. false alarm. But at least we got rid of that pesky freon.

USS Rodger Young said...

Mike D,

"Silent Spring" started natural resource management based on emotion here in the U.S. As Wolf's Head and Sark point out - more people have died of the cure rather than the disease. DDT was very effective at killing bugs, and when it was banned , the bugs were able to compete again. Emotional based resource management has NO place in America.

We see the liberals reacting to Jordan's well thought legislation with pure emotion and no facts. They are actually saying Boone NEEDS growth to remain viable! Amazing turnaround. Did you see the two wackos on the Watch talking about mandating outhouses for you and I as well as smaller yards? Amazing. Pure emotion, just like "Silent Spring".


Anonymous said...

Petition to support Jordan bill

Mike D. said...


When we have 275 million people and only 50 known breeding pairs of our national symbol left, I don't think we are suffering much as a species. Guess what? People die, even Americans, and no amount of your big government CDC insecticide spraying, violating the rights of individuals to breathe clean air, "It takes a village" nanny state programs can prevent that a small percentage of us will die young.

So you choose to trust our corporate and government scientists to collude and decide what is best for us. That's fine, but please do it as it pertains to you alone. I don't need you or your government programs preserving my life. I will take care of that myself, thank you very much.

And Rico, I would expect Sark to support government programs which intrude into the lives of individuals, but you? Have you been drinking Hillary Kool-Aid as well?

Wow... just wow. ;-)

Mike D. said...

Oh, and by the way Sark, we now have 314 million people, and Bald Eagle populations have rebounded to almost 50,000 in the lower 48 states. Does it really bother you so much to preserve our national symbol and lose an intrusive big government program to increase our population by 1/4 of 1 percent?

Anonymous said...

From an article in 2004:

Ever since Rachel Carson’s 1962 book “Silent Spring,” environmental extremists have sought to ban all DDT use. Using phony studies from the Environmental Defense Fund and the Natural Resources Defense Council, the environmental activist-controlled Environmental Protection Agency banned DDT in 1972. The extremists convinced the nation that DDT was not only unsafe for humans but unsafe to birds and other creatures as well. Their arguments have since been scientifically refuted.

While DDT saved crops, forests and livestock, it also saved humans. In 1970, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences estimated that DDT saved more than 500 million lives during the time it was widely used. A scientific review board of the EPA showed that DDT is not harmful to the environment and showed it to be a beneficial substance that “should not be banned.”

n Sri Lanka, in 1948, there were 2.8 million malaria cases and 7,300 malaria deaths. With widespread DDT use, malaria cases fell to 17 and no deaths in 1963. After DDT use was discontinued, Sri Lankan malaria cases rose to 2.5 million in the years 1968 and 1969, and the disease remains a killer in Sri Lanka today. More than 100,000 people died during malaria epidemics in Swaziland and Madagascar in the mid-1980s, following the suspension of DDT house spraying. After South Africa stopped using DDT in 1996, the number of malaria cases in KwaZulu-Natal province skyrocketed from 8,000 to 42,000. By 2000, there had been an approximate 400 percent increase in malaria deaths. Now that DDT is being used again, the number of deaths from malaria in the region has dropped from 340 in 2000 to none at the last reporting in February 2003.
In South America, where malaria is endemic, malaria rates soared in countries that halted house spraying with DDT after 1993 — Guyana, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela. In Ecuador, DDT spraying was increased after 1993, and the malaria rate of infection was reduced by 60 percent. In a 2001 study published by the London-based Institute for Economic Affairs, “Malaria and the DDT Story,” Richard Tren and Roger Bate say that “Malaria is a human tragedy,” adding, “Over 1 million people, mostly children, die from the disease each year, and over 300 million fall sick.”

The fact that DDT saves lives might account for part of the hostility toward it. Alexander King, founder of the Malthusian Club of Rome, wrote in a biographical essay in 1990:

“My own doubts came when DDT was introduced. In Guyana, within two years, it had almost eliminated malaria. So my chief quarrel with DDT, in hindsight, is that it has greatly added to the population problem.”

Dr. Charles Wurster, one of the major opponents of DDT, is reported to have said,

“People are the cause of all the problems. We have too many of them. We need to get rid of some of them, and this (referring to malaria deaths) is as good a way as any.”

Anonymous said...

So what if millions are dying of malaria in Africa and Asia because of the DDT ban, as long as Americans and bald eagles live.

Wolf's Head said...

Mke D, it is not about increasing the population by 1/4 of 1%, but keeping people from dying from a preventable disease.

Sarkazein said...

DDT ban increased malaria, and AIDS?
January 24, 2007by CFACT
Many people are realizing how a ban on DDT has caused millions of deaths from malaria. But now, a major new study published in Science magazine suggests that the DDT ban also helped increase fatal cases of AIDS around the world. The report found that when someone with HIV has a bout of malaria, it can cause HIV levels to increase as much as sevenfold, and remain high even after the malaria ends. Then, because HIV affects immunity, the likelihood of getting malaria increases, creating a deadly vicious cycle. With the World Health Organization affirming there is no risk to humans or wildlife from controlled indoor spraying, this sounds like another life-saving reason to bring back DDT.

Sarkazein said...

MikeD you wrote- "So you choose to trust our corporate and government scientists to collude and decide what is best for us. That's fine, but please do it as it pertains to you alone. I don't need you or your government programs preserving my life. I will take care of that myself, thank you very much."

You go both ways, right and left, but your most humorous stretches are when you try to go right.

Sarkazein said...

Mike D- In your Eagle related comments, you leave out the fact that Indians and other poachers probably had more affect on the Eagle population than did thinner egg shells.

But, you are not a poor third world child living in a one room Obama brother-like mud hut in Africa where a case of malaria may well take out your parents or your siblings in a miserable death... so close your screen covered windows,and turn your a/c on as you sit at your computer and enjoy your more valuable life.

Mike D. said...


Let me tell you a little story, from the perspective of a sportsman who has seen the effects of government science debacles firsthand:

A century and a half ago, much of what is now called Miami was part of the Florida Everglades, and was under several inches of water during the wet season. Miami sits atop a shelf of solid, but extremely porous fossilized coral (you may have seen slabs of it cut for use in fancy homes). Water from the Biscayne Aquifer flows and filters very, very slowly through this vast network of tiny holes in the vast stone slab, from rain that falls deep in the Everglades, all the way out to the salt water of Biscayne Bay. A little over a century ago, developers like John Deering and Arthur Vining Davis wanted more dry land to sell, so they cut canals in the rock so the water would seep out and drain more easily. It worked, and voila... dry land. Native species like largemouth bass, bluegill, and a plant called elodea moved into those canals.

So that's the background. Now, the story:

In the 1960's, an aquatic plant called hydrilla was imported to the United States as an aquarium decoration, and some people in South Florida dumped aquariums into the canals, releasing this invasive species. Hydrilla choked up these canals badly, and in my childhood, I remember canals, 15 feet deep and 40 feet across, filled from bed to surface with the weed, for miles and miles.

So government owned scientists, in their infinite wisdom, decided to fix the problem by introducing another invasive, non-native species, the green oscar. If you've ever owned cichlids in a fish tank (oscars and tilapia), you know that they are ravenous vegetarian feeders, quick reproducers, and highly territorial and aggressive toward other fish. But the bureaucrats released them anyway. Several years later, the hydrilla no longer choked out the canals, but there were insane numbers of oscars, absolutely everywhere, and they attacked the native bluegill and young bass every chance they got.

So, the government scientists decided to mess with nature again, this time introducing a natural predator of the green oscar, the fearsome butterfly peacock bass (another South American cichlid). This was highly effective, as the oscars had nowhere to hide. The peacock bass absolutely slayed them, and very soon, there were tons of peacock bass and few oscars. In the absence of their natural food source, the peacock bass turned to bluegill and young bass for food. Oh, and by the way, in the absence of the green oscar, the hydrilla grew back with a roaring vengeance.

Finally, wiser minds intervened (who knows, perhaps univeristy ecologists?), and 100,000 sterile triploid carp were released into the canals, and the hydrilla now has a formidable giant vegetation vacuum cleaner to contend with, and a new balance has developed.

Wolf, the point is that there is a place in the world for independent scientists, even if they are liberals. Science is a business, even if it is frequently subsidized by universities. When the government runs ecologically invasive programs (like spraying the country with DDT), it doesn't think about collateral damage of its actions, and sometimes the results are pretty awful.

One side note which refutes my whole story a little is that as a sportsman, I freaking love to fish for butterfly peacock bass. To call them fierce is an understatement. Their striking power breaks Rapala lures in half sometimes.

But that doesn't change the fact that science needs to remain open to people of all political persuasions, even if they sometimes lie and cheat, even if there are liberals among them.

Mike D. said...


You apparently go both ways, but it only becomes poetic when you try to be an AIDS activist. Next thing you know, you'll be harboring illegals to protect them from malaria lol.

guy faulkes said...

MikeD, are you for or against Jordan;s bill? You have talked about everything but the issue.

Sarkazein said...

lol you wrote- "Sark, You apparently go both ways, but it only becomes poetic when you try to be an AIDS activist. Next thing you know, you'll be harboring illegals to protect them from malaria lol."

As you laugh at loud about the aides epidemic, you obviously have no concern about innocent people who have been victimized by your kind of liberalism.

USS Rodger Young said...

Mike D,

Your another typical fringe lefty who tried to bring an arguement forth only to have it dissected by an informed, superior class of patriots - conservatives. When did I say I bought into ANY government program? Those are words coming from your well worn mouth. I simply want DDT available for use. My use, government use, or your use. Natural resource management by emotion has not place in America as the DDT case yet again validates.

How about fire ants Mikey D? If your so worried about bird numbers, then you must be horrified that fire ants have decimated quail populations in the south. I would rather have a pesticide that kills these ants even if it destroys a few other organisms. So far, after nearly a hundred years, all you liberals can give us are Florid Flys. These flys kill fire ants in South America but can't establish a foothild in the US due to various factors. How about putting millions of out of work Americans into fire ant killing squads armed with Mirex or some other effective fire ant poison and declare war on the fire ants?

No, you want to yap and babble about Silent Spring and human overpopulation. Since your concerned about too many humans, I bet you support the mass deportation of 40 million illegal aliens from this country don't you?

The New River needs to be saved. Boone's growth is secondary to saving this river. Residents downriver should have as much of a right to use the water as Boone.

Rodger Young

Sarkazein said...

Thank you USS Rodger Young. It is amazing the number of misconceptions half-liberals like MikeD carry. Someday he may realize, probably not, how dangerous a walk down the middle-of-the-road can be.

Mike D. said...

Public ownership of water resources.

It's not a new concept.

NewGuy said...

Local Liberals are falling all over themselves in confusion trying to decide if their hatred for Jonathan Jordan trumps their normal "save the planet" mantra.

Some are thinking that, if Boone wants it and Jordan opposes it, then they have to support Boone. Others seem to be saying that they were actually sincere when they said they wanted to protect natural resources and that it wasn't just a political slogan.

It's fun watching them squirm!

NewGuy said...

save the new river facebook page

Jesse Steele said...

Much as I know you guys hate facts and love hearing yourselves rant. (Waves to johnny, deb, rodger, whoever we are today)

Tearing apart your little lie that is save the new River facebook group. Not liberal spin, not propaganda, just the actual facts from the actual public hearing on this matter. From the very same state agency (NCDENR) That you lot want to use in your save the river petition.

Ask yourself one big question, why is Jordan pushing to kill a reclassification that would offer the new river a higher level of protection? One snip of the letter for those who don't feel like reading it. Not me talking here but the NCDENNR. and this is what Jordan wants to kill.

Reclassifying the waters will help protect the water supply for human consumption by decreasing the risk of contamination via invocation of wastewater discharge and stormwater management requirements for new developments and discharges. Land use restrictions that protect water quality through stormwater management strategies and other narrative and numeric water quality standards benefit and protect ecosystem health and environmental assets. The protective management criteria will help to mitigate impacts from new discharges and development, and will benefit fish and wildlife. More specifically, portions of the area proposed to be reclassified may experience lower levels of development density as well as decreased pollution, which may increase and improve aquatic habitat and in turn propagation and survival of wildlife and fish.”

This would also restrict constuction in the new river area, aren't you guys wanting to preserve it's beauty?

To turn your quote around newguy. If Boone is for it Jordan and company have to be against it? Gotta keep DG's little evil town of boone meme going.

I'm sure it has nothing to do with politics at all right? Or getting reelected in Ashe?

The only thing the new river needs saving from is people who would use it as a political pawn.

Have a nice day hatemongers.

NewGuy said...

Jesse, unfortunate that you seem to be unable to make a point without resorting to name calling. But, I suppose when you can't argue with facts, insults are as good a way as any to indicate that your argument is lacking.

Ask yourself this question, did the people downriver from Blowing Rock know that they would have several incidents of fish kills and pollution by raw sewage when the Blowing Rock plan was approved?

Or, are you just convinced that pouring additional sewage into the river is somehow good for it?

guy faulkes said...

"Ask yourself one big question, why is Jordan pushing to kill a reclassification that would offer the new river a higher level of protection?

He is responding to the concerns of the majority of his constituents.

Why can you not understand that simple fact?

Mike D. said...

Did anyone watch the Monty Python clip I posted?

Mike D. said...

Why don't we cut out the B.S. and discuss the real issue. What is the problem with water supply being considered a public utility? That's what's really going on here. You guys dance this little proxy war instead of being honest and standing behind, defending what you are really fighting for. Is your position that indefensible that you have to throw up a smokescreen?

Sarkazein said...

Only MikeD can be honest.

guy faulkes said...

MikeD, a large part of the problem is that the Town of Boone is stealing water from both Ashe County residents and Watauga County residents outside the municipal limits solely for the benefit of those that reside inside the city limits. Take for example the recommendation following Soucek's bill to remove the ETJ from Boone because of abuses in the permitting process.

It is also interesting to see how Boone hampers development by abusing its own code but wants to increase development through water availability.

What is the smokescreen to which you are referring? It seems to me that you dislike people relating honest concerns if you do not agree with them.

Mike D. said...


My hope is that Soucek's initiative will encourage the Town of Boone to annex my neighborhood. I use the Greenway. I use the AppalCart. I want to vote. But I also moved here 13 years ago because I love this town, and just because I would like to see things a little different doesn't mean I'm going to try to sabotage the viability of the town I love.

If we do not get annexed, I will be disappointed, but I will not try to metaphorically burn the town to the ground, as some here would.

Let me ask you a question. Do you believe that there is any weight to POV's claim that this initiative or the support for it has something to do with revenge against the Town of Boone for regulating land developers? This is a central claim. It's not one small issue to be railroaded and not answered directly, honestly.

So really, never mind the rest of the people reading this. Just you and me, like we are hanging out, shooting a game of pool over a beer, and you have no reason to put on a show for anyone. Do you think that this initiative has anything to do with developers making a power play to take revenge on the Town of Boone for past regulations, to wrest land out of the hands of the town so that construction may occur without the town's approval, or is this really just what you guys are suggesting, a purely environmentally motivated protection of nature's resources?

I have not always flattered you or approved of your posts (sometimes even when you were trying to defend me), but one thing I have always been to you is honest... honest about my beliefs and the motivations behind them. Now, I ask the same of you.

NewGuy said...

There is a simple solution here that will satisfy both sides. Since the previously concerned environmentalists are now of the opinion that it will somehow benefit the river for Boone to pump water out and pump sewage in....

And, since Jordan and most of the rest of us want the river left alone...

How about this then....Boone can take the processed sewage that they are now pumping into the river and pump it directly to the homes of it's residents. Cut out the river as "middleman" so to speak.....

Bingo...the Jordan opponents and company get their water and the river is left alone! Everybody wins!

Anonymous said...

The dynamics at play here are wild. DG has managed to insult Tommy Adams all over the blogs and some how he is still lining up to defend her fringe political moves.

If you manage to disagree with Deborah or any of the conservative fringe folks you get blackballed from the party.

If you question Deborah Greene your disqualified from having an opinion.

Why not just elect Deborah Greene Party Boss? Seems to me like shes calling the shots with Jordan, Soucek, Yates, and Miller.

I live in the ETJ, I vote Republican. One of those will change today and I won't be moving.

Mike D. said...


Pick a name, and stick with it. I welcome your ideas, but only if you pick a name.

Reader said...

Years ago we used to be upset with people who would throw trash in the creeks. NC was never as bad as TN of course, but there were people who did it just the same. I used to sit on a bridge and look into the creek thinking how clear the water was and could see little tadpoles swimming around. Then grew up and went rafting down the New River, from Boone to Ashe county. Would park our cars and drive back and put in the raft and just ride for hours.

For the ones of us who've used the New River as a fishing holes for our children and rafting, this is not a political ploy on our part. I have respect for the people who have taken care of the New River. I have watched animals of all sorts drinking from it's flow. It's our river too, not just a source to pull water for the town's benefit.

Maybe it's time for Boone to let their residents dig their own wells. I can't drink the water it provides without filtering it. I would love to be able to turn on my faucet and be able to take a drink of good water. To be able to shower without a filter would be nice as well. So to the ones who think it's a political statement, that's BS.

I love the New River and what it can provide for recreational uses and don't want it destroyed by waste water treatment. So

guy faulkes said...

No, MikeD, the motive is not revenge, but is justice. The Town of Boone regularly abuses its own codes, both in town and in the ETJ. (I have listed some of these abuses on another thread, so there is no need to post repetitive commentary over and over as did our banned liberal troll.) There is little to be done inside the city limits as we have a liberal indoctrinating university whose students rule town elections. However, as it is not fair for people to be controlled by an entity for which whose leadership they cannot vote or run for office, removing Boone;s ETJ is a good start. The problem with Soucek's bill is that it does not eliminate all ETJ's. The bill is bottled up in committee so it cannot be heard on the floor. A parliamentary trick is depriving people of justice.

Now let us discuss Jordan;s bill. Many people in both Watauga and Ashe counties do not approve of Boone taking water from the New River and putting sewage back into it. They also do not approve of their property being placed under what is defacto zoning by watershed regulations due to a municipality miles away stealing their water.

If any entity is after revenge, it is the Town of Boone as exemplified by its threat to not allow those living outside the municipal limits water they are obtaining from a location miles outside the municipal limits. This is especially repugnant as they already entered into a connection agreement with Blowing Rock to do just that. Of course this agreement was also to obtain grant monies for which we all pay.

This brings us to the subject of the grants that have been obtained. These are public monies the are taken from everyone, including those that oppose this project. They are being forced to pay for something that does not benefit them and in fact, is detrimental to them. Others, even if they do not approve of the concept. are being forced to pay for a project the Town has decided to use as a hostage for obtaining support for its ETJ

So, no, MikeD, the moral high ground does not belong to the Town of Boone or those that support it.

NewGuy said...

Guy Faukles said ...."The bill is bottled up in committee so it cannot be heard on the floor. A parliamentary trick is depriving people of justice."

Guy, I will check when I can find a free moment...but, I don't believe the bill is in committee any longer. I think it was scheduled to be reported back out onto the full senate floor yesterday.

NewGuy said...

The bill, S549, is scheduled for a vote on the senate floor this afternoon - or, at least the Senate meets at 2pm and the bill is on the calendar.
Still time to contact your representatives no matter how you feel.

guy faulkes said...

Thank you for the information, New Guy. I thought it was still bottled up in committee as is the bill on concealed carry in restaurants.

As a matter of fact, the chairman of the committee became angry and promised he would insure that the restaurant carry bill would die in committee. If so, this ill cost the Republicans a few seats.

guy faulkes said...

Here is an example of how I thought the Republican leadership was handling the ETJ bill.