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Monday, July 30, 2012

6-Year-Old Gives 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama! | Conservative Byte

6-Year-Old Gives 10 Reasons NOT to Vote for Obama! | Conservative Byte


NewGuy said...

Give him some time, I am sure he will think of a few more.

Amazing that a 6 year old is so far ahead of so many liberals!

guy faulkes said...

I guess that is probably because he is more mature, New Guy.

Tired of the hate said...

What is a shame is that this boys parents made him into a little liar - he doesn't comprehend what he is saying. The parents should be ashamed and should know better. And the conservative base is reduced to cutsie theatrics. You can also try putting a flag on a puppy and letting him crap on a pic of our President - wouldn't that be cute?

matt said...

So when there are videos of high school aged girls on here talking in favor of Obama it is because they are "brainwashed" and "stupid" and "lazy"....but when 6 year old kids blindly quote what they hear on Fox News they are "so far ahead of the liberals" and "mature"?

Does anyone else find this sad?

If we raised a kid to believe that you go to heaven with 50 virgins for blowing up a bus full of jews...I think we would all agree it is brainwashing.

If we raised a kid to believe the earth is 10,000 years old and dinosaurs lived with cavemen...I think we would all agree it is brainwashing.

If we raised a kid to believe that Kim Jong Un is a god and that he need to pray for him 3 times a day...I think we would all agree it is brainwashing.

But when we raise our kids to say that Obama sucks before he even knows what he is talking about...we all think it is amazing?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember when the local teachers union marched the elementary students into the county commission meeting to recite their prepared remarks on how we needed to give schools more money?

Of course, they weren't "brainwashed"...those teachers probably had no idea what the kids would just was fortuitous for the teachers union that somehow....coincidence, I'm sure....those kids parroted what the NCAE was saying.

Or when the school kids just spontaneously burst into song in praise of Obama.....

I don't recall "tired of hate" speaking out at those incidents. Maybe I just missed it.

Tired of Hypocrits! said...

How's this for "brainwashing"?

Blogger said...

Matt What is amazing is how not even an adult could have said it better. Everything was right to the point, nothing extraneous, which is better than a lot of people do on this blog.

matt said...

Tired of hypocrits! (sic)

I agree....but why is it when this little 6 year old says what he says it is applauded....but for those kids it is called brainwashing?

How is this any different?

matt said...

So it's only brainwashing if it is long-winded and worse quality than the average post on here?

Straight and to the point or not....its still no different than making your kid sing an ode to Obama song

Tired of Hypocrites! said...

Not much difference Matt, unless you consider that parents do have some rights on how to raise their children. Government schools indoctrinating pre-teens in a particular political philosophy is not quite the same thing.

For another example - I would support the right of parents to raise their children in the Baptist faith. I would not support public schools attempting to convert them to Seventh Day Adventists. Or, vice versa for that matter.
But, your point is taken.

Sarkazein said...

It is liberals who are childish. They want the nanny state. Remember the man in Richmond asking a Presidential candidate to talk to him as if he was his parent.

guy faulkes said...

Matt, the difference in your analogy is that the parents did not make the children sing an ode to Obama. A government entity (a school) did, if I remember correctly.

Also, at Watauga High School some years ago, a teacher at a freshman orientation for the parents told the parents that while most students entered his classroom as conservatives, he was able to change their views to liberal. After some of the parents told the teacher their opinion of his indoctrinating their children with his political beliefs, the white faced teacher decided his indoctrination program was not a good idea.

Teaching objective information is one thing. Values are another. Teaching values is thee responsibility of the parent.

Sarkazein said...

I was back in DC as a tourist in late November 2000. The Bush/Gore election was still being decided. One of our stops was the White House. I was approached by one of the many demonstrators. He was a youngster, early twenties. He wanted to give me some anti-Bush paper. I said "No thanks". He said "Well, the Arian Nation is meeting over there." Since I was with family I just kept walking, knowing how Lefties hate opposition and that punk had just proved my point. As we were standing there listening to an actual soap box speech by a Freeper, an NPR reporter came up and asked my then 9 year old if he had learned anything watching the goings-on. He said--" Yeah, Gore is a liar." Opps