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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's Sue somebody! Anybody! Hell, let's sue BATMAN!

This didn't take long While most people in Auraura are mourning the dead and sympathizing with the wounded, this guy - who wasn't hurt - is suffering such trauma that he just had to go find a lawyer before the bodies were even buried! (and, it wasn't Gloria Allred either).

But, who to sue? Holmes, the shooter doesn't have any money. So let's sue Holmes' doctors on the theory that they probably prescribed something that made him crazy or else failed to prescribe something that could have made him sane. Besides, everyone knows doctors have lots of money AND malpractice insurance.

And, Let's sue the movie theatre. They should have posted guards on the exit doors - You know, like all the other movie theatres do....

And, of course, let's sue Warner Brothers. After all it was their movie that this nut went to see.



USS Rodger Young said...

The idiot didn't even sue for the right reasons. He is suing because someone didn't provide him personal protection not because he was denied the ability to exercise his own personal protection.

This country is so weak. It doesn't occur to the sheeple to help themselves with much of anything anymore. It amazes me that people can figure out how to eat or drink without "aid". If Red China knew how pathetically soft we were, they would be streaming in like gangbusters. In a country where Americans would rather suck off the government teat than take his old job from the illegal alien doing it now we are seeing social decay accelerate at a rapid pace before our eyes. Amazing ignorance on the apathetic Americans.

guy faulkes said...

You make a good point, Rodger.

If an entity takes from you the ability to defend yourself, then it is only logical that this entity assumes the responsibility to defend you. There might be a legal argument for this opinion in the case of the theater prohibiting you from carrying a gun for self protection, but it is doubtful.

It is a even more murky when a town does it. However, as self defense is a right reserved to the people, one could sue both the theater and the town for violating his civil rights.

By the way, the guy did sue Batman, or at least the studio that made the movie.

USS Rodger Young said...

Thanks Guy. Amazing ignorance on Americans who love to hold other people responsible for what they should do themselves. Perhaps this idiot will be counter-sued.