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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Mountain Pride"? This durned self reliance MUST BE ELIMINATED!

Never mind what your parents and grandparents tried to instill in you about 'self reliance' and all that other stuff! The government has decided that it's better if you rely on government instead of yourself and has instituted several programs meant to convince people that their pride in supporting themselves is somehow an obstacle!

The Ashe County Dept of Social Services just received an award for convincing people who thought they could take care of themselves, to accept government assistance instead!

See The Daily Caller


"The USDA has adopted a range of strategies and programs designed to bring more people to SNAP, including taking on “pride.” A 2011 Hunger Champions Award document reveals that local assistance offices have been rewarded for “counteracting” pride and pushing more people to sign up for benefits.
The Ashe County Department of Social Services in Jefferson, N.C., for example, received a “Gold” award for confronting “mountain pride” and increasing food stamp participation by 10 percent."


NewGuy said...

A good topic for "INDEPENDENCE" Day!

guy faulkes said...

Another attempt to buy votes with entitlements. Independence is anathema to the liberal mindset.

USS Rodger Young said...

"Self reliance must be elimanated" - well zoning laws do just that. RINOs will pay pseudo homage to freedom, while simultaneously advocating zoning laws by out of control municipalaties. Hypocrites.

USS Rodger Young said...

The more sheep on food stamps and such, the harder it will be to un-elect hussein obama. Another underlying reason for food stamps and other types of assistance is ILLEGAL ALIENS. If Americans recieved no assistance and had to get out and find work, illegal aliens would be the number one target. Americans would return to work at places like Chetola, Blowing Rock Country Club and Boone Country Club.

But illegal aliens are votes for hussein obama. Keep Americans fat, dumb, and happy just a little longer, and it'll be all over but the crying.

Blogger said...

This is one of the biggies as to why I could never be a lefty. Disguising their lust for power behind claims of good intentions, they work to destroy the moral fiber of the mountain people–a people known for their hardiness and self-reliance. Programs by the left could dis-empower entire generations.

USS Rodger Young said...

Illegal aliens gobble welfare like an out of control cookie monster. What does it take to wake this country up?

USS Rodger Young said...

Self reliance is just about gone. Lazy Americans would rather visit the welfare office, Burger King drive through and then Blockbuster rather than do for themselves. Anyone see the illegal aliens working on the bridge across from Burger King on 321? You know, the one's taking jobs from Americans who would rather hit the welfare office, Burger King drive through, and Blockbuster.

Self reliance is about gone. If a lazy American won't stick up for themselves in the face of illegal immigration, government mandated purchase of products (health care), or out of control zoning laws, then we're just about gone.

Blogger, looking back on it, you and the lefties will win the zoning fight. Not enought self reliant folks left with an ounce of vigor to fight such oppression. My estimation is Boone will expand the ETJ and zoning laws therein. We deserve it if this is the best we can do.

Anonymous said...

Johhny Whacko, is this the same self reliance you will not define, as to how you will protect your property or the health of your children from a neighbor endangering them by doing things that could make your water toxic or your land ?

Say Hi to your Mom from mine.

NewGuy said...

When you reward the local Social Services office for creating an increase in food stamp usage, does it not follow that any efforts they might make to reduce fraud would be contrary to their interests?
If they should, by some fluke, reduce fraud - then it would minimize their abilities to increase food stamp useage.

What a twisted world this is! When government rewards it's bureaucrats for increasing it's spending on welfare programs, it's unlikely that we will see any cost savings efforts!

guy faulkes said...

The principle New Guy is talking about is control by positive feedback. It makes things oscillate out of control.

Anonymous said...

You heard it here first folks. Tommy Adams does not support social service workers.

NewGuy said...

Anonymous.....other than in your paranoid fantasies, where did Tommy Adams indicate any such thing? If you are going to make assertions about any specific person, you should be able to back it up.

If you can't play by the rules should just spend your time on the blog that encourages personal attacks and false statements.

(From our heading . "Refrain from making false statements about any one. ")