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Monday, July 16, 2012

Obama at Work


USS Rodger Young said...

Obama's scorched earth policy includes:

1. Solyndra scandal
2. Gulf oil disaster (remember he wouldn't send in Dutch skimmers)
3. Obamacare tax
4. Soldiers dying in Afghanistan and Iraq (never reported on anymore)
5. Fast and Furious scandal (no one died during Watergate)
6. Amnesty for illegal aliens
7. Signed UN arms treaty
8. 57 states, corpse-man, and paralegal
9. Cash for clunkers
10. Bailout for banks
11. Largest deficet in history
12. Keystone pipeline
13. Sued a state (Arizona)
14. Signed NADAA (North American Defense Authorization Act)
15. "He could've been my son"

The list goes on and on. Most Americans have forgotten the stupidity of hussein obama. But you can bet that liberals won't forget. And they'll be out in force trying to re-elect their Messiah. They finally have someone who fights for their misguided principles.

Too bad we don't.

Anonymous said...