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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

PRIMARY RUNOFF - Election Update


Local media have been reporting that one must have voted in the May Primaries in order to be eligible to vote today. According to the Watauga County Board of Elections in a phone call this morning, this is not true. Registered Republicans and Registered Democrats may vote in their party's runoff even though they did not vote in the earlier primary. Unaffiliateds who voted in May can only vote the same ballot as they voted earlier. Unafilliateds who did not vote in May can vote either Repub or Dem ballot today.

I have corrected my previous post on this which repeated the error.

Get out and vote today! It's your last chance before November!


NewGuy said...

Those registered as Libertarian have no ballot in the runoff. Those registered as "unaffiliated" who voted in May must vote the same ballot as they did then. If you are unaffiliated and did not vote in May, then you may vote either ballot today.

Registered Dems and Registered Republicans can vote their in the runoff even though they may not have voted in the May primary.

NewGuy said...

This from the Democarat:

"Only those who voted on Democratic or Republican ballots during the first primary election May 8 will be eligible to vote in the second primary, and voters must select the same party ballot in the second primary as in the first primary."

I hope that people who were in fact eligible didn't skip voting because they thought the Democrat was right and that they weren't eligible.

NewGuy said...

And...from the HCPRESS comes this:

".......voters must have voted in the first primary to be eligible to vote in the second. "

This mis information may be having an effect on the poll numbers!

The News and Observer has it right:

"".......I didn’t vote in the May primary; can I still vote in the runoff? Yes, if you are registered as Democrat, Republican, or unaffiliated."

Read more here: "

Anna Oakes said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I can only speak for myself, but I apparently misunderstood the process when it was discussed by the Board of Elections at the canvass in May. I only wish someone had called me out sooner.

Anna Oakes, reporter, Watauga Democrat

NewGuy said...

You are welcome Anna...and the update in the Democrat now has it correct....although a mention of our blog would have been nice ;)

I only hope that turnout was not hurt because of people thinking that they weren't eligible to vote. It's a pretty small turnout as it is. The Democrat has an article saying that only 134 voters cast votes as of Wednesday. We had later figures in our post here:

NewGuy said...

I have to give the Watauga Democrat credit for correcting their story as soon as they found that it was in error.

As of 3:30 PM the HCP and the local GoBlueRidge.Net web site are still saing that you had to have voted in May in order to be eligible to vote today.

Polls are open until 7:30 - let's hope that anyone who wants to vote but thought they weren't eligible will have an opportunity to hear the corrected facts in time to get to the polls before closing !

Anonymous said...

I voted after lunch. I was number 15. That is pitiful.

Blogger said...

Thanks to Guy my wife and I voted.

Blogger said...

This was supposed to be thanks to NewGuy we voted.