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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Public Right To know who to rob

Last week, Raleigh's WRAL TV published on their web site,  a data base of all Concealed Carry permit holders which, among other things, gave the home addresses of all who possessed a CCW. This of course is of great use to any house burglars who have the sense to either rob only those homes where the owners are less likely to be carrying a handgun to protect themselves or, (B), surveil those homes of permit holders on the theory that, when those CCW holders are not home, there is a good likelihood that some weapons might be found during a home break-in. I can think of no other group of people besides the house burglars who might benefit from this information.

After some complaints, WRAL did remove the last two digits of the street addresses from their data base, leaving burglars the ability to only narrow down permit holder households to a few houses on the street, but not to a specific address.

Of course gun owners, and others, complained that publshing this information served only to make them targets for breakins and requested WRAL to delete the info. WRAL's response was that the information was a matter of public record and stood firm on the publics "right to know".

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In that same spirit, the "right to know", gun rights advocate "Grass Roots North Carolina" searched the available "public records" for information on WRAL's reporter, Mark Binker and published information, including family photographs, of Binker and his family. Amazing how much information is available about people with just a casual search of the internet.

The GRNC article can be found here

Liberals, of course don't like it when GRNC uses the same logic as WRAL when publishing information "in the public domain". As WRAL said in response to requests for them to delete the data base:

     "We will not be removing the link. We believe their is value in giving the public access to public

Apparently GRNC has adopted that philosophy with their publishing of the public information available on reporter Binker.


Reader said...

Just wondering, how did they get access to the names? The State of NC?

NewGuy said...

Reader - I am sure they are a matter of public record and a written request for the information under the states open records act would be all that's required. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to publicize them - but it isn't illegal.

guy faulkes said...

The names and addresses are public record subject to sending in a letter to the State Bureau of Investigation. Almost everything is public record. This does not mean the media should publish it.

For instance, the response to this by Grass Roots North Carolina indicates much of the public information about the gentleman that wrote the article and established the data base for the media involved. They did not publish the address of this person although that is also easily disclosed from public records such as those available from the tax records or voter registration information.

In my opinion North Carolina should address concealed carry as does Vermont and at least three other states that do not require a permit to use a constitutional right. There should be no list to access.

guy faulkes said...

Here is another alert from GRNC.

Reader said...

I know NC sells our names through the DMV and I thought that's where WRAL got access to them. I did go to the website to see what GRNC was saying and I hope they keep the heat on.

I was raised keep your business to yourself, that's not possible these days.

Sarkazein said...

Texas has a serious law with penalties about publishing or identifying Carry permit holders. Only the total number, the zip code concentration and crime stats by license holders can be published.

USS Rodger Young said...

Grass Roots tactics are fantastic. I love how they dug up pictures of the families of WRAL executives and advitisers and posted them for the world to see. This is the kind of hard ball efforts that wake liberal socialist sheep up. I phoned both WRAL individuals mentioned in the Grass Roots website and had a little talk with them on freedom and the need not to be liberal.

Wolf's Head said...

This is another form of "Swatting".

In Swatting, anonymous calls are made to police claiming that a conservative has killed his wife or family and is armed and dangerous. The intent is to have the police send a swat team and kill the conservative.

In this case, it is intended to intentionally place in harm's way innocent CCW holders by notifying the criminals who they are.

There are no limits to the depths of liberal depravity.

USS Rodger Young said...

The Cinemark Theatre in Colorado banned guns, even those legally carried by citizens with Concealed Weapons Licenses. A lot of good that did the victims.

A gun free zone is a Victim Disarmament Zone. You would think even the dumbest Americans (povs, matt, jw, etc) would realize this. The theatre was a virtually risk free area for the coward to walk into and execute people. Amazing incompetance on Cinemark's part.

The strange part is, the liberals are already calling for more gun control! We should be asking for less. Constitutional Carry is what this country needs. In other words, no concealed carry license needed to carry a weapon anywhere in the 50 states. Would be cowards would stand a greater chance of being thwarted if the populace was armed.

NewGuy said...

At last count, there were 58 wounded and either 10 or 12 killed (depending on the source of the data)...

Now what if Mr. Williams, the 71 year old man who foiled the internet cafe armed robbery in fla last week ( had been there? Or someone else with a ccw permit and proper training?

Oh wait! It wouldn't have mattered. The movie theatre didn't allow guns in the house! Therefore, only BAD GUYS could be armed. Law abiding citizens who MIGHT have stopped this before so many were hit, would have had to lock their weapons in their car or left them at home.

Rodger Yount's point is well taken. Making guns illegal won't stop criminals any more than making sneaking across the border illegal stops illegal immigration. The only thing more gun controls would do is make fewer law abiding people able to protect themselves and others!

USS Rodger Young said...

Well said New Guy! You're a Patriot of the highest order. I would wash your feet and buy you a giant steak dinner right now if I knew who you were. This is what we want to hear from you. Good focused, tough talk that is conservative in nature. Good job!!!!!!!! I love you.

Reader said...

That was excellent, New Guy.

Anonymous said...

This explains why people will let Whackomole run rampant and unchallenged here.

" I would wash your feet and buy you a giant steak dinner" that quote is from whackomole

Sounds to me like her minions all have foot and food and bust fetishes.

Sarkazein said...

A'mouse AKA Mole- Have you ever thought of starting your own blog? This time you would have at least one other commenter.

Anonymous said...

"Sark', which fetish is it that you hope Whackomole fulfills for you. The bust the foot or the food? Or is it all of the above ? Do not worry i wont tell your wife.

But i might tell the men in the black suv's and helicopters. You know the ones that are out to get you.

guy faulkes said...

It is going to be difficult to ban the La La La La La with this one. He stumbled on to how to use Anonymous instead of LPOV.

How about some substance in a post for a change, dolt?

The pressure from GRNC appears to be working. One sponsor has dropped his ads and they have moved on to trying to get another one to do so.

Good job, GRNC.

USS Rodger Young said...

nonymouse coward pov sheep lemming,

The Grass Roots NC tactic of calling WRAL executives at home and providing personal details of said executives family is fantastic, don't you think. I mean after all, since you liberals like to publish the personal information of gun owners, then turnaobout is fair play. Right? LOL!! What an idioooot you are!!!

USS Rodger Young

USS Rodger Young said...

Here's a link that's downright scary:

guy faulkes said...

This is indeed a thought provoking issue, Rodger. The military is not supposed to be involved with law enforcement domestically. The temptation to use these battalions in this country will be great.

After all, the tank that was used to start the fire at Waco that killed 80 people was military and being used in a legally questionable manner.

The opportunity for abuse is massive.