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Monday, July 23, 2012

To the "Stealth Democrats" who might post here....

We understand that our friends on the liberal web site are again referring readers to us - and we do appreciate the traffic!

Unlike their site, we do not require your post to be reviewed prior to posting - and we don't censor any posts for their political content. We do however, ask you to conform to a few simple, common sense rules.

1. We like to keep it "PG"....posts that cross the line with profanities or obscene language are removed. It rarely happens but we do ask that you use good manners and common sense when choosing your words.

2.  We don't engage in personal attacks against private citizens by name. If you have a grudge against your neighbor or have opinions about private individuals that you wish to share, there are many web sites available where "flaming" is the norm. Try one of them. If you want to criticize political figures, or other public figures, that's fine. Just keep your "facts" honest and your "opinions" free of  serious profanity and your posts are not only acceptable, they are welcome here!

3. We do have one troll who, for years, contributed nothing to any of our discussions but only posted attacks on other posters. After numerous posts calling various posters here "Nazi's", "Facists" and other similar names while never offering anything other than insults, he offered to stop posting to the site. We accepted his offer but he, being weak willed and unable to keep his word, continued to post his attacks on other posters. Now, without even reading his posts, we routinely delete his offerings. We do this as a service to him, recognizing that he is unable to control himself and keep his commitments. (he is, after all, a liberal)

 We would likely delete other trolls who might come along and who post only insults and flames against other posters and  never posting about issues

We think this is better than having everyone's posts submitted for pre-approval before posting. At least for our site.

So, welcome "stealth Democrats", we hope you will contribute your views to our discussions here! Don't be surprised however, if some regular posters here might push back at you!


guy faulkes said...

More off topic La La La La La from the person in question until it is removed. Nothing ever changes!

Anonymous said...

The difference in the 2 sites is easy to see. This one allows comments on both sides of an issue. The other one doesn't. Two comments explaining how early voting is the same as voter fraud has been censored over there.

NewGuy said...

I wish we would get more comments from the 'other' folks! Not just the repetitive talking points and personal attacks of LPOV or the insults from Happily Marred types =etc. but posts of substance, like we get from Mike D and we used to get from people like "Tired of Teachers" and a few others.

Sometimes, when they focus on discussing an issue instead of just criticizing another poster, I see occasional logic in their arguments. Even when they aren't convincing, it's good to understand why they think as they do.

For the most part I can understand why the don't stay around. Once they have to defend their arguments with rational discussion it puts a huge burden on them. Sort of like Obama trying to run on his record instead of trying to divide the country and create controversy wherever he can. His strategy is to move the focus off his presidency as much as he can.

USS Rodger Young said...

Looks like the liberal socialist sheep pov got deleted again! Fantastic!

Liberals are sure welcome to this site. The stealth liberals too like Blogger said. We had a stealth liberal a couple months back. He went by the name of Matt and claimed to be a Tea Party member. About 2 sentences into his very first post, I fingered him as a liberal. He quit posting after that, except that I noticed he posts on, or about the same time as, a non stealth liberal called pov. No problem though, he gets the attention he wants and deserves.

USS Rodger Young said...

Here's an excellant article in the "American Thinker". Great stuff and a good little read.

Wolf's Head said...

I suggest that when LPOV's inane rantings are removed we refer to it as "Flushing" instead of "Deleting".

It seems more appropriate.

Blogger said...

I don’t know whether what I do with LibPOV can technically be called censoring. He promised a long time ago that if asked, he would stop posting. I asked, and for a while he kept his word. Then he returned. Because he did not feel obligated to do what he said, I certainly felt no obligation to read his posts. Therefore, when he posts under LibPov, it comes into my e-mail first, then goes straight into the spam folder. I can honestly say, I have not read anything he wrote since he broke his promise to me.

On the other hand, if he sneaks in under another name, because he is such a troll, I expect that sooner or later he can’t help but out himself. He has an identifiable modus operandi.

guy faulkes said...

Wolf, I have spent some time considering your flushing comment. The only problem is that it unfairly gives toilets a bad connotation.