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Thursday, July 12, 2012


"They are the pride of America - Team U.S.A. - and for the opening ceremonies of the Summer Olympics in London, they'll be proudly wearing red, white and blue, from beret to blazer.
The classic American style - shown in an image above - was crafted by designer Ralph Lauren. But just how American is it?
When ABC News looked at the labels, it found "made in China.""


USS Rodger Young said...

Why would this even be remotely surprising? We allow disease ridden illegal aliens to take our jobs; fill our jails, hospitals, and schools; use our welfare, vote, and get free tuition to college. If Americans are ok with 40 million illegal aliens changing the very nature of our culture, then Chinese-made uniforms shouldn't be even a blip on the radar.

This story means nothing to an unprincipled public.

Sarkazein said...

What's with the goofy lookin' hats?

Sarkazein said...

Look at the prices! Some Obama donor got fat on this one, guaranteed. $125 for a $20 tie! $800 for a $150 blazer! All kick backs.

Sarkazein said...

Spend $125 for a $15 tie and help re-elect an anti-capitalist