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Monday, July 16, 2012

What if they had an election, and nobody came?

With no local issues on the ballot and  no hotly contested local offices being contended for, it looks like Watauga county early voting in the runoff primary was somewhat short of enthusiastic!

Election day is tomorrow (Tuesday) ...Republicans will choose their candidates for Lt. Governor, NC Commissioner of Insurance, NC Superintendent of Public Instruction and NC Secretary of State. Democrats have only one position on the Watauga ballot, that of  NC Commissioner of Labor.

The early voting numbers for Watauga reflect the low turnout experienced in most of the rest of the state. In Watauga only 173 ballots were cast during the early voting period. (This includes 24 by mail and 1 overseas ballot)

97 ballots were cast in the Republican races....76 in the Democrat primary.

Let's hope that we will see an increase in interest on election day...tomorrow.


NewGuy said... be eligible to vote in this runoff primary, you must have voted in the initial primary in May of this year....and, you may only vote the same ballot (repub or dem) that you cast in that first primrary.

Locations of Voting places can be found here:

USS Rodger Young said...

Vote Gurley for Lt. Governor. His opponet, Forrest, wouldn't return a gun rights survey until this week.

Gurley is a pro-gun candidate who readily returned his gun survey. Go Gurley.

I'll be voting tomorrow for Gurley!

USS Rodger Young said...

But there are local issues Blogger. Many of them. It's amazing that with all the local issues, people aren't out in droves voting.

One local issue that most run from is ILLEGAL ALIENS. I just don't understand how illegal aliens find gainful employment with the unemployment rate among Americans at over 8%. Just don't understand it. How do we allow illegal aliens to build bridges on US 321 across from Burger King when American citizens are unemployed? Does this make sense to anyone? How does the Blowing Rock Country Club and Chetola hire illegal aliens (which is illegal) when Americans are out of work? Americans did those jobs until a few years ago by the way.

How do we have a health care problem in this country when 40 million illegal aliens get free health care? Tough questions that Americans don't want to answer.

Yes, we have some local problems here in Watauga County, but voter apathy will quell those problems. That's the new tactic for America - bury head in sand until problem recedes. The path of least resistance defines the proletariat now. Good thing we weren't this way when Hitler planned to take over the world!

I'll be voting for Gurley.