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Saturday, August 11, 2012


 Chick-Fil-A will not be kicked off campus for exercising their rights to free speech.....

Anna Oakes has a good article in the current Watuauga Democrat 


" There is nowhere better to facilitate challenging discussions about important issues than a university campus where students are preparing to become the leaders of tomorrow,” according to a statement shared with Watauga Democrat by Hank Foreman, associate vice chancellor for university communications and cultural affairs, on Thursday. “Appalachian respects the right of consumers to make their own thoughtful choices consistent with their values.”
ASU’s statement said further that “as stated in our mission, ‘Appalachian recognizes that the success of the university depends upon the achievement and cooperation of a diverse community of students, faculty and staff and strives to implement policies and allocate resources accordingly.’ Staff working in the Chick-fil-A area of our dining hall are university employees and are committed to Appalachian’s respect for diversity and inclusion.”

But, there is still much to be concerned about...
1. Apparently several hundred of our future leaders have signed a petition asking a state run institution to penalize a private company based solely on that company's executives voicing  of an opinion which they disagreed with...Don't these people accept "diversity and inclusion" for those people with whom they may have philosophical, religious, or political differences. Isn't ASU concerned about these petitioners  not accepting other views? Or, at the very least, respecting the constitutional rights of others?


2. According to the ASU statement, "Staff working in the Chick-fil-A area of our dining hall are university employees and are committed to Appalachian’s respect for diversity and inclusion.”"....

This makes me wonder first, how do they know that? Did they interview the employees to determine their feelings on "diversity and inclusion" ? Did the employees take a "loyalty oath"?.and....more importantly, what if SOME employees did not fully agree with Appalachian's position on "diversity and inclusion?" Would they then, based on their beliefs being "out of step" with the University's, be terminated from employment there?
Or would a few employees who weren't sufficiently "committed" to ASU's position been sufficient to ban the company from campus?

Are there "thought police" on campus who make sure that all employees are in agreement on what ASU is "committed" to?

Finally, shouldn't employees be judged on their actions on the job? Their ability to perform the duties of their position? Their TREATMENT of customers irregardless of the employee's  personal opinions?


Jus' Sayin' said...

oatz said...

I find it appalling that in a "Community of Learners" students want to punish Mr.Cathy for expressing his 1st amendment rights. Funny that Chick-Fil-A has policies against any form of discrimination. Now Saudi Arabia outs homosexuals to death so if these students really wanted to make a stand they would stop buying gasoline and force ASU to stop using it also.

NewGuy said...

ASU has full time staff positions whose job is to "promote diversity"....Salaries for this group exceed $400,000.00 per year.

Certainly they will come out in support of diversifying political opinions on campus. Maybe they could sponsor a "chick fil a" month?