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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Early Voting in Watauga....We got PART of what we asked for!

We have been trying to make the point here for some time that it DOES NOT MAKE GOOD SENSE to concentrate 3 early voting sites within walking distance of each other while ignoring the voters who live in the rural districts of the county. We certainly agree with the recent decision to move one of the early voting sites to the Foscoe area!


"An early voting site at the Foscoe Fire Department on N.C. 105 will replace an early voting site previously located at the Boone Town Council Chambers on Blowing Rock Road in Boone. The site will be open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. in the evening.

Now, if we could just convince the Elections board that App students are capable of walking 4 or 5 blocks to the courthouse......or of getting there via the FREE APPALCART or other means, then we could possibly put a site back in Blowing Rock and - hopefully - one in the East end of the county.

At any rate, it's a good start!


NewGuy said...

You will have an early voting site on campus as long as a Democrat is governor. Or, until a majority of college students start voting Republican.

guy faulkes said...

Maybe not, New Guy. The county funds the voting sites.

This is an improvement, but it is still not fair for any site to be open unless they all are.

Anonymous said...

How about one in the west?

'Like maybe Cove Creek?

But no way are they going to do that.

Anonymous said...

I know three of the small group of people who championed this cause, who wrote letters of protest to the BOE, and those who were present at the BOE meeting.

New Guy, you were not there. You do not know what was said to these three individuals.

'Seems to me you and your establishment neo-con 'Repubs' are trying to take credit for something a few other individuals did. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

"Hodges said the board tried an early voting site in Cove Creek in the past that did not attract many voters."

Yep, no way they are going to do that.

Actually reading the whopping 239-word article is required to obtain facts. I realize that facts might get in they way of your persecution narrative, but still...

Anonymous said...

Since when does the fawning local media present all the facts, no matter the length of their articles?

And Hodges' remarks, or whoever, does not necessarily represent the truth and are very subjective.

Anonymous said...

It's this part of the article I notice isn't mentioned by the "repubs" of this blog.

Election equipment upgrades could have been funded through federal funds appropriated through the Help America Vote Act, but the General Assembly did not spend approximately $600,000 in state funds for elections needed to “release” $4.1 million in HAVA funds.

Because of this, the Watauga County Board of Commissioners voted to pay for equipment upgrades through the county budget, Hodges said.

Why no outrage over that Watauga conservative? If you wanted your voting locations maybe actually getting more money would have helped?

Just a thought.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that ASU is the local version of repubs across this country doing everything they can to stymie early voting? You know the way it was repubs who blocked the HAVA funds in the general assembly. Or is that a little inconvenient fact in your woe is me we can't vote argument?

Or the ways that in rebub counties in Ohio election boards (both repub and dem)are all for more early voting sites lies about obama blocking vet votes aside)

Yet why is it that in the democrat areas the repubs start voting against early voting? And the secretary of state breaks the ties to shut it down?

You guys talk a good game, but all in all it's just another example of how the only voters you want to see vote are republicans.

Counting days till Deborah Greene complains about how early voting in Foscoe was a secret plan of Jane Hodges to invade Watauga county with more of her democrat cronies too. =p

Anonymous said...

Always the liberal answer. "It's federal money so it doesn't really count!"

Deborah Greene said...

Excuse me Watauga Conservative for blogging. However, someone has suggested that I might complain about Foscoe.

First, I wrote a letter to the State and County Boards of Election with a complaint about 3 one-stop voting sites within a mile or 2 of each other. I made some suggestions: A) That 2 of the sites be moved: 1 to western end and 1 to the eastern end of the count. [At the meeting I attended with the County Board of Elections, I was told that the State Board expects one of the one-stop sites to be held at the Board of Elections office at the courthouse. I was also told that they chose to keep the campus site because of the concentration of voting population and to get the most for our taxpayer dollars.] B) To move the campus voting site from the Plemmons Student Union to the Ag Center because of the lack of parking at ASU and ease of accessibility and ample parking at the Ag Center. I also pointed out that the Ag Center had historically been used as a voting site for students on election day. [At the meeting, the County Board said that the Ag Center was too close to the courthouse restating what they said in option A above, the State Board expects the County Board of Elections' office to be a one-stop site. The County Board also said that the Ag Center had been replaced with the Farthing Auditorium. I pointed out that the Ag Center was used during the primary and the County Board pointed out that it was only being used because Farthing was under construction.]

The County Board of Elections also pointed out that they tried the Cove Creek fire department once years ago. And, I pointed out, that it took a number of election cycles for one-stop to catch on at the courthouse and that they could not try it one year and then conclude it was a failure at Cove Creek.

I don't have a problem with Foscoe. The County Board said Jane Hodges picked it as the best spot. Jane pointed out at the meeting that this was primarily a precinct where there are registered Republicans.

I am not concerned on Republican versus Democrat, I am concerned with rural versus urban voting discrimination. Obviously, the one-stop at the campus is done to favor Democrats. Jane said: "As long as we have a Democrat governor, we will have a one-stop on campus." And, I actually don't have a problem with the one-stop being on campus. The Ag Center is on the western edge of campus and Legends is on the eastern edge. Either one of those facilities would be easier to access than the Plemmons Student Union or Farthing during one-stop voting. Either one of those locations would be more accessible than the courthouse.

The County Commissioners are only obligated to fund 1 one-stop voting facility and that is at the County Board of Elections office. However,as Jane pointed out, it would be impossible with limited parking, cramped space and the security checkpoint to have the one-stop at her office. I would think that the State Board would allow for the Ag Center or commissioners board room next door with any persons having problems referred to the County board of elections office just down the street or next door.

The County Commissioners need to take this situation under consideration and meet with the County Board of Elections. They need to either agree to add more one-stop locations for the other residents in the outlying areas, extend the one-stop voting hours in town from 6 am to 7 pm, police the parking at the courthouse or ask the State Board for special consideration to use the Ag Center or Commissioners' Board Room or fund only 1 site at the courthouse and encourage voting on Election Day at the regular polling places.

Blogger said...

Deb, I am 100% behind you. However, I have decided to go silent on the issue of voting locations. The slime balls on the Left will have a field day demagoging your position on this issue. I know you are prepared for how they will lie about and distort what you say. They will tell students that the conservative people of Watauga County are out to deny them the vote. All hell will break loose.

From the presidential level we know now there is nothing those of the left will not do to get in power. There is no level to which they will not descend. They have no shame.

Deborah Grreene said...

This is a Presidential election year. The Democrst party doesn't need the "Republicans Dont Want You To Vote Mantra" to get students to the polls. They will vote regardless. There are 11,000! Students registered. They will impact local elections regardless. I have worked on campus at the polls on election day in the past. In 2006 one of the judges left the polling place at about. 12:00 and returned about 2:00. At about 2:15 there was a big commotion in the hallway. The students starting coming in to vote against all Reoublican candidates. E sues the Democrats were handing out flyers with the mantra. Up until that time, we had only a handful of voters. Democrats kept coming in a d asking how thi gs were going and the poll workers were taking about how slow things were. I guess the judge that left decided to find the ASU College Republicans and get things hopping. This time they don't need fmiskeading fliers to encourage them to vote ; they will vote. They will vote for the President and straight ticket by and large. Yes, some will vote in the nonpartisan school board and judicial races. And, they will impact the outcome. If we don't get the message to voters, then so be it. I will risk my run. I will not be intimidated. The Willuamsons can spin it however they want; they have been spinning from day one on one issue ifvthe other. Obviously, I am doing something right for them to be so fearful.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of having no Shame. And the ongoing, remember only repub votes count.

Or maybe we should try Florida?

How bout South Carolina?

PS: Deborah you really are all too easy to troll. But as long as you're here, any comment on why it was repubs decided to block the HAVA funds? 600,000 for 4.1 million already sitting in the bank and waiting seems like a good investment rather then Watauga having to shell out money from the county budget.

Or again, would that make it too hard to peddle your little us vs them hatemongering when suddenly there's the chance we'd have the money for your little pipe dream in Cove Creek?

Not that it would help your school board chances in the slightest.

Sarkazein said...

A'mouse- I hope you realize, your first link is an editorial opinion of a liberal. No where in his opinion does he site the "repubs" reasoning, only his view. If you linked it because you think he can put your opinion in better words, fine. But it is only an opinion of a NYT liberal.. another liberal. So what?

Sarkazein said...

It is not a "source" A'mouse, it is another liberals opinion.
It is not a news story, it is not an interview with the person/persons involved, it is a liberal's opinion only who was not involved in the topic he was writing about, except to give his opinion.

Sarkazein said...

A'mouse- What does your link offer, other than another liberal's opinion? The link is void of information. What is to discuss regarding the link other than that liberals opinion? For which I care nothing.

guy faulkes said...

Sark, this is the problem with debating a liberal. They do not realize what a fact is versus an opinion. They actually think an opinion that happens to agree with theirs is a fact, no matter that neither of their opinions are backed up with objective documentation. This is the problem with Anonymous's link.

Another term for their tactic is liberal mental masturbation.

Sarkazein said...

And yet, other obscure liberals and their opinions who are not debating on this blog, bore me.

Anonymous said...

Some are just happy to find someone else who shares their opinions!

Anonymous said...

The college students are pampered enough to begin with. Walking to the court house isn't anything they should be worried about. This may well prevent voter fraud although I don't like being treated like a criminal as I walk through metal detectors manned by a short staffed sheriff's department.