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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

How They Got the Vote They Needed That Got Us Obamacare



NewGuy said...

Democrats like to argue that the numbers aren't high enough to worry about. It's ok with them if we have a few thousand cases of voter fraud - after all, there are millions of votes! No point in having voter ID (according to them) since the numbers of convictions in voter fraud cases aren't all that high compared to the total number of votes.

Of course that doesn't count the perhaps hundreds of thousands of voter fraud cases where they got away with it!

They similarly argue about immigration....for some reason they want to argue that the numbers are only 9 million, or 12 million illegal aliens in the USA. As if that were an acceptable number!

Blogger said...

Yes, each time they degrade something in this country, Dems like to say "Well that is the new normal."

guy faulkes said...

Now Blogger and New Guy, you are showing your prejudice against an oppressed group, namely crooked politicians. Shame! Shame!

How could you think about requiring a picture ID in order to vote? Why next you would require one to drive a car or purchase medicine.

Wait a minute..... OOPS - my bad.

Jus' Sayin' said...

I went to the federal courthouse to complain about attempts to make people get an ID in order to vote.

Unfortunately, they wouldn't let me in without a picture ID.

guy faulkes said...

I have got to learn how to hot button a link.