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Saturday, August 25, 2012

How They Interview on MSNBC


matt said...

Sounds like every other interview on Fox News...only on Fox there might be a blond haired chick.

guy faulkes said...

This jerk apparently did not want his question answered. The commentators on Fox News are generally trying to get their questions answered from liberals that are trying to avoid them. There is a significant difference in that this guy wanted his opinion to replace that of the person he was questioning. After the answer, all he had to do was indicate he disagreed, but that was not sufficient for him.

Nobody said...

Speaking of how they interview on MSNBC, did anyone see this Chris Matthews out-and-out attack on Reince Priebus?

I love how he is allowed to shout down Priebus, but when Priebus begins to get a little worked up, co-host Mika Brzezinski cautions him to "work on tone." Who is ugly here and who tries to maintain a civil tone? Catch that tie-in to the other thread? :)