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Monday, August 13, 2012

If You Were In Jail, Would Your Boss Keep Paying You?

Assuming you work for someone and that you were arrested and jailed for attempted smuggling of several pounds of drugs, would your employer keep paying you your salary even if you couldn't make it to work?

OK...Now assume you were a college professor in the UNC system....were in an Argentine jail and unable to teach your classes........Then you would expect to be paid, right? Really, I'm serious here!

Apparently UNC Chapel Hill decided that, if you can't come to work, we can't keep paying you.....
Now, being that it IS Chapel Hill, and the jailed professor is a UNC employee, naturally he is suing UNC because they stopped sending him his paycheck! They didn't fire him....apparently waiting until his trial determines his final guilt or innocence ...but they did stop his pay on the theory that if you don't show up and do your job, then we don't pay you.

Just wondering....if you are not a state or UNC employee and you were in jail - would your boss keep sending you a paycheck?


Jus' Sayin' said...

Maybe he could be assigned to teach one of the "no show" classes that UNC has set up for the athletes to not attend but get good grades?

That way, nobody shows up, prof gets his salary, athletes get their grades and keep eligibility, UNC gets winning teams and all is once again in balance.

Johnny Rico said...

Typical liberal - wants something for nothing. Liberals continue to live under the rule that the world owes them something. So this idiot was "duped" into carrying a suitcase onto a plane? Uh huh.

Johnny Rico said...

How was he "duped" into being a liberal is the greater question here.