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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Overflowing With Pride

The convention. I watched it all. Oh, I am so proud of our party and what we stand for!!!


Anonymous said...

No, he didn't say he was a Democrat.

ITCM said...

You're proud of this?

Opoib said...

My thoughts, I thought he did better then expected. I would still not say he is a great speech giver in the likes of a Reagan or Clinton or even Obama when allowed a prompter.

But he came off more human then I have seen him before. A little to much God this God that for my tastes.

My favorite parts of the night Clint Eastwood by far the most entertaining speaker there and well in to his 80's

Best speaker of the night Marco Rubio. If he was ruining against the current crop of candidates I would vote for him tomorrow.

Blogger said...

ITCM Read your whole article: "The convention's organizers condemned the incident, saying, "Two attendees tonight exhibited deplorable behavior. Their conduct was inexcusable and unacceptable. This kind of behavior will not be tolerated." ITCM You don't judge by one isolated event. How do you know they wern't Democrat plants?

Blogger said...

ITCM If you had really watched the convention, you too would have been proud, if not of my party, at least to be an American. Your link was a cheap shot.

Blogger said...

I hope you all saw Clint Eastwood. Pay no attention to the government controlled media and other effete snobs. It was too sophisticated for their dark filters.

Anonymous said...

Being a proud American has nothing to do with being a republican.

guy faulkes said...

Anonymous is right. It has to do with what conservatives have accomplished.

Opoib said...

Anon 11:15 Guy is right after all, when Kennedy took us to the moon in less then 10 years that didn't matter.

TO me that is a great American achievement not a left or right one. It just so happens a Democrat made it happen.

Guy do you discount all great things that Americans have done if they were done by a Democrat or non affiliated person or an Atheist ?

guy faulkes said...

Kennedy was a conservative by today's standards and pretty much so by the standards of his own day. He was even a life member of the NRA.

Even saying this, he did mess up the Bay of Pigs.

He was also a devout Catholic.

Opoib. I have said for years that the political party to which you belong has nothing to do with whether you are liberal or conservative. I know some conservative democrats that make Jesse Helms look like Tip O'Neil. On the other hand, we have the liberal Republican establishment that saddled us with a liberal like Romney and made it a close race instead of a slam dunk. Olympia Snow is another example.

I do not think, but know, the vast majority of great things accomplished by citizens of the United States were done by conservatives. This is irregardless of political beliefs or religious preference, i.e. Atheism.

Johnny Rico said...

Still no mention of the power play that gave power to the President to veto state delegate selections. Why would the President need that power? Reader, you said this was overturned, but I can find no information that leads me to this conclusion.

The liberals missed a grand opportunity to fillet the Republitards over this, but, as usual, they are too stupid to act on something handed to then on a silver platter.

I won't vote for Romney since he made the power play to control grass roots organizations. Hope he loses now.

Johnny Rico

Reader said...

Johnny Rico said...


Thank you for the update. Very little reporting on this disturbing fact. The following distrubing material is from the article you sent:

"Under a compromise reached late Monday, Romney supporters and GOP leaders agreed to back down from a proposed rule change that effectively would have allowed presidential nominees to choose what delegates represent them at national conventions.

The proposed change was aimed at muting the power of insurgent candidates such as Tea Party favorite Ron Paul.."

Can anyone on this site tell me why such a power play was necessary? The establishment Republitards really are scared of Tea Partiers and conservatives in general. This won't do RINO Romney any favors.

Thanks again Reader

Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

If the RINO Republicans win, we will have to watch them very closely to ensure they don't screw us like past RINO administrations have done. Both Bush's gave us things like the Patriot Act and no importation of assault weapons. The RINO Republicans are as bad as the liberals. Just look at the Watauga County Commissioners.

Blogger said...

JR you wrote : The RINO Republicans are as bad as the liberals." JR If you think there is anything worse then Obama, then you haven't been paying attention.

guy faulkes said...

Are you sure a liberal Republican president backed by a Republican congress would not be worse than a socialist Democrat president confronted by grid lock due to having to deal with a Republican Congress?

This is something to consider. My choice is still going to be none of the above.