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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Romney's Religion

When I was in high school, a Mormon family moved into our neighborhood. I was curious about them because they were the first I had ever met. They turned out to be the absolute most wholesome family in our school, and I soon became best friends with them. I was always glad that my introduction to Mormonism was with that family so by the time I got to Baptist seminary, their theology never mattered to me.


Blogger said...

Jesus said: Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them. (Matthew 7:20)

Opoib said...

Is it just me or is it a little creepy all the kids and many adults in the same colors and clothes?

And that is not trying to be partisan I would say that for any family.

Blogger said...

Opoib "Is it just me" Yep, it's just you.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is dopio a little bit nuts?

guy faulkes said...

Opiob, color and clothing coordination is called preparing for a picture.

Would you wear a bowling shirt to a wedding? ...... Wait! Do not answer that!

Johnny Rico said...

This is why his moniker "oploPLOP!" is so accurate. LOL!!!!

Sarkazein said...

Yes, Opoib, your comment is a little creepy.

Opoib said...

Sark, i fully expect you would dress a whole family in a cult like uniform fashion.

guy faulkes said...

Opoib, You are incredible. What do you call the 'cult" fashion Romney's family used? All American Nice?

I do not like Romney's liberal policies, but ad far as I know he is upstanding in his personal life, including his religion.

Sarkazein said...

One of the FOX liberals called Mrs Romney a "corporate wife". Code for Stepford Wife. Opoib has to squeeze in the word "cult" as people ignorant about Mormonism often do.
And of course Black Liberation Theology is not?

Opoib said...

As a card carrying atheist. I do not care what sky friend someone worships.

I personally like the pastafarian approach to religion.

I just thought the all dressed alike as in some sort of uniform seemed a bit creepy or cultist to me.

But then again one persons opinion in Boone here that is not in step with the mag sevens is not a valid one.

Opoib said...

Guy Faulkes, In my post the word fashion means in a simlar style not a type of fashion like American Nice or hip hop or baggy pants.

Here is an example, All the fans of the home team dressed in a similar fashion to show their support.

Please pick a singular person to insult me by calling me them in your rebuttal. Just one will do it would make you look much smarter, then three of all opposing viewpoints and political affiliations. Thanks Opoib

Sarkazein said...

An atheist who doesn't care, but can't help but try and demean... "sky friend".

Sarkazein said...

I am guessing, having matching shirts was fun for the young cousins.
It is amazing how liberals are starting to hate everything good.

Opoib said...

Sarkazien , If I do not believe in a yours or any god then what should I refer to the man in the sky you believe in ?

Although as of a few weeks ago I do now believe in extra planetary life.

Since we landed on mars, it was Human kind that invaded mars not the other way around as in all fiction before and we even used "Friken lasers" there to take a pun from Austin Powers:)

Opoib said...

Sarkazien , Please refrain from calling me a liberal. I am Fiscally Conservative Libertarian.

I know the L words can get confusing sometimes. Liberals want more government and higher taxes in general Libertarians do not, Republicans like to tell others what is right wrong, who to love, and what a woman can do with her body. This Libertarian does not.

Thanks Opoib

Sarkazein said...

Most liberals say they are fiscally conservative. It's a lie, but you still say it.

Blogger said...

Opoib "I am Fiscally Conservative Libertarian.

I know the L words can get confusing sometimes. Liberals want more government and higher taxes in general Libertarians do not, Republicans like to tell others what is right wrong, who to love, and what a woman can do with her body. This Libertarian does not."

Opoib, If you are sincere about what you said, I am impressed. And if it is true, then I promise to take you more seriously in the future than I have up until now. And by the way, I tend to agree with what your wrote although I will stick with the bitter and the sweet of my party because Obama has to be stopped before there is no country left.

Sarkazein said...

Passing laws to force "gay marriage" on society, is not libertarian. It is closer to totalitarian thought police.

guy faulkes said...

Opoib, the reason that I am convinced you are not the same person posting under that pseudonym is that your sentence structure, vocabulary, and style of writing changes considerably from post to post.

This would indicate multiple people using the same name or that you have multiple personalities.

The simplest answer is that there are more than one of you. This is not an insult, but a logical opinion about an observation.

Most professional photographers ask that you coordinate colors and clothing if you commission them to take a family photograph. After all, if every one but you is there looking nice, is dressed to a common theme, and you are in your purple and yellow polka dot bowling shirt, the picture will not reflect well as to the photographer's work.

Your attack on the Romney family photograph is personal (possibly caused by your differing religious beliefs) , not professional. Not many libertarians sink that low. They usually argue logically.

Anonymous said...

Blogger, are you saying you agree that a woman should have the right to terminate the life of her unborn child? I'm surprised!

Wolf's Head said...

I've known many Mormons over the years, and they were all good, solid families.

Sarkazein said...

Atheist sue in Court to eliminate any signs of religion and Opoib says it is the Conservatives telling people what is right and wrong. Again they are forcing their beliefs on others through the courts. Atheists want to change freedom of religion to freedom from religion. They are totalitarians, not libertarians.

Opoib said...

Thank you blogger one great thing about the is I am free to believe in or not any thing I want politely or religiously

Pooing said...

Last post should have said about the USA

Opoib said...

darn tablet posting is hard Opoib

Opoib said...

Guy failed did you get your psych degree at the same school as Sarkazien

Opoib said...

Holy cow!!!! i am amazed Johnny Rico and others did not instantly leap to their keyboards to take advantage of the typo i made using my tablets predictive spelling on my name.


Opoib said...

Sarkazien, I would never deny you your right to beive in a god or deity of your choice, or anything else for that matter.

Remeber I am a Libertarian, I do not want to be in your business. Especially yours.

guy faulkes said...

What makes you think I have a phsyc degree, Opoib/ LPOV. I am merely a well read layman that has known a person with multiple "personalities".

What is the design on the bowling shit that you wear to family photography sessions? Do other family members approve? Or, do you try to coordinate and fit in?

Opoib said...

Guy Faulkes, My predictive typing on the tablet took liberty with your name as well. I do not call people by other then what they want to be. But I do find the choice of typo it put in instead of Faulkes fairly humorous.

As far as the Romney picture . I personally found it weird they all dressed alike. That's why I asked if anyone else did.

It was never the case in my family to have siblings dressing alike. I even have a set of twins sisters younger then I am . As soon as they were old enough to know it they made a point of dressing differently as part of expressing their individual personalities.

Romney being a Mormon and you a christian are the same to me. I do not believe in either or any god.

As an atheist why would I single out any one religion to not believe in more then any other.

By the way did you know atheists are growing faster then any organised religion, we have passed Hindus and Buddhists. Next we will pass Muslims and then we come for the Christians:) Christian rankings are skewed a bit as Catholics and all other forms of Christians get lumped together.

I think you put too much faith in my ability to be three different posters.

I am a simple libertarian business owner, who does a simple job, and wants other people and the government to leave me as alone as possible.

When it comes to taxation, government intrusion in to who I can love or anything else that I am not legally required by threat of imprisonment to do. I do to the penny and letter of the law what I have to.

I do appreciate the compliment of being called GIG he is much smarter and more successful then I am. Have you pick and insult to start your replies to me yet at least a singular one ? It would help your posts look more intelligent in my opinion.


Sarkazein said...

Opoib- If YOU didn't wear matching clothes then the Romney's wearing matching clothes must be wrong. Time to sue in court to stop people from wearing matching clothes in a picture (like gay marriage and freedom from religion). If YOU think it's weird then society must be forced to NOT wear matching clothes. Especially the children or at least the pictures should not be published so your delicate senses will not be exposed to such weirdness.

Opoib said...

Sarkazien calm down take a zoloft and remove the tinfoil hat I think it is overheating your brain.

I could not care less what clothes you or Romney wears. And I certainly as a fiscally conservative person can not see wasting any money mine, or tax payers on legislating what people wear. That actually seems like something a conservative like a christian school for example might do in forcing uniforms on people to suppress individuality.

I do not believe in religion so again it seems wasteful to spend money to suppress it.

I do think it has no place being paid for by taxpayers to be included in public school curriculum that's what private faith based paid for by the parents of the students schools are for in my opinion.

If a parent wants a child to have a Christian education or a Jewish one or a Muslim one or a Buddist one let them pay on their own dime to send their kids to that type of school.

Let churches teach religion and let educators educate. Not indoctrinate.

Spending money on gay marriage is a conservative policy. If gays could marry equally like straight couples no court money need be spent

It is the conservatives who legislate hate laws that bring that topic to court. I can not personally think of one way that if two men or two women marry it would make my marriage if i had one any less important to me.Or affect me personally or financially.

So if a topic does not affect me personally or financially I pay little concern to it as a Libertarian.


Opoib said...

Guy Faulkes let it go, it looks bad on you. I made one comment on how i personally thought it was creepy with that many people dressed alike.

That is my opinion that's all it is and ever will be no matter how you try to spin it. You can play arm chair shrink with Sark all day and night in your mutual admiration society, but the fact that is it is nothing more then one persons opinion in Boone will never change.

And at work every day I wear a company logo shirt. I have even been know to wear that shirt to dinner or social occasions. I rarely dress to impress anyone as I am not one itching for attention. I prefer to observe others.

I like to quote Mark Twain in these type of occasions "Better to keep ones mouth closed and be thought a fool then to open it and prove them right." I may have transposed a word or two in that but I still like it.

I guess I should say thanks? for such deep thought and time invested in to analyzing a simple man like me.

I can say I honestly would never do the same in return as really you do not matter that much to me. But none the less I guess in a weird sort of way I should be flattered.

Sarkazein said...

Liberals can not be honest:
"I could not care less what clothes you or Romney wears."- Opoib

Thinking something is weird requires thought. You did, in fact, "care" because you thought enough about it to comment on it.

Your kind, atheists, sue in the courts to force their beliefs on society. Did the Founders adjourn from the convention with orders to stop The People from praying in public buildings? No, just like they didn't order The People to turn in their guns. And none of them ever attended a gay wedding or even thought about it.
They did, however, use the word "Blessing"... look it up.

Opoib said...

Sark, you are off the rails today. You should adjust your dosage. I said I could not care less what you or Romney wear.

Care and thought are two different things . Just because I care a gnat gets in the room and annoys me untill I kill it does not mean I care about it. To me you and that gnat receive the same amount of care from me.

Sark what is my kind? A Libertarian who wants you to stay out of his personal and private and finacial life?

One who does not want to deny any rights to anyone.

Being obtuse and calling me names that do not apply makes Guy Faulkes look less intelligent. I know you two think the world of yourselves and your beliefs so please do not make the same mistake he does, it makes you look stubborn and unable to express your self eloquently or intelligently.

You can how ever call me what ever you like liberal, conservative, an atheist, it doesn't matter to me. I know who I am. It only reflects poorly on you when you resort to name calling.I would not deny you the right to make your self look bad.

Please explain what I, me, the person writing this post, has tried to deny you. I do not believe in your god or any so if you do that doesn't affect me, so I do not care again about that topic. Yet you say I try to deny you your right. Not at all it would be a very long and drawn out battle to ban religion. I would not want to bear any part of the financial responsibility for that.

Last point to reply to yours of is, you do remember that before they were the founding fathers they were religious refugees. They fled England to seek relief from a state sponsored religion? Remember the church of England?

This is one of the many reasons that church and state were to be kept separate by their own proclamation.

By the way nice dropping in the hate line "your kind". I have read that line in ever history lesson where one group passed judgement on others. The Jews the Israelite the Greeks the Huns the Romans Christians the Muslims the Buddhists well maybe not Buddhists I don't seem to recall them ever supressing anyone. Those who oppose civil or any rights to another group. But in every case I can think of where one group did or wanted to suppress or deny rights to another they refer to the other group as "your kind"

by my kind Opoib

Opoib said...

Sark, I forgot this how could I sue you for not believing in something?

Can I sue you for not believing in Unicorns or Santa or Leprechauns or Zues or Mars any other mythological or religious being?

Or are you saying I want to sue you to not believe in something ?

Please explain that to this slow witted individual. I do not understand how I could sue you into not believing in something?

If so is there any money to be made that way? I could use it in this economy.

My kind Opoib

ITCM said...

I don't know, when the possible leader of our nation believes in wearing magic temple garments (underwear), extreme tithing, posthumous baptisms and getting his own planet when he dies, I find that extremely concerning. I feel that Obama, on the other hand, only feeds the religious voters enough to keep them guessing, while he has a more scientific leaning.

Opoib said...

ITCM, I would like a planet. Is mars still an option now that science enabled Mankind to land and explore there without supernatural intervention?

guy faulkes said...

Opoib/LPOV, when are you going to quit repeating the same La La La La La drivel? Your trolling is getting old.

In this country, you have the right to the religion of your choice. If you choose none that is perfectly acceptable. No one has said you could not do this. A few that might be concerned with the state of your soul might think you should not do it.

I beleive Sark is correct that your kind sued to keep prayer out of schools. Focus, Opoib/LPOV, focus. Try to understand.

Opoib said...

Whats the matter GuyFaulkes, just because I did not recipricate on your man crush does not mean you still need to make yourself look confused.

Pick a name to refer to me any name really will do. Stick with it.

Not knowing who you are replying to and just picking every name you can think of that might seem offensive makes you look less intelligent then I am sure you are.

By the way it is ok if you have a little crush on me.I kind of love me too.

I am still flattered you took so much time to analyze me and my one small opinion.

I have never said you or Sark, or anyone could not worship what ever you find it acceptable to worship. Nor do I have any desire to remove that right from you or even Sark.

Thanks "my kind" Opoib

Opoib said...

To show there is not any hard feelings Guy Faulkes. Since I was unable to show reciprocation of your man crush the good libertarian in me wishes you and Sarkazien all the best.

If you want to come out and marry one another.I would never want to deny anyone the right to be with who they love emotionally, spirituality, legally, or in anyway at all. "My Kind" Opoib

ITCM said...

Opoib, we could try to make it all the way to Kolob now that we have the technology. :) That reminds me of the group of Mormon missionaries that came to my house the other day. I was mowing the yard, but they waited until I noticed them so they could give me the book of LDS. I was very nice to them, but was curious as to how they could explain a few of the more "out there" principles of their religion. They weren't too keen on coming right out and discussing Kolob or the magic golden plates or even the temple garments. Oh well...

Guy, I'm not LPOV - never was, never will be. You're still playing the conspiracy game, I see. Every time I post on here it starts.

What I don't understand is that with the scientific breakthroughs that have occurred over the past century, how can a leader of millions still think that it is acceptable to put on blinders and pretend that facts aren't true? Ryan, Romney, Huckabee, and most GOP followers are only focused on 2 issues: abortion and gay marriage..seriously? If they devoted as much time and energy to important scientific research involving alternate energy, medical enhancements, space exploration, global climate change, food shortages, or EDUCATION, then we would all be in a much better situation here in America (not to mention the entire Earth). More liberal thinkers care about these topics and don't see much of a need for religion to play a key role in how choices are made (related to women's right to choose and equality for all human beings). I'll keep saying it until I'm blue in the face, but religious voters should not decide what makes another person happy or what a pregnant woman decides to do with her own body.

Anonymous said...

Opibo said
"I like to quote Mark Twain in these type of occasions "Better to keep ones mouth closed and be thought a fool then to open it and prove them right."

That's a great quote. Here's another one.

"Practice what you preach!"

Blogger said...

Anonymous asked: “Blogger, are you saying you agree that a woman should have the right to terminate the life of her unborn child?” The answer to that query is “No.” But we all belong to organizations which hold points of view that are not always our own priorities. My priorities are those of the Tea Party–“a return to the Constitution, limited government, rational taxes”-- with the overarching goal of taking Obama down before it is too late and he takes the country down. Any of the goals of others in my party that aren’t geared to saving the country or might get in the way of that goal, remain peripheral to me. I am focused like a laser.

But, as to abortion, it is an issue that has always been too complicated for me. The only thing I know with certainty is “I am sure glad my mother didn’t abort me.”

Blogger said...

Opoib let me address something. As I was writing my response to Anonymous, I found myself frustrated because by the time I can respond, you have intruded a lot of comments, many of them I find frivolous. Give some of these things a rest please. I put up with POV for years and years. Finally though, a number of thoughtful commenters began to leave the blog. Their inputs were far and away of more value to our conversations then were the POV’s. After a long long time, it became obvious that POV was deliberately trying to sabotage the blog. So, we finally had to take him out.

So far I don’t feel you are being a POV. But please don’t. The reason I have never censored an opposing view is that I don't have to because I am confident in my own beliefs.

Opoib said...

Blogger, I appreciate you not censoring me yet, and the warning.

I would just ask that you see my replies are courteous when defending myself. On occasion I even will try to interject some humor if only to entertain myself when attacked.

I am continually and on purpose called by the wrong name by members here to try and draw a response or even referred to as "Their Kind". I would still like to know what kind that is by the way.

I try to bring good things to the table as well. I did post the link last night to the President doing a "AMA" that stands for ask me anything on redit on of the highest trafficked blog/website on the internet.

I posted the link to the republican party going after adult entertainment. I do not feel I am ranting or LaLaLa as some would say. If you do feel the need to censor me then it is your blog your choice.

Hopefully this post is not taken in an offensive manner. Opoib

Blogger said...

Because I have many acquaintances who are Evangelicals, I know how some of them are struggling with Romney’s Mormonism. At the same time, most Evangelicals cannot live with Obama. It was an attempt to address that problem that made me put up this present post. Unfortunately, as happens, some of our commenters immediately sidetracked us into the weeds.

So, I will try to get us back on the topic. Did all of you hear how Huckabee addressed his fellow Evangelicals last night who have problems with Mormonism and Catholicism? He pointed out that of the four candidates, the only one from an Evangelical church, is Obama

Sarkazein said...

"Your kind"- The kind who sue in courts to force their beliefs (gay marriage and freedom from religion) on the rest of society. The rest of society will not "believe" it, but by law they must accept it. I explained that many comments ago.

Sarkazein said...

ITCM wrote- "I don't know, when the possible leader of our nation believes in wearing magic temple garments (underwear), extreme tithing, posthumous baptisms and getting his own planet when he dies, I find that extremely concerning. I feel that Obama, on the other hand, only feeds the religious voters enough to keep them guessing, while he has a more scientific leaning."

You start your comment with "I don't know" then end the same sentence with "I find that extremely concerning". So why do those things you mentioned concern you? And what "science" is in Black Liberation Theology (Obama's self-proclaimed religion)?

Opoib said...

Sarkazien , I will politely ask again when did I as a resresentiative of "my kind" ever tell you I wanted to deny you anything? The right to life, liberty, to persue quite alone time with Guy?

What have I you know "me" said you could not have the freedom to do ?

Opoib said...

Blogger, you make a good point. If people will only vote on faith the Christians have Obama as their candidate.

This might be a case where as an atheist I have an advantage. I can objectively look at the candidates with religion not being a factor as to who I vote for.

ITCM said...

Sark, I'm just pointing out that Romney has these spaced out ideas. Obama has shown to have rational thoughts towards science. He supports finding alternate clean energy sources, funding lab research, science and math programs, and understands the global climate issue. Remember how cool the White House science fair was this February? I can't even imagine Romney supporting or enjoying such things.

Do you really want a leader in charge of the greatest country in the world that believes that god lives on planet Kolob and that he too can receive his own planet upon dying? Not much different from the viewpoint of heaven, but still...

Sarkazein said...

The all knowing and all seeing liberals. So dogmatic in your beliefs ITCM. Anything you don't understand, you demean.

Opoib- Your kind can't even muster up enough support to have a Party

Sarkazein said...

ITCM- Does Romney's successes in life look "spaced out" (druggy lingo) to you? The big family, successful business... all things liberals now hate.

ITCM said...

Yes, Romney is a great poster boy for the 1%.

I'll just post these wise words from one of my heroes, Michael Stipe: "America is a democracy founded on the ideal of all men being created equal, with equal opportunity, equal access to resources, equal power in a government of the people, for the people, and by the people. Fulfilling this ideal means that transgender men get to work alongside fratboys at an investment bank. It means janitors who can't speak English should have access to the same health care as the CEO of an arms manufacturer. That the children of Atheists and Muslims should have access to the same quality education that Christians and Jews have. That women have the same freedoms that men have, and that the poor in a ghetto can drink clean water as easily as the rich on a golf course. Simple."

Sarkazein said...

"Yes, Romney is a great poster boy for the 1%"- Typical occupy liberal. Envy.

Sarkazein said...

ITCM said- " I'll just post these wise words from one of my heroes, Michael Stipe: I'm RICH!!!!!!

ITCM said...

After 30 years of being in a popular gand, yes, he is rich. I appreciate Stipe's viewpoints, however, and like seeing how he is constantly giving back to his community as well as organizations such as Amnesty International, PETA and the arts programs in schools.

It's one thing to be rich, but it's another to be so out of touch with the middle and poor classes that your wife takes your prized horse to the London Olympics because it competes in the dressage Competition.

I don't envy the rich, but I frown upon Romney giving so much required tithing to the mormon church when it could be used for so much more good instead of funding a new temple.

ITCM said...


Sarkazein said...

Typical liberal mind-set. A song and dance man can get millions for singin' and dancin' and it is OK... as long as he's a mumbling liberal of course. But, a CEO who works more hours than you will ever know, with more responsibility for others than you will ever know, is greedy. An actress can get millions for showing her tits on the big screen, and that's OK, as long as she is a liberal. But a Black woman Sec of State is a "house nigger" according to liberals.
There is something "weird" about a huge family, but abortion is great. The warped Left.

Sarkazein said...

ITCM wrote-"I don't envy the rich, but I frown upon Romney giving so much required tithing to the mormon church when it could be used for so much more good instead of funding a new temple."

Typical liberal. Thinks they know how to spend someone else's money better than they do. Liberals hate freedom.

ITCM said...

Sark, if I'm not mistaken, it was your own tea party that just threw peanuts at the CNN camerawoman at the RNC and said, "This is how we feed animals". Also, it was so evident how they used absolutely every minority they could find at the RNC on stage and on camera in a vain attempt to say, "See, we love all people, not just white people". No, the GOP is not racist at all, right?

I would say the same to you, Sark, regarding freedom. Liberals want freedom for all - it's the conservatives (religious right) that want to push their beliefs into government laws and policies. As long as you're a white, wealthy, christian male, then you will do fine in the Republican party.

Sarkazein said...

ITCM- What should the culture of our country and its Constitution be based on if not a Judeo-Christian definition?
Is it Carl Marx, Mao's little red book, John Lennon/Yoko Ono songs, or Al Gore's book?

Sarkazein said...

Believe it or not, many Blacks have escaped the Democrat Plantation.

Sarkazein said...

ITCM wrote- "Sark, if I'm not mistaken, it was your own tea party that just threw peanuts at the CNN camerawoman at the RNC and said, "This is how we feed animals".

It is your own OWS who throw more than peanuts, at people and people's property.

ITCM said...

I had no interest in the OWS movement - I think they're crazy too. I'm also an unaffiliated voter, but I have leaned towards the Democratic party for some time now.

Sark, you do realize that our country was not founded on Christian principles, correct? It was never meant to have a governing religion. Our 3rd President stated, "I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, thus building a wall of separation between church and state". Remember that Thomas Jefferson, as well as many of the founders of our country did not label themselves as "Christian". They believed in a God, but thought that he no longer had anything to do with the universe. A Deist doesn't believe in miracles or the supernatural and looks to logic and reason for answers - something that the GOP has forgotten over the years. Imagine if Washington or Jefferson were here today and heard how much religious matters factor into government decision making. They escaped this type of tyranny from England only to have it creep back slowly over the next 200+ years.

Sarkazein said...

ITCM wrote- "... act of the whole American people which declared that their legislature should make no law respecting an establishment of religion..."

Please read about the Church of England and the Founders and the religious test. Then comment.

Sarkazein said...

ITCM wrote- "I had no interest in the OWS movement.."

ITCM also wrote in the same thread- "Yes, Romney is a great poster boy for the 1%. "

Liberals just can not be honest.

Sarkazein said...

ITCM- your comment 10:07 AM second paragraph is incorrect. The quotes don't even say what you are saying.

ITCM said...

You're hard headed Sark. There's no getting through to you - I'm wasting my time trying to convince you of something that you'll never see with your blinders on.

Guess we'll see in November, where the vote will show where the country is interested in going.

Opoib said...

Sarakzien, You are all too wrong again. I do not need to muster up to support one party.

I am more then confident in my own ability to reason and to vote for the candidate I feels supports my views best, regardless of party.

I think those just just blindly follow one party and vote a straight ticket are the ones that do not have the intellect or ability to think and choose for themselves.

My Kind Opoib

Opoib said...

Sark, your link just shows that with out PAC money it is hard to have a convention. I do understand that as a fiscal conservative. Maybe Atheists should go on tv and beg for money like Christians ?

That link really doesn't matter much to me. I do not look at Atheism as a political statement.

To me it is just a simple statement of fact for me it means and I speak only for me here "that I do not believe in any God"

I will ask again can you show me any time where I have said you do not have a right to anything?

That means a quote from me not something you found some other group doing. I am asking you when have Opoib ever denied you any right ?

My Kind Opoib

Opoib said...

If i have ever seen a post here worth of censorship this by Sark takes the cake for being far as you can get from PG

"An actress can get millions for showing her tits on the big screen, and that's OK, as long as she is a liberal. But a Black woman Sec of State is a "house nigger" according to liberals."

My offended kind Opoib

Opoib said...

what do the conservatives here think of this?

I can not help but think this is wrong. I do not want this happening to me after I am dead not that I will know it but I still resent it.

guy faulkes said...

If you do not believe in either God or an afterlife, then please explain your objection. Is it because you object to having someone do something to a chunk of meat that used to be you and for some reason stopped?

By the way, if you have no soul, why did you die? What made you quit living? Why are you not like the energize Bunny?

I would not want this done to me because of religious beliefs, if I were an Atheist. Not believing in God requires as much faith as believing does. Practicing atheism is a religious belief.

Anonymous said...

Guess we'll see in November, where the vote will show where the country is interested in going.

Sort of like we saw earlier this year on the amendment one issue. Or, like we saw in 2010 with almost a 100% Republican sweep in Watauga.

In spite of efforts to denigrate Romney based on his religous preferences, voters will more than likely choose based on their interest in a healthy economy and a return to American greatness.

ITCM said...

Opoib, it's OK because Maher de-baptized him on his show so his soul should be at peace :) There are even reports that the Mormon church posthumously baptized Anne Frank, who was a Jew. WTF?

Guy, it's the principle of the situation that matters. Also, basic knowledge of how cells deteriorate and cause changes to organs (including skin) explains aging - which eventually causes death in all living things.

Regarding atheism: as someone who grew up in a baptist home, losing religious faith is not something that happens overnight. There is a lot of contemplation and it takes years to finally say that you are an agnostic or atheist. Atheist is a term used a bit loosely, but has come to be accepted as the norm when someone says they do not believe in God. It's truly impossible for someone to say that there definitely is no God, but it's the lack of any evidence,(which is used in scientific study to prove anything), that allows most people who are atheist to make that claim. You have to admit, if there is a God, then he's very good at hiding himself.

Sarkazein said...

Opoib- They are a pac.

Opoib said...

Guy Faulkes, please do not speak for me as the odds of you being correct are extremely low, hence you just make your self look bad.

To me and I speak for me only I am an atheist as I do not believe in anything with out proof.

I am not a person of faith I am a person of science and facts.

It is not any more religious to me to not believe in a god then it is not not believe in unicorns leprechauns or the loch ness monster. It is simple really no proof no believe see?

The reason I would not want to be baptized after death is one I have it in my will no ceremony with anything to do with religion is to be preformed for me.

So it would not only be disrespectful but against the law.

People who know me will remember me as who I was. To do that is to deceive anyone who knew me in to thinking I was something or stood for something or approve of something I did not.

And what does a soul have to do with living? I am a bundle of mostly water and run on electrical impulses like you. I am fueled by the food I consume.

If I smoke and get cancer of the lungs or heart disease and one or both stop working I die. That has nothing not anything to do with a soul.

Nice try at baiting me in to saying that "god" has anything to do with me being alive. I am alive because my mother and father had sexual intercourse to the point of him having an orgasm that's all.

You did not answer my question as to what you think about Romney and his wife baptizing her atheist dead father after his 11 months after his death in a show of their religion.

Sarkazein said...

OPOIBAPAC. Was supposed to apperar in my last comment.

Opoib said...

Sark, from your own link that looks like a danger to your sanctity for sure LOL.

I am a atheist only for me not for political or religious reasons. I have made that clear many times.

What right have I ever said you were not entitled to Sarkazien?

Bill Donahue, of the Catholic League, had this to say about APAC,
I wouldn't bring any children near atheists; they're a bunch of perps.

Thats hypocritical coming from a catholic. I dont remember any atheist scandals being covered up by the pope for abusing young boys.

My Kind Opoib

Sarkazein said...

Guy Faulkes you wrote- "If you do not believe in either God or an afterlife, then please explain your objection. Is it because you object to having someone do something to a chunk of meat that used to be you and for some reason stopped?
By the way, if you have no soul, why did you die? What made you quit living? Why are you not like the energize Bunny? "

Brilliant questions!

Opoib said...

Sark, when you and Guy are done congratulating each other, I replied to his question clearly and succinctly.

His question in my opinion are far from brilliant. No god has anything to do with when I was born or when I will die.

Anonymous said...

How about when you burn?

ITCM said...

Ouch! Threatening with fire & brimstone again... I think that's one of the main reasons most people believe in the supernatural (religion). Fear of burning in hell is a great motivator, wouldn't you all agree? Without that carrot dangling in front of you, why would you believe in all of the crazy stories? Could you be a parent who loves your child more than anything, but then burn them alive because they didn't love you the same? Essentially, that is what the bible states regarding God's love. "Love me or I'll torture you forever". Great logic.

You can actually look around at the world and do so much good without actually believing in this. Morality isn't something you learn from the bible. The 10 commandments are irrelevant except for the last few: Honor thy mother and father (I know I love and respect my parents and my children love and respect me), No killing (obviously), No stealing (good one), No false witness (OK), and don't be jealous of others. Jealousy...such a human emotion. It's strange how the first 4 commandments are all supposedly stated by a highly jealous God. He sure wants what you may be giving to someone or something else.

Anonymous said...

Don't murder unborn babies or you'll pay for it when you are judged, ITCM.

ITCM said...

Everyone murders animals or living creatures every day. Every time you step on a bug or run over a frog while driving. They are just as complex and have similar body structures to humans. Just because we have the ability to reason does not make us any better. There you go with the religious "soul" argument again. Religion should not play a part in politics or laws - how can you get that through your little noggin? These types of decisions should be left up to the woman who is pregnant - it's not your body and she is not owned by the government. Let her make the choice and then be "judged" if she believes in that sort of thing.

Opoib said...

Well said ITCM, I find the problem in this discussion is you and I believe the person who is pregnant should decide what to do about that issue.

While others here feel that some supernatural being gave them eminent domain over other peoples bodies.

Opoib said...

Anon 10:22 is burning for eternity the reason Romney only let his father in law burn for 1 year before baptizing him a year after his death? Was 1 year a long enough punishment?

Anonymous said...

Apparently you libs do set a time limit for when it's ok for a mother to kill her baby? It's ok a week before birth, but not a week after? Do I have that right?

Sarkazein said...

That was a good one Anonymous 4:03.

Obama isn't putting a time limit on his job either. First it was 3.5 years, now he gives himself an I for incompetent/incomplete.