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Friday, August 17, 2012

Sexual Harrasment Is Not Pretty!

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano has been accused of sexual harassment and discrimination against male employees.
In the complaint, Napolitano is accused of turning her female-run department into a "frat house" where male staffers were routinely humiliated, reports Forbes.
Along with the culture against men, Napolitano is also accused of providing unequal opportunities for men and women, promoting women to the highest positions while equally qualified men were bypassed. The lawsuit against 

Janet Napolitano serves as a stark reminder for employers that discrimination goes both ways, and that you have to be on the lookout for much more than men harassing women.
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guy faulkes said...

It goes much farther than just sexual discrimination. I have friends in Homeland Security that say affirmative action has resulted in the reverse discrimination of the promotion of people holding a GED over people holding college degrees, some of them advanced degrees.

Granted a college degree is not an absolute indication of ability and is only a guide, but this is not how the government works. A degrees is a ticket that must be punched for advancement in government service unless you are a female or a minority.

matt said...

Can I charge her for sexual harassment for the groping I got in the airport last weekend?

Jus' Sayin' said... could have a case except that the security cameras show you getting back in line for a pat down over and over and over again.


Johnny Rico said...

My my, a fringe left agency head that discriminates against men. Who woulda thunk it? The hussein obama administration (notice lower case) is the most divisive in history. Class warfare is the norm. Funny thing is, most of America is too stupid to see it coming (and the fringe left news media won't report on it).

Any liberals hear about this lawsuit on MSNBC or CNN? LOL!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

Napalitano won't win any beauty contests will she? What a python.

Sarkazein said...

She was appointed by an amateur.

Anonymous said...

Sexual discrimination against females has been a long-time problem. We may have some of the same in our local government.

A letter was published in the High County Press online yesterday, "Cleaning house at WCS?", accusing the new Superintendent and Board of sexual discrimination.

HCP preceded the letter with an explanation of why an anonymous letter was being published (indicated the letter was coming from a school/county employee). It 'disappeared' down the memory hole.

The letter claimed an existing female employee was overlooked with the hiring of Dr. Kafitz, 2 female adminitrative department heads were replaced by a male, and suspicious contract buyout/resignation of the female assistant superintendent.

The letter suggested more house cleaning was expected. With three board members jumping ship, it could be they are hiding skeletons instead of cleaning house.

Anonymous said...

I would need more than an anonymous letter from a supposedly disgruntled employee before I formed an opinion on this one!

guy faulkes said...

I do not think the cases are compatible. The men suing Napalitano are not anonymous accusers. If this person files a formal complaint about the WCS situation, there will be an investigation. It sounds like the local issue is a publicity stunt.

If that is the case, then someone is lessening the merit of what might be a serious issue.

Anonymous said...

Publicity stunt?

Anonymous said...

Choosing a man over a woman for a job, or a woman over a man, does not mean that their is any illegal discrimination! A pattern might develop that could support an allegation like that, but the school board, made up of a Woman as chair, and 2 women out of 5 total members, can hardly be condemned simply for choosing a highly qualified male for the position of Superintendent of Schools.

On the other hand, it doesn't prove that they didn't. I just don't thing that an anonymous accusation in either a letter to the editor or to a web site is worthy of considering.

guy faulkes said...

Publicity stunt indeed. The fact there was an anonymous accusation to the media instead of to the proper authorities would seem to indicate a personal vendetta.

If there was merit to the case, then why the anonymity and trial by press instead of by the rule of law as with Napalitano?

Anonymous said...

Thought it was odd the HCP printed an anonymous letter. It has historically been against policy.

Not sure why the HCP made the decision to publish and then deleted. Probably should stick to their original policy requiring name.

Do you really think the HCP published the letter as a "publicity stunt"?

That doesn't seem like Ken's style.

Johnny Rico said...

High Country Press censors letters all the time. When local outdoorsmen sent letters disparaging Virginia Foxx of all people, the editor at that time, Kathleen, wouldn't allow those letters in the HCP. When asked why, she said they were personal attacks against Virginia Foxx. When asked about personal attacks against George Bush and Virginia Foxx from other letters to the editor, she no longer wanted to have a conversation. Typical fringe left news media.

Johnny Rico said...

What about the sexual harassment claims against the Democratic Party in North Carolina? Funny how the liberals wish that one would go away.

Johnny Rico said...

Why won't the liberal news media report on the sexual harassment case against Napalitano? If it were against a Bush appointee, we wouldn't hear the end of it.

Also, whey don't we see the numbers of dead soldiers plastered across the front page of USA Today anymore? And do liberals support operations in Afghanistan? They must, because you don't hear a peep out of them these days. Where are the anti-war protesters? LOL!!

Tough questions, tough questions.

guy faulkes said...

I do not think the publicity stunt was done by the HCP, but rather by the person that sent in the letter anonymously. I doubt that Ketchie sent the letter to himself.

In either case, it is an example of how things are treated differently. In one case an unsubstantiated issue is publicized and in the other filed lawsuits are ignored.

In both cases, the truth should be decided in a court of law.

Anonymous said...

Unless someone can show me the web page with the "letter" on it, I have doubts that it was ever posted by HCP.

Anonymous said...

Well, why don't you ask Jesse of HCP if the letter was posted and who posted it?

Or better yet, why not ask Ken Ketchie.

Anonymous said...

Mostly I don't call them because I don't have any interest in whether or not some whack-job wrote an anonymous letter to the editor.


guy faulkes said...

Anonymous, I cannot understand why you comment on the HCP article if you do not care about it and why it apparently bothers you that some people do care.

It is a good example of the discrepancies in how media reports things. Even the same media outlet. This, if nothing else, makes it significant.