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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Watauga Democrat Takes Cheap Shot at Paul Ryan

Today's Watauga Democrat has a mean-spirited, sarcastic drawing on its editorial page regarding Paul Ryan's budget.   If you haven't seen it,don't bother looking. 


guy faulkes said...

Dad Gum it Blogger, that is like saying do not think about a purple giraffe. You have to do it. Now I have to go get the stupid paper unless yous can the picture and post it.

Anonymous said...

And yet if it was making a mockery of Obama (Maybe something involving a bone through the nose, or watermelons?) It'd be front and center here.

It's a cartoon guys, god sometimes blogger you and the rest here really are a bunch of thin skinned squealing little piggies [/biden]

Anonymous said...

Above racist statement is obviously the work of a liberal.

Worried Republican in Deep Gap said...

Nothing to see here. Here's the real issue.

Are our commissioners going to sign on to using the old high school property for a new business park? I hope not. I think this is a mistake, and I also believe it will get us in hot water. On the Watauga Democrat newspaper sight, Pam Williamson wrote this today "I'm confused. The commissioners have been screaming that the county debt was too high ("unprecedented debt") and that the old school property needed to be sold to pay down the debt. This was their stated reason for initially proposing a 1/4 cent sales tax increase and then calling it off: "the resolution we voted on was to dedicate the tax to debt reduction. Now we're saying we're going to use it for education!" (Commissioner Gable). Is the county debt no longer a factor? Do we no longer need to sell the old hs property to pay off debt? Is the plan now to ask Watauga taxpayers to fund a new project at the site? Where will the money come from?"

It's the first time in my life I've ever agreed with anything she said. She's also setting us up quite nicely for a fall. What's going on with this? Does anyone know?

NewGuy said...

Worried Republican,

I doubt very seriously that she is "confused" about this at all. More likely just trying to spread some doubt about the Republicans on the BOC and take attention away from the fact that, when the Dems controlled the County Commission, they ran up huge debts for a new high school rather than renovate the perfectly adequate school that we had.

Then, to compound matters, they apparently turned down a $30 MILLION PLUS offer on the old HS property even though they had an appraisal in hand showing the property was worth appx half of that amount. Easy to see why Dems would now want to redirect any attention away from their irresponsibility concerning the old HS property.

As I understand the current situation, the Economic Development Commission made a proposal to turn the property into an industrial development park. The commissioners, (quite correctly in my judgement) agreed to "table" the request and to set up a meeting to discuss it at a later time. It is, in my opinion, very doubtful that the Republicans on the BOC would consider anything that puts the county further in debt! I'm glad to see that Pam Williamson also appears opposed to using taxpayer money for this. But, my bet is, that it has a better chance of passing if Dems are elected to the board in Nov. If Ms Williamson is against it, it will be interesting to see how the Dem candidates for the BOC election position themselves!

I understand that most of the Republican candidates will attend the local GOP Hot Dog Dinner tomorrow (THURSDAY) From 5:30 to 7:30 at the Grandfather Community Center. Everyone is invited to come meet the candidates and it would be a good chance to hear their position on this issue! I guess Ms Williamson and the Dem candidates will let everyone know their position on this as well.

guy faulkes said...

I would like to add to New Guy's comment.

As the previous commission did not take a lucrative offer for the old high school property, the county is stuck with a property that continues to cost them money. Hopefully the present commissioners will study the situatio0n carefully and try to get the best result for the taxpayers when dealing with this money pit.

It may be selling at a loss from the very good offer that was once made. It may be selling at a loss, period, to get rid of the proeprty. It might be that a business park might be the best answer.

In any event the commissioners are on the right track by doing a diligent study on which possibility will cost the taxpayer least or benefit him in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Politicians are politicians, but I have always found the Republicans to be the lesser of two evils! Now, and for the last forty-some years, the Democrat Party has been hi-jacked by the socialists and every group of deviants and lawless types that one can think of!