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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Will There Be A "Knife Control" Movement In Response?

"A teenager has been arrested after killing nine people and wounding four others in a knife attack in northeast China, state media reported Thursday.
The 17-year-old, who was identified only by his surname Li, barged into the home of his girlfriend armed with a knife following an argument and killed two relatives of the girl, the Legal Daily said.
As he left his girlfriend's home in Liaoning province's Xinbin county, he stabbed six more people to death and wounded five, it said."

Makes me wonder if the Chinese - who don't have a "right to bare arms" will start campaigning for "knife registration" because of this incident.

When knives are outlawed, only outlaws will have knives!


Anonymous said...

So it isn't just guns that can kill people?

USS Sheppard said...

From Cracked, one of the better responses to this type of thinking:

"Fire and Drugs Kill People, Too. You Wanna Outlaw Matches and Drugs?"

As far as that first bit is concerned, I couldn't agree more. Fire and drugs kill people. I am so agreeing with that right now. But in this article by Scott L. Bach, president of guns and stuff, he puts forth an argument in favor of guns and stuff that takes it too far. It is a very common yet very broken argument, so I'll just copy/paste it for you right here:
"When an arsonist lights a match that burns a building, is the match at fault? Are match manufacturers responsible for the fire? Should laws be passed prohibiting you from having and using matches, or restricting which types you can have, and in what quantities?

"The obvious answer to these questions is no. The same match that is misused by the arsonist lights the fireplace that warms us, and the stove that feeds us. The match has no mind of its own. It is not an evil invention. Its purpose is to ignite, nothing more. If it is misused, the solution is to punish the individual wrongdoer. Everyone else should be left alone.

"The same is true of firearms."

OK. Simply put, "Nuh-uh."

A match has many uses completely unrelated to causing death. A match is not manufactured or intended for death. And the same goes for drugs (unless of course you're talking about the death of the walls confining us to our limited understanding of perception, man). In fact, the same goes for basically anything other than a firearm. Tools are misused to kill people, it's true. But tools are meant for something else entirely. Tools build and fix and aid and improve. Firearms do not. If used correctly, a firearm is meant to, in an instant, kill or destroy something. If a gun is used incorrectly, it would actually mean that something doesn't get shot.

Again, I'm not saying we should outlaw guns. But the conversation can't progress if people keep using arguments that ignore what guns actually are, and what they are used for. Likening a gun to a match or recreational drugs or an icicle or [anything else that can cause death] is an attempt to lighten the weight of a firearm's actual purpose. Guns and [anything else] are not the same. They should not be discussed as though they are.

Anonymous said...

You raise an argument about matches and then you debunk it. Is that what they call a "straw man"?

guy faulkes said...

Once again, gun control is like trying to stop drunk driving by telling sober people they cannot own cars. Knife control would be the same.

A man fights with his mind. If he wants to kill, rob, or enslave you, he will find a way to try to do it. If you want to defend yourself, it is up to you to find a way to do so. The most efficient is with a gun.

NewGuy said...

EDITORIAL: End knife control - Washington Times

NewGuy said...