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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Twilight of the Left

Kester gives illustrations of Progressivism’s failure. Debating Progressives on this blog is impossible. They have grown up in a different world from mine. A review of the book “I Am the Change, Barack Obama and the Crisis of Liberalism ” by Charles R. Kester, in the Wall Street Journal Fred Siegel this week was helpful to me.
The DNA of the world I grew up in “referred in reverential terms to the Constitution and to the natural rights cited in the Declaration of Independence,” and to the securing and protection of those rights
However working into that DNA was the philosophy of Progressivism. The flowering begins with that college professor Woodrow Wilson, followed in three waves FDR’s New Deal and then LBJ’s Great society. Obama is the leader of Progressivism’s ‘fourth wave.’
The Progressives view the traditions of the Founders as hopelessly outdated. They insist on a new set of governing principles adapted to the modern age, requiring a ‘living Constitution.’ Government became a government of experts, of the credentialed, and of the social scientists. Because we now have the wise men at the top working for “the betterment of society” the future is filled with hope.

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