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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Vent Page LIV - 54 vent pages and still going strong!

54 Yes! But, what best represents our 54th Vent Page? Studio 54 was considered, but is probably a little too "hip" for our conservative tastes! NC Hiway 54 was a possibility - but it goes through Carboro AND Chapel Hill know.   The political slogan 54 - 40 or fight? A little too esoteric for us -
What then for our  iconic representation of the  54th Vent Page that  is consistant with our Vent Page Culture....????

Yep! You got it!

Car 54 Where Are You?

There's a hold up in the Bronx,
Brooklyn's broken out in fights.
There's a traffic jam in Harlem
That's backed up to Jackson Heights.
There's a scout troup short a child,
Kruschev's due at Idlewild
Car 54, Where Are You?

Whenever the number of posts on a vent page make it cumbersome to navigate, a new vent page is started. This is number FIFTY-FOUR in our series!

VENT PAGES are handy for posting of off-topic posts, rants, raves, rages, etc, which might not be appropriate on other threads where adults are having serious discussions. Childish rant? Need to call another poster a name? Just feel like spouting Or even if you have something to say and there doesn't seem to be any other logical place to say it....THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU!

The Year 1954 - the movie ON THE WATERFRONT
the top song......Mr. Sandman by the Chordettes...a bit further down the list was Bill Haley's Shake, Rattle and Roll - 
Also released in 1954 was Elvis' That's All Right - it made it to number 4 in Memphis but didn't break through nationally. He was never heard from again (OK, I'm kidding there).

My choice for the car to represent 1954 has to be the first Corvette...or at least the first full production year (300 vette's were made in 1953 but were not readily available to the general public.) The 54 'Vette contained many stock parts from the Chevrolet line - including the Blue Flame 6 engine that was standard on the car. The fiberglass body has remained as the Corvette standard and the Corvette has become known as America's Sports Car.


Anonymous said...

Apparently unable to generate enough participation to make a good showing in the 73,000+ Bank of America stadium, Dems have moved Obama's speech to the much smaller indoor Time Warner Arena...

"It's because of the weather" said the Dems....."not because we were concerned with how empty that big stadium was going to look!"

Happily Married said...

Anon -

The repubs did not have enough people on their first day to even start the convention - they just decided to start it the next day after they drummed up enough interest.

Same moronic concept to comment.

It was widely reported that people lined up for hours for tickets and waiting lists had to be established due to the lack of available tickets an overwhelming interest.

Is any one else tired of the pot shots from both sides or are we just content that this is the new paradigm?

Blogger said...

"But convention sources exclusively told the UK MailOnline on Tuesday that the real reason behind the switch was fears within the Obama campaign that there would be large numbers of empty seats in the 74,000-seater stadium."

Blogger said...

"She (Nikki Haley) was down in the bunker a la Eva Braun,” Harpootlian told South Carolina delegates at the Democratic National Convention.

It was the third time Democrats have compared Republicans to Hitler’s murderous regime since the convention opened on Monday. Leading delegates from California and Kansas each likened Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan to top Nazis Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels."
Obviously the Dems are panicking.

Blogger said...

HM Were you on another planet the first day of the Republican Convention? Isaac was headed right toward Tampa. Under those circumstances, intelligent people stayed away for a day.

Blogger said...

Democrats this week haul out their big guns–Obama, of the failed presidency; Carter, voted the worst president in modern history; Clinton, so sleazy we had to make the children leave the room when he was being questioned; and Kennedy, who left a woman to drown in a creek. But probably what’s worse, Dems are not even embarrassed.

guy faulkes said...

"HM Were you on another planet the first day of the Republican Convention? Isaac was headed right toward Tampa. Under those circumstances, intelligent people stayed away for a day."

You beat me to it, Blogger.

Sarkazein said...

I believe that was HM's attempt at humor.

The funnier line from her comment is- "Is any one else tired of the pot shots from both sides or are we just content that this is the new paradigm?"

Sarkazein said...

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (AP) - A Democratic state legislator from east Arkansas, his father and two campaign workers pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiracy to commit election fraud after federal prosecutors said the lawmaker's campaign bribed absentee voters and destroyed ballots in a special election last year.

guy faulkes said...

Paradoxical Quote of The Day From Ben Stein:

"Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they are insured... but not everyone must prove they are a citizen." Now add this, "Many of those who refuse, or are unable, to prove they are citizens will receive free insurance paid for by those who are forced to buy insurance because they are citizens."

Sarkazein said...

Guy Faulkes- Have you seen this one? HERE

Mike D. said...

"It was the third time Democrats have compared Republicans to Hitler’s murderous regime since the convention opened on Monday."

I think Godwin's Law applies here.

Anonymous said...

Tea Party Jesus strikes again!

Sarkazein said...

The ayes have it video...NOT

guy faulkes said...

Sark, I had not seen that video. It portrays the perfect use of lateral movement while shooting and advancing to cover. I am going to send it to a friend so he can make an IDPA stage from it.

Thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

It is an easy choice in 2012.

If you feel you can make the best decisions regarding what's best for you and your family, Vote Republican.
If you feel government can make the best decisions regarding what's best for you and your family, Vote Democrat.

If you get up and go to work every day, Vote Republican.
If you are a stay at home welfare, EBT, food stamp, disability recipient, felon, or just plain lazy, Vote Democrat.

Opoib said...

Mike D, I think it would be better if Coughlins laws were applied to this or almost any situation.

Coughlin’s laws:

1) Always make the first drink strong.
2) Always carry a lighter, even if you don’t smoke.
3) Never spit at a woman, she will only spit right back.
4) If it is worth doing, it’s worth doing right.
5) If you can’t trouble them with truth, battle them with bullshit.
6) Last call is never last call.
7) You are not in it for the money, you are in it for the fun.
8) Always make the tip jars obvious.
9) The bigger the fool, the better the tips.
10) There is no such thing as too much.
11) The last one, always means a few more.
12) When it comes to music, always play what you feel.
13) When in doubt, drink tequila.
14) When making love to a woman, always have Bayleys and Swiss chocolate on hand.
15) Always keep at deck of cards behind the bar.
16) It’s not what you did, it’s what you remember.
17) Learn something new every day.
18) Never put chairs behind the bar.
19) Never let friends behind the bar.
20) The brain is dead, the liver is shot, but the spirits keep on flowing.
21) Always keep your eyes on the dames.
22) If at first you didn’t succeed, drink and try again.
23) Don’t drink more than you are able to walk to your car.
24) Always have a flower handy for a lady.
25) When making love to a man, just make sure you are naked.
26) Never tell tales about a woman no matter how far away she is, she’ll always hear you.
27) Never show surprise, never lose your cool.
28) Couglin’s diet: cocktails and dreams.
29) Falling down the stairs is allowed!
30) Beer is for breakfast around here, drink or be gone.

Opoib said...

Anon 10:26 I have to disagree with you a bit on your post. To me the republican party is the one who will tell you and your family what is best for you.

They are the party who wants to determine who can marry who . And what a woman can do with her body.

I do not see the democratic party telling people those same things.

I am affiliated to neither and have very mixed feelings on who I will vote for.

Blogger said...

Thaks Matt for teaching me something new--Godwin's Law.

Sarkazein said...

Opoib- I agree with you, you are mixed up... as you say.

Opoib said...

Sarcrazien if that was your best attempt at humor . In my opinion do not quit your day job.

Nobody said...

Does anyone else pay attention to the debt clock that has been added here? I read this elsewhere and then watched the debt clock -- we had $1 million to the national debt EVERY MINUTE! That's not total spending -- that's new debt. Seriously think about that for a bit. $1 million in new debt every minute. Take a minute and watch the millions digit. THIS and the economy should be THE issues of this election. How much spending is enough? As much as OPOIB and others gripe about abortion or gay marriage, this is the issue of the day. The other issues can be dealt with when our economic and fiscal houses are in order, and you can bet that the Democrats will turn us all into government-dependent, economic slaves through high taxation and rampant spending if they are led to believe that electoral victory in November is a mandate to continue doing what they've done for the past three and one-half years.

Sarkazein said...

"Ask Osama Bin Laden if he's better off now than he was four years ago!" Kerry will say.

According to radical Islam... yes!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Nobody.....the mess our economy is in and the direction we are heading will lead us to a place we don't want to be. I can't argue! The debt, and the continuing deficit will hurt us badly.

But, I think there are other issues that are also important to the long range health of this country. Our current president seems to think he can bypass congress and "legislate" from the executive branch. Refusing to enforce our laws; overturning established legislation with executive orders and regulatory policies and the use of the justice department to sue those who the administration disagrees with may do more damage to our American system than the economic mess!

And, it may be harder to recover from this kind of damage than from the financial damage!

Blogger said...

Anonymous 10:57 you are obviously a person paying attention. I wish you would get a pen name so we know which anonymous you are, and let us hear more from you.

NewGuy said...

The above "anonymous" post was mine. I'm not on my regular computer so I guess it didn't pick up my name as it usually does...

Didn't mean to confuse anything....

Blogger said...

Aw shucks. I thought we had picked up a reader as informed as you and I are. I thought, "Now finally, there is a person who knows what is going on."

Nobody said...

New Guy,
I agree with everything you said. What has bothered me lately on this blog has been the amount of discussion on abortion, gay marriage and religion. Don't get me wrong - I have strong opinions on these issues, but the liberals would love for us to get wrapped up in these discussions and ignore the elephant in the room. I suspect that there are a few posters with plenty of time on their hands who enjoy luring us into lengthy discussions such as these - we then spend less time on jobs numbers, pitiful economic growth and the debt. Perhaps I should be like the Roman Senator Cato who ended every speech with, "Carthage must be destroyed" and end every post with, "One million dollars of new debt every minute!"

guy faulkes said...

As to "legislating" form the executive branch, do you remember Ms. Obama saying they were ready to get to Washington and start ruling. She did not misspeak. They knew what they were going to do before the annotation, er inauguration.

Opoib said...

Nobody. I have part of the discussions on these topics you mention. "abortion, gay marriage and religion" To me those are major points that will contribute in the decision of who I vote for.

The national debt is going to be even higher on election day then it is today. But the positions on the personal freedoms that one party vs another will give or take from me my family or friends has to weigh higher in that choice for me. personally.

Blogger said...

And Nobody, I am with you on everything you said in your last comment to New Guy. I too would like to end every one of my posts and comments with “Obama must be stopped before it is too late.” Also, as you have observed just from this blog alone, the cultural conservatives’ obsession with abortion and same-sex marriage gives readers on the Left permission to believe controlling their lives is what we are all about. It is very frustrating especially when my motto has always been “The main thing is to make the main thing the main thing.”

Anonymous said...

Or we could turn into this

In 2007 the Harvard Journal on Law & Public Policy published an article by 2 of the world’s leading researchers, Professor Gary Mauser and lawyer Don Kates. It contained this interesting paragraph:

“One statistic stands out: There are 9 European nations which have less than 5,000 guns per 100,000 population and 7 that have more than 15,000 guns. The average murder rate of the 9 low-gun ownership nations is 3 times higher than the murder rate of the 7 high gun ownership nations. That is apparently because nations w/ high murder rates adopt stringent gun laws, but these don’t work, so high murder rates come to coincide w/ low gun ownership.”


guy faulkes said...

Maybe some issues matter more to some people than they do to others. Just what is wrong with this? The fact that everyone does not agree,even in the same party on on conservative ideals?

No two people have exactly the same concerns. Therefore, the only way to win an election is to select a candidate that enough people can agree on to achieve this goal.

Is Romney this candidate? I have my doubts. If Obama were running against anyone but Romney, I would say the same about him.

Nobody said...

I agree wholeheartedly that some issues are more important than others. I also believe that at certain points in history, certain issues rise to prominence. And after watching the DNC I have become convinced that the Dems would love to spend the rest of the campaign talking about anything but the economy and the debt. Why was Sandra Fluke a speaker at the DNC? The whole first day seemed to be about aborton and "free" birth control. The comments of OPOIB and ITCM are following this pattern. Economic issues - jobs, the debt, etc. - will have a greater impact on more people in the next four years. I shudder to think what will happen in the next four years if Obama wins. Obama will veto any attempt to repeal Obamacare, even if Repubs win the Senate.

$1 million in new debt every minute!

guy faulkes said...

Nobody, the problem is that different issues are considered prominent by different people.

Does Obama need to be defeated? Of course.

Can Romney do it? Maybe, but not as easily as any of the other candidates could have done so. Romney has to much baggage that is just like Obama.

Add this to the fact that every election cycle, those that think as I now do are told that this is the most important election of our lifetime and we have to vote for the lessor of two evils in order to save the world. The progressive movement has used this phenomena to gain power slowly for over 100 years. I, personally, will no longer vote for someone I cannot support because he is slightly less repugnant or will ruin the country at a slower pace than his opponent.

I used to vote this way and it is as much my fault as anyone's for allowing the establishment politicians take over the country for their well being instead of that of the people. However, I have had enough. If we have to rebuild out of the ashes, so be it.

I respect those of you that have debated with me on this issue and wish you well in your endeavors to unseat Obama with one slightly less odious. However, I think it is a mistake in the long run that only perpetuates our problems and so I will not be helping you achieve this goal.

This is a lose - lose situation.

NewGuy said...

There is a good article on the "swing" states in todays N&O.

Let's hope that NC doesn't go for Obama because of the loss of Guy Faulkes' vote! ;)

Nobody said...

New Guy,
It WAS only 0.4% in 2008.

NewGuy said...

Nobody...I actually feel pretty good about Watauga County and NC for this election. A lot can happen in the next 8 weeks, but - as of now- I think we are going to carry NC for Romney; the State for McCrory, and - in my opinion - Republicans at the state and local level will do very well here in Watauga! Some Democrat North Carolina congressmen didn't attend the Dem convention in CHarlotte - trying to avoid being identified with Obama and his policies. I think that's a pretty good indication that a lot of voting Democrats feel the same way...

Sarkazein said...

What the ....?

guy faulkes said...

"Let's hope that NC doesn't go for Obama because of the loss of Guy Faulkes' vote! ;)"

I do not think my vote is all that significant, New Guy. However, when it is added to that of many of my family members, that of the Wolf and Rico, their family members, those of our friends that feel as we do, their family members, etc.... it begins to take on a small amount of significance.

You are correct that it may not influence the outcome of the race, but it is not intended to do so. It is to let the establishment Republicans know that they need to return to their conservative base or face a strong possibility of losing an election. Also it increases their awareness of the possibility of a third party.

It certainly makes me wonder why people re so concerned about my not voting for either candidate that they say it is a vote for Obama, if there is no significance to my not supporting the lessor of two evils.

NewGuy said...

Guy, I hope that my comment about your vote didn't come across as 'snarky'. It wasn't intended that way but your response suggests that maybe you took it in a way I didn't intend.

I don't minimize your vote, your position on this issue, or the fact that many others feel as you do. I respect your choice as one you made after putting some thought into it and, while I disagree strongly with your position, I do understand where you are coming from.

I DO hope that you, and others who think the same way, will come around and realize that another four years of Obama may put this country so far in the hole that we will never get out of it. Romney, at least (in my judgment) will cut our losses before Obama does any more damage.

guy faulkes said...

At first, i have to admit I was thinking that you were saying my opinion did not matter (and, in fact, it may not in the long run), but on further reflection I can see you were making reference to our long standing disagreement on this issue in a joking way.

My apologies if my reply offended you, New Guy.

Being able to have an adult discussion with those that I do not agree with is what makes this blog so valuable to me. I treasure the debates I have with the reasonable members on this blog when we disagree even more than the posts on which we agree, because these debates allow me to reexamine my position and refine my thinking. My recent debate with HM is a case in point of people that passionately disagree making their points while backing them up in an adult manner.

This is far different than the La La La La La arguments presented by some of our trolls.

Anonymous said...

Taking bets on how long before Blogger deletes this one too.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any reason for Blogger or New Guy to delete this irrelevant opinion piece. It doesn't say anything,but it ups the number of posts.

Sarkazein said...

If my son gave the police agency he works for a FORGED FAKE BIRTH CERTIFICATE to qualify, he would not only be fired, he would probably get charges filed. President of the US... no problem. The Left is just ignoring this news.

Anonymous said...

So Paul, you think it's too soon to try and score political points off dead Americans?

Guess this brings new meaning to your ticket being called vulture / voucher 2012 eh?

The only disgraceful behavior? I man trying to make hay out of this before the bodies are even cold. Or more to the point before he even has all the facts.

Hope this isn't an example of how knee jerk his actual foreign policy would be.

Of course that would require Romney giving actual specifics on any policy too wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

What is this- "Internet Day" at the insane asylum?

Opoib said...

Sarcrazien is this road near you ?,0,5879957.story

Blogger said...

US Reverses on International Gun Control

Blogger said...

We have a president and secretary of state who are way over their head! The world is coming apart! The national debt can pass the gross national product! The Feds are pumping out funny money. There are voters who have lost their minds planning to vote for four more years (If we can make it that far.). And at the same time we have people on this blog zinging each other over only God knows what. I have lost track. Get me a straight jacket please!