Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gunny & Glock - Wrong Diner - Extended Version


guy faulkes said...

This is exactly what would happen to these predators that hunt gun free zones if theses zones were eliminated. Of course you would never hear of it in the media. You so not hear of it when it happens how do you?

NewGuy said...

Exactly, Guy Faulkes. The first part of the video could happen anywhere...the second part wont happen in Chicago, DC or the numerous other places that prevent citizens from carrying weapons for their own self defense.

Of course "gun free zones" are good places for these armed robbers to attack.....this guy should have looked for one of those "no guns allowed" signs on the door and robbed that place.

guy faulkes said...

Please listen to this public service announcement form the Milwaukee County Sheriff's office.