Thursday, February 14, 2013

NC House Bill 8 will protect private property rights....

The NC house passed House Bill 8 Tuesday....a bill which would put before the voters a change to the NC Constitution which would prevent the taking of private property by "Eminent Domain" for purposes other than "Public Use".
From Thom Tillis Press Release:
"The North Carolina House
of Representatives on Tuesday passed House Bill 8, which proposes an amendment to the North Carolina Constitution preventing state and local governments from seizing private property for anything other than a public use. The Constitutional amendment would further require “just compensation” to be paid to the property owner.
“House Bill 8 protects private property rights for North Carolinians against the practice known as ‘eminent domain,’” said House Speaker Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg.) “We have seen government abuse of this power all-too-often. This measure protects our citizens’ ability to make their own choices about their property and codifies their rights in our Constitution.”
Readers may recall the New London Connecticut case where the SCOTUS ruled that the city of New London was within it's rights to condemn private property under "Eminent Domain" for the purpose of reselling that property to private developers. Several states reacted to the SC decision by passing new state laws prohibiting this type of taking. It's good that NC is taking action to protect the property rights of it's citizens.

The NC House passed the bill with only 8 representatives voting "NO".....all Democrats of course.


guy faulkes said...

So far, one has to be impressed with North Carolina's new Republican controlled government. They appear to be living up to their claims of conservationism. If only the party would do so at the federal level.

NewGuy said...

From Representative Pitman...sponsor of the bill:

"ETJ is simply an injustice, which we must abolish," he said. "It is a matter of basic principle. So I want to put this into the constitution to make it clear that allowing a government entity to have jurisdiction over people who cannot vote on their election, whom they therefore do not represent, will not be tolerated any longer in this state.""

Read more in Anna Oakes' Watauga Democrat article here:

guy faulkes said...

Is it not interesting that Ms. Williamson appears to be deathly afraid of letting the people themselves decide by a referendum? Why do you suppose that is?

Anonymous said...

liars, liberals and losers.