Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Miller responds to town..."Cutting town's lobbyists would be a good place to start"

 According to Steve Frank BOC Chairman Nathan Miller has offered his response to recent town press releases... See GoBlueRIdge.net Click Here

"Now the Town of Boone has sent out a memo detailing some of the cuts they're looking at. What they don't mention is the $680,000 they've spent on lobbyists over the past six years. That, in my opinion, would be a good place to start cutting."


NewGuy said...

$680,000.00 in taxpayer money used to lobby Raleigh for more taxpayer money? That's about 1/3rd of the total revenue loss the sales tax redistribution will cost them. Now if we can only make up the other 2/3rds!

Maybe they could make up a little more by cutting back on their legal expenses. How much have they spent in lawyer fees trying to defend their dictating of who can build what and where in Boone? How much tax revenue will they lose when the High School property can't be developed? Adding this fully developed property to the tax rolls would probably increase our taxable properties by $100 MILLION or more! Add to that the sales taxes from the retail stores that would be put there......

Revenue hasn't been an issue in Boone because they've benefited from an unfair allocation of the sales taxes. Now they can concentrate on running efficiently and MAYBE finding ways to increase tax revenues instead of trying to dictate to the marketplace what THEY think should be build.

guy faulkes said...

Another way to raise income for the town of Boone as well as the county would be to cross check those that vote using a student ID for voting purposes (if that is allowed under the version of the voter ID bill that becomes law) with the DMV to see how many cars are currently not being taxed locally that should be under state property tax law.