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Thursday, June 20, 2013

VENT PAGE LXXV - The Fastest Vent Page East Of The Mississippi!

Vent Page 75......and, to celebrate, the State of NC is considering legislation to raise our speed limits on some highways to 75MPH. The Senate has already passed the bill - which also passed in committee in the house - and  it is scheduled for full house vote today.

While we will, of course, hear "If Just One Life Is Saved" about 100 times before the vote occurs - channel 9 news has reported that the impact of higher speeds on traffic fatalities is largely dependent on who is funding the study!

At any rate, we appreciate the legislature's attempt to commemorate our 75th Vent Page - a very nice gesture indeed!

VENT PAGES are handy for posting of off-topic posts, rants, raves, rages, etc, which might not be appropriate on other threads where adults are having serious discussions. Childish rant? Need to call another poster a name? Just feel like spouting off?  Or even if you have something to say and there doesn't seem to be any other logical place to say it....THIS PAGE IS FOR YOU!
By 1975 new government regulations had pretty much taken the fun out of the American Automobile! Horsepower limitations and anti smog devices along with the beginning of the attempts to make driving idiot-proof had killed the muscle car areas. 1975 was also pretty much the end of the convertible with General Motors announcing it would no longer produce ragtops in any  full sized cars except Cadillac after this model year.(Cadillac ragtops died a year later - Chrysler and Ford had stopped in '71 and '73)

This decision was caused more by the market changing and the proliferation of air conditioning than it was government interference - but still it was a loss to those of us who enjoyed the open air motoring in our younger days.
1975 Olds 88 convertible


Sarkazein said...


Sarkazein said...

New York, NY (CFAM) — From the stage at the recent Women Deliver conference, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea revealed that her much-admired maternal grandmother was the child of unwed teenage parents who “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.”

Chelsea’s grandmother was born of an unintended pregnancy. And new research shows that her family is not alone in treasuring a person who – if Planned Parenthood had been successful – would not have been born.

Reader said...

Sark, what do you think about Snowden?

Sarkazein said...

Reader- I don't like to rely on the mind of a 29 year old nerd who, at times, sounds delusional about his own importance. His actions of going to China, Russia, now Cuba... seem to me odd. Privacy is non-existant in those countries.
The program is over-kill, typical of government. There was probably some PC rules in its development. We must gather info on all Americans as not to appear prejudice... was probably in there somewhere.

Sarkazein said...

Aye! The honeymoon is far over.

Reader said...

Sark, I believe what he's done is wrong...stealing information. The government also has a right to go after him and prosecute him. He raised an issue on how much information can they collect on all of us. We aren't the enemy. Sure there's some terrorists in the US...right under their noses they couldn't put it together about the Fort Hood shooter, or was that just work place violence as Obama called it? Russia gave them information on the Boston bomber, on a silver platter and they still didn't do anything.

Spying on innocent people and then storing the information in a database is not security to me, Sark. Whether he's 29 or 69 shouldn't matter either. I think having the guts to expose our government of wrongdoing is brave. They can't be trusted. Snowden just brought to the surface what needed to be uncovered. He's now in hiding from his own know, the one that's called the land of the free.

We both want the same freedoms, Sark. We're not that different. I've always thought you've commented on how I felt, I just didn't say it. How much privacy are you willing to let our government have control over? Snowden, betrayer or hero? I think maybe he's both.

Sarkazein said...

Reader- I was commenting more on Snowden than I was the NSA program. I just don't trust him or know his intent. I seriously think he has a screw loose. Combine that with his age, and you have a nerd running around with 4 laptops full of US top secret info being reviewed by China and Russia. He is in the Russian airport now... bet he doesn't have all his luggage in his possession. He is being used by Putin and whoever else will throw him a little attention.
Did he ever go to the IG or a US congressman? Did he ever pick a US newspaper to go to? I don't know. Did he take off because he had gotten caught or he knew someone was on to him for stealing classified info? To me, his age is important. At 60 he might look back and say- "What was I thinking!?"

Sarkazein said...

reader- I also don't know how much more the NSA could know about me then the IRS has known about me for decades.

Reader said...

Sark, thanks for telling me what you think.

Sarkazein said...

Reader- Between Wikileaks and Snowden and whatever else is out there, our country is now an open book. We will see how it plays out.
I agree with you on the NSA program 100%. I just can't understand why Snowden thought it important to tell the Chinese and the Russians... it makes little sense to me.

Johnny Rico said...

Thursdummy said:

"It is evident you care nothing about facts, figures, history or statics. (See earlier posts)

Also evident is your total disregard for what someone ACTUALLY stated. Clearly, you prefer dodging the topic and misquoting over debate - a Liberal tactic.

I am speaking specifically of:

Your EFFORTS criticism vs. your BEHAVIORAL defense. (Shifting the debate.)

Your continued insistence on misquoting my “Republicans, just like Conservatives…”, in favor of your lie: “Republicans (ARE) just like Conservative.”

Only someone like you could read our transcript and think I “fell on my sword.”
Where was this evidenced?

You make an unbelievably broad statement about the County Commissioner’s “repealing gun laws.”

I point out most of our gun laws come from Raleigh and DC.

You narrow your complaint down to the County’s ban on Sunday hunting.

I, now knowing the details of your nuanced gripe, agree with you.

And somehow you equate this to “falling on my sword?”

Your reasoning is totally devoid of logic.

Given your disregard for actualities, I see no need to further our conversation. It is impossible to debate someone who operates in a world where facts are meaningless.

Of course you will claim this as victory. But rest assured this victory is only in your mind. To the rest of the world, this is me simply me saving myself some time.

I do however hope you enjoy revealing in your make-believe victory, as these pretend victories are the only victories you will ever enjoy.

But before closing, I will deny you the moral high ground you attempted to claim for yourself:

Your statement, “I say this because I support YOU, a citizen of this once great country. I support YOUR freedom. I support YOUR right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness,” is no doubt genuine and admirable.

We are indeed fighting for the same cause.

With that said, our fight for Liberty and Freedom is diminished, when you slander, lie, and habitually criticize your brothers and sisters in arms.

You can attempt to justify your actions in any way you like, but there is no excuse for such behavior.

Going forward, I encourage you to:

Speak the truth,
argue facts,
and, use logic.

Employing these skills will serve you well in future.

Though you assert it as fact, we do not disagree politically.

My disagreement with you is not issues oriented, but rather behavior oriented.

Your on-line tirades are often illogical.

You spend the vast majority of your time attacking Republicans and other Conservatives instead of arguing against Liberalism.

You prefer attacking your own - I find this detestable.

As I originally state, you are nothing but a critic.

Your ole pal,

CCed: Facts Matter, Don’t Shift the Debate, and Target Liberals not Conservatives

BCCed: Critics are a Waste of Time

Johnny Rico said...

Thursdummy said:

"It is evident you care nothing about facts, figures, history or statics. (See earlier posts)"

Thursdum, it's even more evident you care nothing about facts, figures, history, or statistics (see my earlier posts that refute your drivel)

You see Thursdum, I showed how liberal RINOs are getting beaten badly in the social media war. You seem to take offense to this, but the truth is in the pudding!! Obummer beat the daylights out of RINO Romney. Establishment Republitards seem to think the majority is going to blindly follow them off the cliff again. Not anymore my liberal friend.

The RINO County Commissioners also fit this mold. They have done NOTHING to increase personal freedoms from residents of Watauga County. This is why the LOST seats during the last election. You seem to believe status quo is ok in politics. Your personal beliefs are of course yours to have but they are destroying our nation. You seem to dodge the "status quo" observation too. Why is this? You also seem to ignore the fact that our freedoms have not increased under the Watauga County Commissioners.

What do the Commissioners think of the current gun bill stalled in our legislature that will INCREASE OUR FREEDOMS? They act like that bill is out of their jurisdiction or something, and a status quo RINO would think something like that, but it is well within their realm to pass a resolution or voice vote supporting the right to keep and bear arms. Yet they don't. But we do have liberal Sheriffs, including Democrat Lynn Hagaman supporting efforts to keep anti-2nd Amendment institutions in place.

Funny how a Democratic Sheriff can support gun control but a RINO County Commission doesn't find it worthy to fight for pro-gun bills. And RINO supporters like you swallow it completely and without reservation.

I do my part to help the situation. I call a RINO a RINO and campaign against politicians (Watauga County Commissioners) who do nothing to increase personal freedoms and limit government. How about that digital sign ordinance you didn't seem to want to talk about? Tough question wasn't it! LOL!!

Thursdum, idiots like you are the problem in our nation. You support fellow idiots like the RINO politicians who do nothing but attend meetings and blather about nothing in particular. Perhaps you should re-think your broken record position and start DOING SOMETHING. The liberals are eating your lunch in terms of rallying, getting the message out, fighting, social media and a host of other things. And you are mad at me because I note the apathy and lack of grit amongst Republicans. You hate I ask the tough questions. And you hate most of all that I hold politicians accountable. LOL!!!!

I apologize for not reducing you to a dustpile (once again) sooner, but I've been busy fighting for rights. You ought to try it sometime! LOL!!

Johnny Rico said...

Nobody said:

To the contrary, Thursday pasted Rico on this thread. While I enjoy reading Rico when (s)he is nailing liberals, she is the worst kind of ally -- too much collateral damage/(un)friendly fire. Cincinnatus no longer posts here because of her. She cannot (or will not) see the similarities in positions she shares with Thursday."

Well you're a legend in your own mind aren't you. So Thusdummy "plastered" me? Does that occur when someone (Thursdum) dodges difficult questions and answers? All is yellow in the jaundiced eye I guess.

You're worried about collateral damage when all the Republitard Party can give you is a jackwagon like RINO ROMNEY? And I'm some sort of problem? LOL!! Dolts like you are delusional. Nobody, you're a definite nobody. If you went away like that idiot Cincinnatus, it wouldn't much matter. You're simply another status quo, RINO Supporting dunce who somehow believes political salvation can be achieved with that same kind of McCain/Romney/Dole gentlemen's election which lost all three of those elections.

Wake up, brace up, grab them, squeeze and start fighting. If you can't fight (like Thursdum or Cincinnatus) then get out of the way while us heavyweights do the hard work. You are worse than useless though. You're dead weight right now. A force at rest equals a liability.

Liberals are not at rest and are giving dolts like you a real shellacking. And you sit idly by trying RINO "hobnob" tactics that mean absolutely nothing to liberals. They continue to eat your lunch time and again with NO repercussion.

Who got plastered my dolt of a friend. Tell you what, how about you and the other pointy head (Thursdum) put your collective two brain cells together and to head to head with me. I've got a free minute or two (won't take much longer than that)to help the special needs onto the short bus.


Your ole buddy

Johnny Rico

Clairice Lesman

PS Time to come out and pppllllaaayyyyyy!!!!!!

Johnny Rico said...

Any RINOs or dolt politicians want to take a shot at the title while we're at it. Any Watauga County RINO Commissioners want to tell me what you've done to increase freedoms for Watauga County Residents? The silence, the silence.....

Thursday said...

Johnny Rico,

Your most recent posts are:

Poorly Written
Factually Inaccurate
Off Topic

Your rants are totally self-serving.

You offer nothing constructive.
You offer nothing of substance.
You offer nothing in the way of debate.

I have no intention of wasting any more of my time correcting your errors, lies, and misquotations.

Instead, I’ll allow you to live unchecked in the fantasyland you have constructed for yourself. Enjoy.

Johnny Rico said...


In other words, you quit. Like a typical liberal socialist, you quit. My posts are hard hitting, inconvenient, difficult to answer, politically incorrect, and the truth - a recipe for disaster for RINOs like you and nobody. Keep with that status quo thing and keep losing. Or better yet, keep your head stuck in the sand and tell yourself that you're better at social media than the Demoturds. LOL!!!!

I'll be here if you think otherwise. Now, don't you or nobody forget your helmets - the little yellow bus is coming. LOL!!!!

Nobody said...

Johnny "Mcveigh" Rico,
You're the only one who is a legend in his/her/its own mind. You are idiotic and juvenile and cannot carry on a rationale debate without descending to childish namecalling. It is ridiculous that you engage anyone in a debate, and then declare yourself the "winner," and claim for yourself some "title." You haven't won crap from me and you don't have any "title." I don't picture you as anything you claim to be, but rather, a zit-faced 20-something guy living in his parents house blogging from a darkened bedroom, alone on a Friday night (when you made your posts -- what's wrong? No life and no friends? That's not hard to imagine!). Why do you toss in all of the personal insults? Guy and I had a vigorous debate going, and not once did he or I result to personal attacks and namecalling, and I continue to respect him and his opinions and dedication to his own ideals. "The short bus?" Nice. Over the years, here, you have claimed to be a born again Christian. How do you reconcile your Christianity with your treatment of others here on this blog? Are you lying about your Christianity or do you choose not to live by the instructions of Christ when he instructs us to "Love your neighbor as yourself" and "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Hypocrite! Perhaps you believe that your Christianity doesn't apply to the internet or politics or this blog. I'll take Thursday's rationality over your inflated hyperbole any day. You are just pathetic and it's truly sad to see this blog descend to the gutter in such a way every time you manage to tear yourself away from the internet porn long enough to post. This will be my last post to you -- you simply are not worth my valuable time. You are scum in a gutter and I will not crawl into the muck with you. Now, pound your supposedly (but most likely imaginary) ample, bi-sexual breast, proclaim that I have "quit," and claim victory -- you're that predictable.

Blogger and New Guy -- I have posted on this blog almost since its inception. I enjoy rational debate and political discussion, not personal attacks filled with such invective. You would never have allowed a comment such as Rico's through if it had been posted by LibPOV. I'm sad to go, but I will now follow others, such as Cincy and Honest Debate who have left this blog and I will no longer contribute -- giving Rico yet another imagined victory. I am disappointed in my fellow conservatives here that they condone Rico's methods and attacks on fellow conservatives through their silence. The liberals have won. Rico is our spokesperson and he will do a fine job of convincing many that most conservatives are fringe lunatics prone to violent and hate-filled outbursts.

Nobody said...


I won!

Stings, don't it.

I have the title and there's nothing you can do about it!

(See how stupid that sounds)

Carl Spackler

guy faulkes said...

Nobody, the difference in Rico and LPOV is that LPOV said the same thing over and over with nothing to back up. Rico comments on many topics and provides support for what she says.

They do both make personal attacks, which are not advantageous to their cause, but at least Rico's has substance to her discussion along with the attack.

If you will remember, I made the mistake of argueing in support of LPOV for years until the repetitious monologue was damaging the blog.

Personally, I am more than willing to hear Rico's venting in order to get her opinions and still maintain that when she goes into serious mode, no one can stay with her. I wish she would do this more often, but she makes many valid points no matter how she presents herself.

I,also, have been the cause of people no longer posting. The person that was so angry because I did not support gay marriage because I thought and still think it does not matter as other equal contracts are available comes to mind.

Johnny Rico said...

Another liberal bites the dust. Good riddance!!!! Funny how the establishment Republicans who once posted on this site are going the way of the Republitard Party - down the tubes. Think beyond your manufactured world for once nobody. You are unable to evolve to meet current threats and instead turn on those doing what's necessary to keep freedom and liberty in place.

Funny how you and the other so-called Republican conservatives had very little to say when the Watauga County Commissioners were ready to ban Sunday hunting.

Funny how you dolts were silent on citizens being treated like criminals through installation of metal detectors at the Watauga County Courthouse.

Not a peep on the Blowing Rock land trade in which hundreds of acres of land are now off limits to hunting - all to protect the viewshed of a town council member.

Nothing said on losing your rights and liberties (Zoning ordinances, sign ordinaces, etc)

As I said - good riddance - you and your ilk are USELESS anyway

Johnny Rico said...


I find it telling you don't prosecute liberals with such vigor. If establishment Republicans would get as fired up as you seem to be right now, then liberals would have a tough time. This is why I say establishment Republitards have more in common with liberals than they do with Conservatives.

Faulks was right - we are seeing the implosion of the Republican Party. Sad that RINOs couldn't get it together enough to realize freedom and liberty are at stake.

Johnny Rico said...


The name of this site is "A Watauga Conservative". What part of conservative don't you understand? Perhaps this was not the site for you and your ilk all along. The destruction of the Republican party is at hand - and none too soon.

I'd rather have the idiots over on Watauga Watch in charge - at least they stay true to their oppressive values. If the Republicans did the same, we wouldn't be in this mess! Wake up!

Reader said...

Nobody, you have a lot to offer on this blog. I have chosen to ignore the comments that are not worthwhile. There's always someone who thinks they need attention. I choose to give mine to the ones who offer something constructive because life is very short...especially since I'm getting older. Keep posting, like I've said before, I am still learning.

Blogger said...

Thanks Reader

Blogger said...

Also, thanks Guy.

Johnny Rico said...

What about me?

Thursday said...


Please do not let Johnny Rico’s adolescent behavior keep you from posting to this blog.

Yes, JR is woefully ill-informed, self-serving, childish, and ignorant. But your stepping away from this blog hands JR the closest thing to an actual victory he/she will ever enjoy.

You see, I’ve come to realize that JR is not interested in Conservatism, economics, facts, figures, or real debate. No, the only thing JR is interested in is JR.

He or she posts in order to gain attention for him or herself. Of course JR cloaks this need for attention under the guise of political activism, but there is no real aim or goal behind his/her posts, just a cry to be noticed.

Going forward, I for one, refuse to answer this cry for attention.

Nobody, instead of leaving the blog, I hope you just ignore JR as well.

guy faulkes said...

I beg to differ, Thursday. Rico regularly comments on "Conservatism, economics, facts, figures, or real debate". Your problem is in how she presents her argument.

Many of you have the same problem with me, but I hope it is due to content. After all, Rico seems to agree with me that the Republican party is no longer viable.

Sarkazein said...

I, for one, enjoy Johnny Rico's style. Conservatives have been too politically polite. JR shows the aggressiveness we need... "kill'em all, then let Blogger sort them out."
Nice thing about a blog-- you can choose to read or not to read another's comment or respond to same.
Bloggin' ain't for sissies.

Sarkazein said...

You can choose to read or not to read comments- unless, of course they are from the dishonest commenters like HM and the other one who change their screen names. Sometimes I have to read more than just the first sentence to realize they are the who they are, but still...

Thursday said...

guy faulkes,

You are partially correct; I do have a “problem with how she presents her argument.”

JR’s posts are often hateful, disrespectful, and illogical – such behavior damages the Conservative Cause.

I’ll admit there was a time when some of my posts contained a bit of disrespect as well.

Thankfully, a fellow blogger explained to me that posting in such a fashion, “takes substance away from any legitimate comment you make…everything you say is colored by the appearance of personal animosity…” That fellow blogger was you, guy faulkes!

I conceded this point to you, took your advice, and have reframed from posting in such a fashion since.

However, I find it troubling you do not hold JR to the same standard you held me to. Why is this?

Setting aside hateful postings, JR refuses to debate facts, and because she refuses to debate facts, I can say will certainty that she is not interested in, “Conservatism, economics, facts, figures, or real debate.”

But honestly, we have given this attention seeking individual enough of our time. She/he is a lost cause. Let us move on.

guy faulkes said...

Rico has been given the same advice as you, Thursday, even if you do not concede the advice I gave you was there for everyone to read. On numerous occasions I have also stated that personal attacks are detrimental to one's argument and that she would use her serious mode. However, I am not the god of rhetoric. I do not have the authority or the desire to make people speak as I would wish. I would continue to read your comments regardless of how you present them because you get to decide how you communicate, not me and your comments are interesting. All I can do is give my opinion on the effectiveness of the presentation as a critique.

Everyone makes person attacks occasionally. If I remember correctly, Blogger called me evil over my stance on the ETJ. Sark and I have had some pretty intense commiserations over the Obama/Romney situation. The Wolf had rather tell me what he thinks to my face. The Wolf is one of those few that will talk much worse to you to your face than he will on paper, and I have never heard him talk about anyone behind their back in over twenty years.

The person I attacked personally to the largest degree was LPOV, not because of what he said, but because of the endless repetition of his same old talking points. I called him a dolt, meant it at the time and still mean it. Doing this does not enhance my argument, but I never claimed to be perfect.

I have to disagree on the statement Rico refuses to debate facts. It may be that you do not believe the facts she presents (usually with something to back them up), but then is that not the cause for what the term debate means? Her ideas on conservatism are just different than yours. They more closely approach mine.

Anonymous said...

Johnny Rico,

Ld hagaman doesn't support gun control. he is anti gun. He might just say whatever to whoever is in front of him. He is the lyingist son of a B**** that there EVER was. What kind of Republican are you that would support that child porn supporting person. He has an officer that was caught looking at child porn on a county computer and has done NOTHING about it.

Blogger said...

Anonymous, what is your source for what you just wrote?

guy faulkes said...

Ms. Foxx on the house bills concerning energy and job creation:

Anonymous, if Hagaman does not support gun control, he is for guns, not against them.

I would also like to know your source.

Harmon said...

Hagaman is a outstanding Sheriff and member of the community. Democrat or Republican he has done right by the people of Watauga County.

If the local Republican stance is no longer about actual issues and is simply about party registration, I'll change my affiliation tomorrow evening.

guy faulkes said...

Harmon, I have supported Hagaman in the past. His requirements for information for a concealed carry permit that go past what the law requires bother me considerably. Also, his stance on the Sheriff's Association's attempt to maintain the subjective, Jim Crow pistol permitting system will determine my future support, as it will with many others.

Anonymous said...

My information is from inside the sheriff's office. All the deputies with the exception of his 3 captains and lodge cronies, hate the man. He is a non existant person. Harmon, change your registration because you are an idiot if you support Hagaman. He is the lyingest person I have ever known. Please tell me what good has he done at the sheriff's office. I have talked with people all over the county and they are ready for a change.

Thursday said...


I have herd the exact opposite from a number of folks working in the Sheriff's Office.

Your comments about Hagaman got me thinking...

I wonder if you ever ran against and lost to Hagaman?

Maybe it was a relative of yours who ran and lost?

Are you, or someone you love, thinking about running for Sheriff?

I want the best person we can find holding that office. If what you say is true, Hagaman needs to be replaced.

But it's hard to believe a group of disgruntled law enforcement officers would sit on there hands, knowing about child abuse.

Why wouldn't they come forward to, first and foremost uphold the law, and second, get the boss they dislike removed from his job?

Seems like these unhappy Sheriff's Officers could kill two birds with one stone by simply coming forward.


Johnny Rico said...

Thursdumm said:

"JR’s posts are often hateful, disrespectful, and illogical – such behavior damages the Conservative Cause."

Would you please provide an example of anything I've said that's hateful, disrespectful, or illogical. As for damaging the conservative cause, I don't see how being a conservative can damage this cause. You ought to try being a conservative for once instead of a fence sitting liberal socialist sheep. You are not qualified to call yourself a conservative my liberal friend. Fence sitting doesn't translate to conservative.

Thursdumm goes on to say:

" JR is woefully ill-informed, self-serving, childish, and ignorant"

So bringing up topics you have a difficult time answering translates to "ill informed"? LOL!! Self-serving you say. When does freedom and liberty serve the individual over the masses? Name just once in history when this has occurred. Your failure to recognize benefits of individual responsibility points towards your socialist, one size fits all, mentality. This is the very thing I'm trying to correct!!!! As for "childish" and "ignorant", the Founding Fathers were called all sorts of pedantic names just like this. Again, fighting for liberty and freedom may be seen as "ignorant" by some, but freedom, which many died horrible deaths for, allows you to hold those views.

Then Thursdum bloviates further by saying:

"Going forward, I for one, refuse to answer this cry for attention"

Now how many times has Johnny Rico heard this phraseology? LOL!! Thousands. What's interesting about your attempt to ignore me, is it sounds EXACTLY the same as those dolts over on Watauga Watch. In other words, you've fallen into a patented Rico trap. You have OUTED YOURSELF as a liberal socialist sheep masquerading as a low grade conservative!!!

My guess is Mike D(ummy) or Happily Dumb (Married). Not sure which one of you dolts it is, but ignoring my essential truths won't ease the sting any. I speak the truth and speak it straight and hard. Distasteful as it might sound to you, the fact you've taken the liberal route of "ignoring" me means I WON!!!!!!

You so desire to make me irrelevant by stereotyping and classifying me as something that others shouldn't subscribe to. This is where your liberal tendencies fail you in spectacular fashion. A conservative cannot be cajoled into believing something based on stereotype. A conservative is a free thinker which you obviously aren't!! Quite living your life constrained by other's ideals and start thinking for yourself for once!!!!

Undoubtedly there are many, if not all, on this site who find me over the top. Faulks and I have had disagreements not to mention a couple with Sark. In the end though, I respect both Faulks and Sark highly because they are independent thinking CONSERVATIVES. They don't sit the fence or become mired in status quo politics. They come back hard every time with relevant, hard hitting facts. I should take Faulk's advice to become more rational which will indeed make the point better than the way I do it, but that route is hard which makes what Faulks and Sark do all the more amazing.

I so enjoy tearing through the rubbish and exposing liberals like you. Yes, you are a liberal trying to pry into the conservative paradigm. Sorry fella, but this broad had you pegged a long time ago. It's great sport to ensconce a liberal in a boiling miasma of freedom talk. You dolts always crack, and this is a prime example of that happening.

So, try and ignore me and see what happens. LOL!!!!

Your dearest old pal

Johnny Rico

Page Williams-Clark

PS Stings don't it

Johnny Rico said...

Sark, Guy, Wolf's Head, Blogger and the faithfully departed Bushrod Gentry and his pals, Happy 4th of July, and perhaps we can get this once great country back on track one of these days.

Johnny Rico said...

Harmonsheep said:

"Hagaman is a outstanding Sheriff".

Either you're misinformed or a liberal oppressor. Let me help drill down into why you're wrong.

Hagaman believes in racism. You see, the pistol permit process is rooted in the Jim Crow laws that Faulks mentioned above. These early Jim Crow laws were used to disarm Blacks. In other words, whitey didn't want blackey to own guns. Hard to enslave someone when they're pointing a gun at you ins't it? Now Hagaman is exploiting these same racist Jim Crow laws to infringe on your right to keep and bear arms. The 4th of July was fought over this very thing, but cowards like Hagamonster love to ignore this fundamental concept. If you support Hagamonster out of ignorance then change your ways and join conservatives in their fight for freedom. If you support Hagamonster because you believe in racist Jim Crow laws then that means you're a liberal socialist sheep. Which is it?

The pistol permit process is a blatant attempt for the Sheriff to choose who he wants to own guns. I say it's none of his or anyone else's business, and this position is supported in full by the United States Constitution which is a document Hagaman swore to uphold and defend.

You're ole pal

Johnny Rico

Carl McMellian

Johnny Rico said...

Notice how the liberal news media is avoiding reporting on the Bolivian President who's plane was forced down in Austria so we could look for hero Snowden. When RINO Bush was in office the liberal socialist sheep over on Watauga Watch were screaming imperialism at the slightest provocation. Where are the fringe left liberals (all liberals) now? Isn't forcing the head of another state out of the sky to look for an alleged criminal imperialistic? The Bolivians think so and I do to. Our foreign policy is a mess, and you talk about losing respect - we've managed to lose all respect from other countries in 5 short years. But I blame RINO Republitards also. They, as usual, aren't screaming about anything except status quo politics. With a failing economy did you ever happen to think the Snowden fiasco is a DIVERSION? Wake up folks, you're not doing so well.

Johnny Rico

Sarkazein said...

Happy Fourth of July to you too Johnny Rico. I have thought more about the Founding this Fourth than previous Fourths.

Sarkazein said...

Soon to be, here in Texas-- Cuarto feliz de julio!

Johnny Rico said...


Thank you and Happy 4th of July to you also. You are a Patriot among Patriots, and I value you and your comments very very much. Nice to know there are a few real Americans still around.


Sarkazein said...

Back at you Johnny Rico.

Anonymous said...


I am just a citizen that a lot of these officers trust to talk to. If you are just a citizen coming up to talk to them, they will not say really how they feel because they have been told that if anything negative is said, they are fired. ld has fired them before. He fired a man that became a preacher due to ld not knowing how to act around a preacher. He then allows an officer to look at child porn and does nothing about it. Some of the officers (detectives) saw the images. They were astounded but again if they went anywhere with the information they would lose their jobs and be blackballed by the law enforcement community. ld is not what some people say he is. He is very nice to your face but when not in public eye, he will lie and cut you at all costs. He and a captain of his send each other porn on text and emails as jokes. Not the guy you know right?

Johnny Rico said...

Good one Anonymous. Notice how Thursdum and Nobody are shut down. They can't handle the truth.

Nobody! said...

Well, I was watching the rain yesterday and thought I'd drop by to see what comments had been posted since my last visit. I had no intention to post, but here goes. First, thank you to Reader, Blogger and Thursday for the kind words -- one can always expect them from Reader! Thursday's advice is sound and is verified by more childish Rico posts, claiming imaginary victories; probably because she/he/it has no real ones. I am taking that advice. I was disappointed in both Sark and Guy, who I have read and admired for years and assume they have read my posts occasionally as well, and should know my conservatism. Then, I had a rather humorous epiphany! It goes like this -- Sark has been one of the most vocal supporters of Romney on this blog. Guy has been very critical of Republicans for nominating Romney, calling Romney and Obama clone. They have debated vigorously, and I came into the debate, supporting Sark, believing that Romney would have been a much better president than the most liberal/socialist president in our nation's history. When I DARED say something against the great Rico and decide to leave, Sark insinuates that I'm a sissy ("Bloggin' ain't for sissies")! I then realized that, though Rico has LONG been a vocal critic of Romney and his supporters ("Republitards"), Sark has never dared debate Rico on Romeny, though he will debate vigorously with Guy. Then, Thursday points out that Guy holds other posters to a standard regarding personal attacks that he does not regarding Rico. Guy responds with a rather weak answer that anything he posts is there for anyone to read -- not the same as saying something directly to an individual! Here's the epiphany -- everyone here is afraid of Rico! Why? Because he/she/it calls you names on the internet? We don't even know who this person is! He/she/it doesn't know any of us! We might pass daily on the street, for all we know.

I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere. You haven't shut me down, so find some other imaginary victory to brag about anonymously to people you don't know. Being a conservative, I don't know exactly why you would attack me in such a way. I guess because I haven't been ranting about metal detectors and Sunday hunting. I've not really had a strong opinion on those topics, but that doesn't mean I disagree, though even if it did, it wouldn't mean that I'm not a "true conservative." You don't get to determine what constitutes the litmus test for conservatism. I could throw the same tactic at you -- I've never seen you post on abortion. You must be a sniveling liberal coward since you've never stated an opinion. What about gay marriage? That debate raged for a while -- where were you? That's right -- you're a "bi-sexual woman" so you're probably all for it. Probably support polygamy, too. Are you a social conservative, fiscal conservative, or just a gun nut wanting to kill things on Sundays? You also didn't answer my earlier questions on your claims to Christianity. Ha! Tough questions, tough questions. Were you lying then? Or just don't live by what you believe (lying now).
This ought to be good.
Your old friend,
ME! (Not some stupid movie character name).

Blogger said...

Good to have you back in fighting shape Nobody.

gy faulkes said...

Glad to see you put on your big boy britches and came back, Nobody. You make excellent observations and back them up.

If you will check, I also told Rico on many occasions that I wished she wold use her serious mode. As for the remark that my comment about my post being there for everyone to read being weak, I have trouble understanding your logic. You respond when someone addresses something to another person if the topic is relevant to you. So does Rico and everyone else on the blog. It is how a blog works.

If I offended you by singling you out, my apologies. My comment was meant to be constructive criticism on blog tactics as I really do beleive logic gets you farther than attacks on another blogger. It is harder to ascertain the effectiveness of a post when the poster does both.

If it makes you feel better, "Rico, stop being mean. Go into serious mode."

I think other people have their own ideas about what makes a true conservatives. For me it means they have to be both socially and economically conservative in order to give the people a choice between liberal and liberal lite. Others insist that economic issues are the only way to go. In any case, Rico is free to set her own criteria on what makes someone a true conservative just as everyone else is. Therefore Rico does get to set the litmus test for conservatism just like we all do.

As for Sunday hunting, I do not think the commissioners made a recommendation to Raleigh on the matter, So Rico has a point on that issue.

Do you really think the majority of hunters that support Sunday hunting are gun nuts wanting to kill things on Sunday? If so it might interest you to know that you still cannot hunt with a gun on Sunday; it is for bow hunting only. Does the same attack carry over to bow nuts. I, for one, support hunting with whatever you want to on Sunday. It should be treated the same as any other day. After all, not even all Christians believe Sunday is the Sabbath.

Please note that I addressed items you addressed to Rico. They were there for me to read, after all.

Sarkazein said...

Nobody- I've debated JR on Romney before. I'll debate anybody anytime on the huge differences between Obama and Romney including their economics, executive skills, and their character. I'm not sure what's left after that other than their looks, and I'll debate that.
The now old saying- "Blogging ain't for sissies" is there to remind people not to take other's comments personally. This is one of the reasons I like Johnny Rico's no fear screen style.

Sarkazein said...

The "hero" Snowden, released classified info about the Stuxnet virus. I say hang him. Send SEAL Team 6 into Venezuela and neutralize him.

Reader said...

I'm looking at it differently than you, Sark. From what I gather, David Sanger wrote a story on this back in 2012 and Cartwright was questioned as his source. Snowden from what I understand is only confirming it. I haven't seen any information yet as to what he's releasing, only that he's been confirming. I wish someone would show us papers that he's releasing, then I'd feel differently about what has been exposed about our security.

Sarkazein said...

Reader- If you are totally unauthorized to release classified information as is Snowden, you are also unauthorized to confirm leaked classified data. Confirmation is as bad if not worse.
I'll let it play out more, but Snowden is hinky somewhere along the line. None of his actions make sense. I do think he felt he was about to busted for something else and is using the NSA surveillance as some misguided bargaining tool. China, Russia, Venezuela???? I say drone him while he's shaking hands with his new communist host and figure it out later.

Blogger said...

Anonymous, before you write any more about the sheriff, read the rules for commenting on the masthead of first page.