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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Independence Day - Virginia Foxx


  Dear Friends,

“The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be Freemen …The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army – Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us no choice but a brave resistance, or the most abject submission; this is all we can expect – We have therefore to resolve to conquer or die.” 

– George Washington, General Orders to the Continental Army, July 1776

As we mark the 237th anniversary of America’s Independence, we remember General Washington’s words and the fortitude of the men to whom they were directed. Serving in the army, much like signing the Declaration of Independence was an act of stunning bravery. Both signers and soldiers waged active treason against the British crown, a guarantee of certain death if the fledgling American experiment could not be defended.

But America triumphed, and in so doing blazed a trail for modern freedom and democracy. By the example of her liberty and Constitution, people throughout the world have found freedom and had their voices heard. Of this we should be proud. 

We must never be casual with the freedom we have inherited. It comes with a price. This week especially, we think of those who, from America’s infancy to today, paid the price by sacrificing to protect and defend our country and way of life. To those thousands in our armed forces who are separated from their loved ones at this moment advancing the cause of freedom worldwide, we are eternally grateful. 

America is the greatest country this world has known and the last best hope of earth. May you and your family make the most of this Independence Day and celebrate with reflection and gratitude the innumerable blessings of freedom.

Thank you and God Bless,
Virginia Foxx


Anonymous said...

NC Senate passed a bill today that helps move NC closer to becoming a pro-life state! Roe vs Wade is next! Popular opinion is in our favor!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't count my fetuses before they're hatched, choirboy.

Johnny Rico said...

What freedom are we celebrating in this once great country? I don't see much worth celebrating. Do you mean zoning officers that tell you what to build on your property? Do you mean the County Sheriffs who dictate whether or not you are deemed "ok" to buy a pistol? Do you mean the crushing burden of taxes that fund foreign aid, illegal aliens, and a system of government bureaucracy so complicated that bureaucrats themselves become confused? Or did you mean a nation that spies on its citizens?

Tell you what. If you think you're really "free", pull off the side of the road in Boone and try to sell something out of your trunk - bananas, crafts, whatever. See what happens. You'll be told to leave at best and arrested at worst.

Try and open a mom and pop gas station and see how that goes for you. And then tell me you're free.

Democratus Rex said...

You're free to leave if you don't like it Rico. Stings don't it!! I win!!

guy faulkes said...

Rico is certainly free to leave....or free to try to change things to her liking as she does with her comments.

Sarkazein said...

DemocratusRex has just stumbled upon the reason why a strong centralized government is bad. Now, with Obamacare, there is nowhere to leave to. Before one could move to another state or city or county if they preferred less government.... as I did when I moved to Texas in 1976, our Bicentennial. The Democratus Rexeses don't want that freedom even thought they smartassily say- "You're free to leave..."
What now Democratus Rex... are you free to leave Obamacare... is anyone?

Johnny Rico said...

Democratus Perplexed,

I am free to leave as I am free to fight for freedom. I choose the latter which is what bugs liberal socialist sheep like you so much. No matter how much damage you dolts do to the Constitution or Country, there will always be a few of us old school conservatives ready to put you into your place. It seems to be working as you dolts are reduced to one line, emotion filled, quips. LOL!!!

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico

Johnny Rico said...

Demoratus Perplexed,

Tough to answer ain't it.

Your ole pal

Johnny Rico