Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kay "Healthcare" Hagan is now blaming the insurance companies.....It's their fault that SHE and Obama lied!

It's always fun to watch a politician flip-flop and try to distance themselves from their unpopular record when a new election is coming up! Hagan hops around like a flea in trying to explain her ON THE RECORD support of the disastrous Obamacare bill - a vote which - had she gone the other way, would have prevented the mess we now find ourselves in!

Millions of previously insured Americans are finding themselves facing a very uncertain future with their health insurance policies being cancelled and Obamacare alternatives too expensive for them to afford. And, even while North Carolinians are losing their insurance, and Hagan is trying to put as much distance as possible between her and her voting record, her own web page still contains the promise that " individuals and employers who like their health insurance and doctors will keep them"!!

 Faced with the facts of her own record, and having failed to distance herself from her votes, she is not trying
a new tactic. Remember when Obama (and she) claimed that "If you like your present health insurance, you can keep it?"  Her claim now is that "“It wasn’t clear – and it’s very disappointing – that for the last three years insurance companies continued to sell plans that didn’t meet the basic standards of the law and didn’t tell consumers that those plans would be canceled"  So, does she mean that the insurance companies had an obligation to tell their customers that she and Obama were lying?

She is apparently of the mind that you would have been able to keep your insurance if only your insurance company hadn't sold you a policy that you might want to keep!

"North Carolina Republican Party spokesman Daniel Keylin issued a statement Tuesday that said Hagan’s support was “tanking.” Keylin this week listed 21 times in 2009 and again on her official website that Hagan assured her constituents that they could keep their plans. "

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Seriously...I mean you CAN'T make this stuff up!
Hagan's problems:
                             1. She was a critical vote in the Senate's passage of Obamacare. Had she voted "no", we would not have had Obamacare in it's present form.
                             2. According to a recent Gallup Poll  56% of American adults now believe that  healthcare is NOT a government responsiblility!
                             3. Hagan's lead in the polls has disappeared. Her popularity is tanking even according to the Democrats' own polling organization. And the Republicans have not even picked her opponent yet!

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NewGuy said...

Should Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius keep her job?

Hagan was quite clear on that:

"You know," Hagan replied, "I think what we need to do is we need to look at the, at the — what these contracts said, what these contracts, uh, will actually show and that's why I think getting the general, uh, um, the GAO to do this as well as the, uh, the HHS, so we can see these contracts and, you know, I think w — w — you know, once I've rec — once I'm able to look at this accountability, um, then I, you know, uh, then I'll be able to, uh, make a better determination."
Fleas, Flip flops and fumbles!