Monday, December 2, 2013

Thank You, Watauga County Commissioners....

In particular, Nathan Miller, Vince Gable, David Blust and Perry Yates - the Republicans who have stopped the financial slide and increasing debt which was championed by the previous Democrat majority county commission.

The county debt has been steadily decreasing each year under Republican leadership...the recently
completed annual audit (as reported here by the Watauga Democrat)  
has shown that, under conservative leadership, debt can be decreased, services maintained and taxes kept low!

From the Democrat article:

- The county's assets exceeded liabilities by $118.83 million at the close of the fiscal year, an increase of $4.67 million from the previous year. "The change was primarily due to an increase in revenues and a reduction in expenditures over last year," the memo stated.

-- The county's unassigned fund balance for the general fund was $14.65 million at the end of the year, or almost 32 percent of total general fund expenditures. This figure represents an increase of $1.17 million in unassigned fund balance from the previous year.

-- Outstanding debt principle decreased by $5.87 million, partially due to additional principle payments of $329,113 from the refinancing of two high school loans. The county also cited "continued conservative budgeting, limited capital purchases and delayed rehiring for positions which became open" as reasons for the decrease. Watauga County's total outstanding debt principal as of June 30 was $57,739,080. The county's legal debt limit is more than $708 million.

-- The county maintained its bond rating of AA- and Aa3 from Standard and Poor's and Moody's Investors Service.

The full audit report is available online at

Board Chairman Nathan Miller said he "couldn't be happier" with the independent audit.

"Our management of the government, especially the conservative principles I like to live by, are not only saving county taxpayers enormous amounts of money, we are increasing the financial stability of the county," he said. "The audit shows our conservative stewardship is paying dividends to county citizens."


Reader said...

Good news that assets are exceeding the liabilities. The priority we should all be striving to make happen.

Had someone tell me they had contacted commissioners to ask why they aren't using the recycling center in the Vilas area. As expensive as fuel is right now, we should be keeping our money in this county. I noticed an article about the recycling center in one of the papers just last week. The county says in the article that their scrap is down due to the center actually paying people for their metal. Why not let the recycling center pay the county for scrap and not truck it to another county, thus adding more to the asset side? Makes sense to me.

I do think they had bad judgement on the Hwy 194 idea and glad it has been put on hold.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the budget looks good, but it should also be noted that the new high school debt was front-loaded. The majority of the debt was paid early. It goes down every year by design.

Anonymous said...

"...the Republicans who have stopped the financial slide and increasing debt which was championed by the previous Democrat majority county commission."

Because we all know these numbers were all in the red before the Republican majority took control, right? Don't let facts get in the way of bald partisanship:

2011 Budget Audit

And I suppose the 2008-2011 economy was just as robust as the current one, as well? I don't really care about repub/dem, but this kind of partisan silliness that is historically shown to be vastly overstated at best, or demonstrably false at worst, is why everything-- and I mean everything --is gridlocked politically on both the local and national levels. If this is the best we can do, we deserve what we get.

NewGuy said...

Thank you, Anonymous, for the link to the 2011 budget audit which showed the positive results for the first year following the election of a majority Republican commission.

You are aware(or maybe you aren't) that the previous DEMOCRAT majority ran up the county debt to unprecedented numbers including the fiasco where they put us about 100 million dollars in the hole with the new high school....and then refused offers in the $30 Million dollar range for the old High school property?

But again, thank you for the 2011 numbers. It is true that Gable, Miller and BLust made great progress in reducing the county debt and improving the balance sheet. A direction which has continued under Miller, Blust and Yates! We appreciate you recognizing that fact.

USS Rodger Young said...

Is the debt the only positive reference we can find regarding Watauga County Commissioner performance? How about increasing freedom and liberty for Watauga County residents. How did they do that? Or how did they shrink government in Watauga County or limit the power of government? In other words they accomplished NOTHING.