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Monday, April 28, 2014

A Wat Con Looks At The Primaries.....The Race for the 5th District US HOUSE

OK Let's Be Perfectly Clear here. If we wanted to clone the perfect congressperson for NC-5 we would begin by obtaining DNA from Representative Virginia Foxx!

 In the Republican Primary for NC 5, Ms Foxx is being challenged by Clemmons realtor Phillip Doyle. Doyle does not seem to be getting much traction and is, unbelievably, attacking Foxx from the right. Doyle will, of course, pick up  a few of the votes of our local Republican haters engaged in  their personal anti Foxx vendettas.  as well as probably some crossover votes of Democrat leaning unaffiliateds who are voting a Republican ballot for whatever reason. It is our feeling however, that Mr Doyle will not have much of an impact . We respect Mr. Doyles service as a US Marine and appreciate his willingness to serve in congress, but Mrs Foxx will again be getting our vote both in May and in November

The following is from Mr Doyle's candidate statement"

Candidate Statement I am the Constitutional Conservative candidate in the Republican Primary for U.S. Congress in the Fighting 5th District of North Carolina.  My opponent is the incumbent Rep. Virginia Foxx, an entrenched member of the Establishment Republican House leadership team.

During the 112th and 113th Congresses, the Republican House leadership team, with the active support and participation of Virginia Foxx, has surrendered our Liberty, Freedom and Sovereignty to the Executive at every opportunity.  They have not lived up to any of the campaign promises made.  They have neither supported or defended the Constitution.

As a Congressman in the 114th Congress, I will not surrender to the tyranny of the Executive Branch.  I will not allow the Executive to legislate by Regulation.  I will hold Officers of the United States within the Executive branch accountable, under the powers vested in the Congress, for the commissions of Misdemeanors, High Crimes and Malfeasance.  

The Democrat Primary - another year where hope triumphs over experience.

The Democrats, apparently not wanting to be left out, have 4 candidates on the ballot seeking the privledge of being embarrassed by another Foxx victory this year. They are.

Will Stinson...a crop production manager for Smith Farms in Booneville has been endorsed by Winston Salem Journal who stated that Stinson "is the most attuned to the needs of constituents in the 5th District" Stinson apparently ran unsuccessfully  for state legislature in 2010 and again in 2012. We found an earlier statement from Stinson where he stated that he had hoped someone more qualified would run but none had come forward. The WSJ gave no further explanation as to why they thought Stinson was more attuned to constituents than the others. Stinson has a Facebook page here.

Michael Holleman a Wilkes county schoolteacher who may pull some Favorite Son votes in Wilkes but seems to be pretty much unknown outside his home county..

Josh Brannon a young Wataugan resident who moved to the area to live with his parents. He  has received the blessings of the local political machine. Brannon had initially filed to run against Dan Soucek for State Senator but withdrew from that race and entered the NC 5 race saying that there was "another viable candidate" going for the Soucek seat.  Apparently Brannon does not consider the 3 other Dems going for the NC-5 seat as "viable candidates' either. Brannon is given no chance of winning but a strong placement in this weak field might well demonstrate the effectiveness of theWatauga Dem GOTV Effort.

Gardenia Henley of Forsyth County and former WS Mayoral candidate appears to be the most qualifed and least objectionable of all the Dem choices. She has the background of an Inspector General and Auditor in a history of fighting fraud and abuse, and overall maybe has a little too much practical experience to be running as a Dem. I would be interested in what others may think of her candidacy...her campaign page is here...
If you are going to vote a Democrat ballot, it is my opinion that Ms Gardenia is the only sensible option. If you don't vote for her, it can only be because you are a racist.

(Later Looks will focus on County Commission races, District atty race, Judicial and School board races)


Anonymous said...

Good summary! Let's send the hardest working woman in Congress back to Washington!

Anonymous said...

"If you are going to vote a Democrat ballot, it is my opinion that Ms Gardenia is the only sensible option. If you don't vote for her, it can only be because you are a racist." This is a joke, right?

NewGuy said...

Well, yeah. It was MEANT as a joke (ven though I know that irony and sarcasm dont play well on the internet)

I guess I just assumed that, anyone who was reading this blog was probably conversant with the numerous times that Obama or Holder supporters insisted that RACISM was the only POSSIBLE explanation as to why anyone would not support Obama policies. I was only suggesting the same assumption that there would be no other reason for a democrat NOT to support Ms Gardena.

I guess you had to be there.