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Friday, April 25, 2014

GOP Primary Ballot


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Retro 1 said...

I think most of us know about the U.S.Senate and House races and have probably decided whom to support. But what about the local GOP primary and the School Board and Supreme Court races?

Since I am not up to speed on some of the local races, I sought the opinion of a trusted local conservative who is supporting Jimmy Hodges and Karen Green in the contested County Commission races. In my view, it is essential that the GOP retain control of the County Commission and my source thinks that Hodges and Green have the best chance of prevailing in November.

In the School Board race, I am told the conservatives are Cornet, McCoy and Trivette. The other candidates look like they will be rubber stamps for the education bureaucrats. But if anyone here has a different opinion, I would like to hear it.

For the Supreme Court, either Levinson or Doran would be a better choice than Hudson. If we get a strong GOP turnout, both Levinson and Doran could face off in November--a win-win situation.