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Monday, April 28, 2014

Wat Con Looks At The Primaries...FIRST UP, THE RACE FOR THE SENATE"

Thom Tillis will be the GOP Nominee for the US Senate. Quite possibly without a runoff, and quite probably will win in November

Harry Reid knows it,....Kay Hagan knows it, and they also know that they need to stop Tillis NOW.

Reid, Hagan, their surrogates, pacs, followers and hangers on are spending all of their money and all of their efforts in trying to keep  Tillis out of an early primary victory. They know that Tillis is the big threat to beat them in November and they recognize that the secondary candidates will not be able to beat Tillis without Democrat help. Let's look at a few things here....

Tillis was a prime mover in the 2010 Republican Takeover of the NC Legislature. His efforts at the grass roots organizational levels were widely credited for bringing the Republican Revolution to Raleigh....The GOP took control of the state legislature for the first time in over 100 years. Even with control of both houses, the legislature did not have a veto proof majority and a bipartisan approach was necessary in order to override numerous Perdue vetoes. Perdue had vetoed a balanced budget, voter id bill, state employee pay raises, tax decreased, and numerous others. The legislature, in their first 2 year term voted to override 11 Perdue Vetoes. Several other issues vetoed by Perdue were passed in the 2013 session after Perdue, seeing the handwriting on the wall, abandoned the Governors Mansion following her first disastrous term

Under the Tillis/Berger leadership of the NC House and Senate, NC has been widely recognized for the dramatic shift to the right in NC politics. One need measure nothing more than the degree of apoplexy exhibited by our local wackos, moron monday protestors and "occupy whatever" groups, in order to assess the impact of NC's shift to the right.

A return to Fiscal accountability, a reduction in taxes for all North Carolinians, a rapidly improving economy are all the results of the Tillis/Berger GOP leadership. Among the first accomplishments of this legislature was the elimination of the "temporary" sales tax Perdue tried to make permanent. Next came the reduction in State Income taxes to a FLAT TAX of 5.8% which, next year, reduces again to a 5.75% rate. Add to that the remarkable turnaround in NC unemployment numbers (especially when compared to the Natl numbers) and it's pretty clear to see that the GOP leadership is having a positive economic effect on NC.

The Legislature under Tillis/Berger passed one of the nations strongest voter id laws

The Legislature, under Tillis/Berger helped North Carolinians define IN THE STATE CONSTITUTION that a marriage between a man and a woman is the only marriage recognized in NC.   NC also has implemented stricter Right To life laws - Tillis has been endorsed by the National Right To Life Committee.

The Legislature, under Tillis/Berger passed the Castle Doctrine protecting North Carolinians from Lawsuits from criminals against individuals defending themselves in their homes. They also strengthened and expanded NC Right To Carry laws and prevented local governments form establishing gun free zones on most public properties.  Tillis has an A+ rating from the NRA and has been endorsed by the NRA Political Action Fund.

In short, I have found little to dislike about Thom Tillis, I first met him during his first run for governor and was personally impressed with him at that time. I don't claim to know everything there is to know about him, but , from what I do know, I find very little to fault him for.
(In the interest of full disclosure, we have long  been close friends with one of his staff members who was involved in the sexual misconduct scandal in his office. For the record, we don't think the speaker handled the severance packages as he should have - it was simply not the politically smartest call to make)

The main criticisms I hear about Tillis, (with the exception of the criticisms over his handling of his staffers "affairs") fall into 3 categories.

1. Sure, he accomplished a lot, but he COULD have done more.

2. Sure, he accomplished a lot, but he COULD have accomplished some things faster, and

3. Sure he accomplished a lot but it was because he was 'pressured' to act by certain advocacy groups.

I just don't know how to respond to any of those 3 "complaints"other than to acknowledge that, yes, there is always more that could be done, done faster, or done better.

Obama won the presidency largely because he had NO track record to be examined. Any politician who has any voting record at all, is certainly always subject to some criticisms for some votes, failures to vote, or whatever.

I have not offered any serious criticisms of the other GOP candidates...and, I recognize that, in politics, nothing is certain. Should either of the other 2 most likely candidates prevail in this primary, they will have my 100% FULL support in November. Control of the Senate is the most important gain conservatives can make this election season and, As Nobody pointed out, there is no viable conservative option other than the GOP.

We haven't wasted time in discussing the Democrat primary race for the US Senate. Hagan has no serious challengers until November.


Anonymous said...

This is the most concise and to the point article I have read on the Senate seat all campaign. I'm convinced!

guy faulkes said...

The NRA likes to be able to claim a win. They will indorse mediocre candidate over a better candidate if they think he has a better chance to win. GRNC indorsed Brannon.

Tillis opposed the Castle Doctrine due to restaurant carry until GRNC pressured him into changing his mind. The NRA was largely silent on the issue until the end when they claimed credit.

NewGuy said...

Did the Tillis controlled NC House pass the bill or not? Arguing over which advocacy groups had the biggest influence on the vote seems silly. Why don't we examine the Tillis record based on the actual RESULTS instead of how long something took or what influenced the decision?

guy faulkes said...

The result of the passage of 037 did indeed occur under the Tillis watch. How it passed is also important. As someone that kept up with the bill and as a member of both the NRA and GRNC, I can tell you with assurance, Tillis did not get on board with helping pass the bill until GRNC influenced him to do so.

Would you rather have a candidate that actually supports your vies on an issue that is important to you or an candidate that can be persuaded to vote your way, New Guy?

I really do not understand your concern, as I have said that I will support Tillis if he wins the primary because he can be influenced. Most of the gun rights activists I know are going to do the same.

If your concern was because of my post about how the NRA works, the point I was trying to make is that the NRA is much more likely to support a weaker advocate of the gun issue than the stronger one if they think the weaker one has the better chance of winning. in a way this is understandable as the NRA is so big that it has turned into a business in a way. This means it needs a winning track record to be effective. It also means that one cannot trust its ratings as much as he can that of other organizations such as GRNC or Gun Owners of America.

My question about the ability of Tillis to win the general election is due to the fact that a lot of people do not like him for reasons other than his gun rights stance. I do not know why this is, but it is readily apparent.

NewGuy said...

Guy....first, I really don't have any concerns ... I am just expressing a viewpoint. And, my viewpoint is that Tillis had been an effective, conservative leader. Find another state legislature which has reversed the liberal trends and advanced the conservative agenda as much as the Tillis/Berger team has done?

Wisconisin? A contender maybe, but not the winner!

Does he have people who "don't like him?" Absolutely! Mostly liberals and Dems who don't like his effectiveness and who despise his conservatism.

Beyond that, yes - there are also some who are to his right and don't suppport him as well. (Look at the 5th District Primaries...there is a Republican trying to run to the RIGHT of Virginia Foxx! There is ALWAYS someone.

It's political season. People are vying for office and trying to slow down their competion's momentum wherever possible. If Tillis.....approaching 40% in the polls with 20-25% still undecided ....has people who "don't like him", what does that say about the other candidates?

Once the primaries are over - and, if Tillis prevails without a runoff - you will see him surge in the polls. A large number of voters are not even yet engaged and won't be until the general election starts in earnest. Once this gets to a one-on-one race, he will (IMO) start to distance himself further from Hagan.

I respect, admire and agree with you on second amendment issues. We may disagree on tactics sometimes, or on who best to represent our interests, but that's why we have elections!