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Saturday, May 3, 2014

A LOOK AT THE NUMBERS....The Watauga Primary So Far

Today's early voting numbers are not yet available but it looks like through yesterday (Friday) Republicans have almost matched Democrats in the number of early voters!
There were (Thru Friday) 878 Registered Democrats and 763 Registered Republicans casting early votes!

Historically, Democrats have had the "early vote" advantage with more Republicans holding off in order to vote on their traditional Election Day.

We don't have a sense for today's counts, but it may be that the gap between Democrat voters and Republican voters may narrow further.

We have also had 503 non-affiliateds and/or libertarians vote - again thru Friday's numbers. Non Affiliateds may cast either a Republican or a Democrat ballot (or a non-affiliated one). Through Friday,  332 of the 500 unaffiliated voters, cast Republican ballots; vs 147 cast Democrat. (21 voted an Unaffiliated ballot)

It's hard to read anything into the surge of Unafilliated voters to the Republican ballots. Although there have been some indications that  Democrat partisans are attempting to influence Unafilliated voters to cast Republican ballots in an effort to disrupt the selection process - it is also true that all of the races of any real consequence are on the Republican side. Even the Dems can't get excited about their limited choices for the US House and the practical impossibility of unseating  Senator Kay Hagan during the Democrat primary!

Add to that the fact that the Dems were unable to field even ONE District Attorney candidate and it's easy to see why there was no great interest in the Democrat ticket.


NewGuy said...

Two things are clear already.

1. Democrats have once again looked foolish! There is great turnout already considering that it's a non presidential year. My guess is that voting numbers will exceed 2010 primaries when all is said and done. Certainly no sign of their boogie man "voter suppression"

(Prediction, they will NOW claim that a high turnout proves voter suppression. Sort of like how the colder weather proves the earth is warming.)

2. Aceto and Eggers have been proven right once again. The administration building had absolutely NO problem handling the turnout. No waits for parking! No lines to vote! Great job Board of Elections!

Local Dems did all they could to get people to use the admin bldg to vote in order to try to show how inadequate it was!


Anonymous said...

If you are looking for another prosecutor then hire a prosecutor.

If you are looking for a District Attorny, hire someone that can run the office.

Anonymous said...

Actually those seem like pretty decent numbers for the Democrats considering they don't really have anything on their ballot. I don't know why we would think it is good news that the Democrats outnumbered us in early voting when we have the only exciting races on our ballot.