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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Republicans stand a very good chance of seeing this election go against them. Democrats have a strong ground game in place - don't mind lying to voters and are very effective at getting their people to the polls.
Republicans - if they expect to keep taxes low, continue funding education and paying down the debt -need to get to the polls and vote!

So far, Dems AND Unaffiliateds are voting in greater numbers than Republicans.


Anonymous said...

I keep telling people to go, but they just aren't interested. Are there calling hours at headquarters? When? I can go help after hours.

Anne-Marie Yates said...

Good afternoon Fellow Republicans,

You can help the effort by volunteering at headquarters, 10-5PM Monday - Friday, making calls from you home with lists provided via email, working at the polls, and by voting! Commit to bring 10 folks to vote. You can find a sample ballot at and by visiting the headquarters and polling places.

Thanks in advance for helping!

Anne-Marie Yates
Watauga County Republican Party Chairwoman

Wolf's Head said...

Maybe the reason the repub turnout is low is because the Conservatives HAVE WOKEN UP.

The only reason Hagan has a chance of retaining her seat is because the repub party supported another anti gunner for her opponent.

Cyclops said...

I am appalled that Republican turnout in early voting is so far behind the Dems and independents. I know more GOPers vote on election day as I do, but we are well behind where we were at this stage in 2010. It's not that Democrat turnout is up that much, it's that GOP turnout is down.

In Watauga County, the turnout in Town and ASU precincts is far out pacing all other areas of the County.

These races are crucial from the local County Commission to the US senate, as well as the state legislative races. And the NC Supreme and Appeals Court races are extremely crucial as the state courts court will take up challenges to redistricting, school choice grants and other GOP education reforms, as well as such issues as the powers of our local Election Board and the ETJ issue.

There is a 5-2 conservative majority now on the NC Supreme Court but al least four slots are being contested this election by liberal judges.

Why can't we mobilize GOP voters?

guy faulkes said...

"Why can't we mobilize GOP voters?"

Because the base wants conservatives, not liberal lite Republicans.

When is the Republican party going to wake up? If it doesn't, it is dead. A few liberal lite candidates can turn enough people off to hurt the chances of the conservatives that the party does nominate.

Riverdog said...

Sitting on your ass and not getting involved at least will be more comfortable if the liberal dems get in. Your wallet will be a lot thinner.

Sarkazein said...

Good one RiverDog. Their holsters might be a little more empty too.

guy faulkes said...

Riverdog, I can assure you that trying to promote conservatives over liberal lite is far from sitting on your ass.

Riverdog said...

Sark, Not my holster. Never under any condition. Remember what my last president (that would be Heston) said.

Cyclops said...

Johnny Rico/ Guy Faulkes:

Ok, so you think Tillis is a "liberal lite"? I don't and I would never vote for a liberal, lite or otherwise. But what about other conservatives on the ballot? Blust and Green for County Commission? And Soucek and Jordan. Surely you can bring yourselves to the polls to support down ballot conservatives.

And the judicial races involve classic liberal/conservative issues. Don't let the liberals take over the NC Supreme Court. If they do, much of the conservative legislation passed by the GOP-dominated General Assembly will be struck down.

Wolf's Head said...

"Good one RiverDog. Their holsters might be a little more empty too."

Since we had to fight Tillis in Raleigh over gun control, why should we fight him in Washington?

To echo some other comments here, when the repubs have spent all summer trying to come up with an amnesty plan for illegal invaders they lost alot of the Conservative base.

When amnesty happens, it will change the demographics in the US to such an extant that even Texas may turn Blue.

I had thought of moving to Texas if things got alot worse, but maybe Sark will be coming here to escape the marxist tide.

It will be like Rhodesia there if amnesty happens.

guy faulkes said...

Cyclops, if you had been reading the blog, you would know that I plan to vote for Tillis because he is not really liberal lite. He is a politician that goes whichever direction the voters that put the most pressure on him dictate. So far, he has been moved to the right.

Liberal lite stays liberal. Tillis does not. However, he is not a conservative because he has to be pushed.

I certainly plan to vote for Soucek and Jordan. I only hope Jordan did not hurt himself with his add of being indorsed by Troxler. Troxler illegally banned concealed carry at the State Fair (and was supported by an activist judge)and has gained the contempt of thousands of CCH permit holders. I hope there is no guilt by association.

Sarkazein said...

Riverdog- I carried concealed long before Texas passed its shall issue law. There was actually no provision in the penal code for anyone other than law enforcement to carry (other than transport which was only a defense to prosecution) concealed or open (handguns).

The REPUBLICANS pushed the shall issue laws while the Democrats fought it tooth and nail. NOW, thanks to the Republicans both Conservative and "establishment", I can carry with less nervousness about taking a ride downtown at taxpayer's expense. If for egotistical reasons we allow the Democrats free reign, they will fight to disarm.

Riverdog said...

Sark, And the conservatives all said "Amen"