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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

YOU Will Make The Difference in This Election....

Good afternoon Fellow Republicans,

You can help the effort by volunteering at headquarters, 10-5PM Monday - Friday, making calls from your home with lists provided via email, working at the polls, and by voting! Commit to bring 10 folks to vote. You can find a sample ballot at and by visiting the headquarters and polling places.

Thanks in advance for helping!

Anne-Marie Yates
Watauga County Republican Party Chairwoman


Anonymous said... sure to have a camera with you at the polls. Someone just might be wearing a suspicious t-shirt!

Anonymous said...

Anon...You are probably not aware that Campaign material is not allowed inside polling places. This applies to t-shirts, buttons, signs, hats, etc.

Dems in Georgia are even prohibiting hats that say NRA on them because, according to them, those hats are "too Republican".

A Watauga Moderate said...

Anon 1:45, this information about a prohibition on wearing political shirts or buttons is simply false. This is a statement on the topic from the SBOE:

Per Don Wright, General Counsel for the North Carolina State Board of Elections:
"A voter may enter a voting place to vote wearing political items as long as they proceed to vote in an orderly and timely manner, and do not attempt to electioneer within the voting place. A voter wearing a T-shirt that states "vote for X," shouts "vote for X," or places his T-shirt in the sight line of voters asking support for "X" is obviously electioneering and will be asked to refrain from the conduct at once and, if they continue, will be removed.

A voter who has a political cap, T-shirt or button and does not electioneer within the polling place will be allowed to vote in a normal manner. A voter wearing a political item does not violate GS 163-166.4. We do not know what the laws of other states provide. You have to contact them."

Don Wright, General Counsel, NC State Board of Elections


Richard T said...

I don't often visit this sight but It does provide some interesting food for thought. I appreciate the instructions at the top which include "when you have backings in the form of solid citations, quotes or proofs from authority sources." Based on those suggestion, I especially like how A Wataug Moderate does just that, and makes clear that simply wearing a shirt, hat or button on one's way to vote is not prohibited. The last six years have been very discouraging in so many ways but all along I have stated that it will get better but it might get worse first, but then it will get better. According to Time Warner Cable News "Early voter turnout shows of the 646,000 North Carolinians who had already cast their ballot in this election before Wednesday, 47 percent were registered Democrats, compared to only 33 percent Republican.

That's nearly 90,000 more Democrats than Republicans.

This year North Carolina lawmakers, including Tillis, reduced the number of days offered for early voting. Hagan believes that could work in her favor.

“People lead busy lives today and that's why I think it's critical we have access to the polls, much more accessible than Speaker Tillis has put forward,” she told Time Warner Cable News. “I think it's going to be a backlash. I think it's going to go against him."

- See more at:"

Wolf's Head said...

These people will also be making a difference.

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Just-Us Dept to stop voter fraud in NC.

Cyclops said...

Richard T; In 2010 as of this date, 94,500 more registered Dems had voted that Republicans. And we all know that the GOP swept that year.

In 2012 early voting, 445,700 more Democrats voted than Republicans. Yet Romney carried the state. Seems some of those registered Democrats must have voted for the GOP. (Data from Civitas Vote Tracker).

So you can't count your chickens before all the eggs have hatched.

Sarkazein said...

With 56,000,000 US abortions (roughly half female and a high percentage of minorities) the Democrat Party has decided to make up for these lost votes by giving amnesty to illegal aliens. La Raza, as an agent of the DNC, is helping illegals find states to vote where no picture ID is required.

Revolutions have been started with a lot less cause than the loss of confidence in the electoral process.

Wolf's Head said...

Frau Wolf and I voted tonight.

We are both listed as "Independents".

There was a nice lady outside the courthouse who asked us if we wanted a list of progressive candidates, so we took a couple.

At the entrance my wife said "Now we know who to vote against!"

Sarkazein said...


Sarkazein said...

Get out the vote

Wolf's Head said...

Looking at GunBot I see lots of .22lr ammo for sale, some at .08 per round which is still 4 times normal but improving, so I stand by my prediction of the repubs keeping the House and gaining the Senate. Even without Traitor Thom Tillis.


What happens if they win?

Balanced budget? NO.

Prosecutions for Bengazi, Fast and Furious or the IRS scandal? NO.

Tax reform to eliminate the IRS? NO.

Repeal Obamacare? NO.

Amnesty? YES, but not until the summer before the next election.

Defense of heterosexual marriage? NO.

Rebuilding the military after decades of war and political purges? NO.

So what's the point?

guy faulkes said...

Wolf, the point is that this will continue to drive conservatives away from the GOP. It is a long process. The other point is that you will be able to get .22 bullets.

Wolf's Head said...

" The other point is that you will be able to get .22 bullets." Guy

Yep, always look on the bright side.

I think .22s should be sold in a new type of bulk packaging.

Now a 500 or 550 round box is called a "Brick".

I think they should be packaged 535 rounds to a box, and call it a "Congress", as there are 535 members in both houses.

Would be a great marketing ploy.

guy faulkes said...

A congress of .22 bullets --- I like it. But if this happens, I hope they do not reduce a box of center fire from 20 to 12 and call it a judicial box.

Wolf's Head said...


Sarkazein said...

Wolf'sHead- Does your crystal ball read anything about other things in the future or just what Republicans will or will not do?

Wolf's Head said...

Yes, in the future we will all be older.

And I'm not alone in what I think the repubs will and will not do.

Perhaps you have a different forecast? Because if I'm right and amnesty happens Texas is toast (so to say).

Sarkazein said...

"The end of the Republican Party"

Wolf's Head said...

It appears my forecast based on .22lr sale was spot on.

Maybe we can buy 500 round bricks of .22s for $10 again by Christmas.

We all better hope my other predictions are wrong.

Sarkazein said...

"Contrarians make big gains in the election!"